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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

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22.06.2019 | Research Article

An investigation of ballistic response of reinforced and sandwich concrete panels using computational techniques

Structural performance of nuclear containment structures and power plant facilities is of critical importance for public safety. The performance of concrete in a high-speed hard projectile impact is a complex problem due to a combination of …

20.06.2019 | Research Article

Optimal dome design considering member-related design constraints

This study proposes to optimize the design of geometrically nonlinear dome structures. A new Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm named Pareto Archived Genetic Algorithm (PAGA), which has an ability of integrating the nonlinear structural …

20.06.2019 | Research Article

Rotation errors in numerical manifold method and a correction based on large deformation theory

Numerical manifold method (NMM) is an effective method for simulating block system, however, significant errors are found in its simulation of rotation problems. Three kinds of errors, as volume expansion, stress vibration, and attenuation of …

06.06.2019 | Research Article

Variational mode decomposition based modal parameter identification in civil engineering

An out-put only modal parameter identification method based on variational mode decomposition (VMD) is developed for civil structure identifications. The recently developed VMD technique is utilized to decompose the free decay response (FDR) of a …

06.06.2019 | Research Article

Finite element analysis on the seismic behavior of side joint of Prefabricated Cage System in prefabricated concrete frame

The Prefabricated Cage System (PCS) has the advantages of high bearing capacity and good ductility. Meanwhile, it is convenient for factory production and it is beneficial to the cost savings, construction period shortening. Side joint is the weak …

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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles and case studies related to civil and structural engineering. Topics include but are not limited to the latest developments in building and bridge structures, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, coastal engineering, and transport engineering. Case studies that demonstrate the successful applications of cutting-edge research technologies are welcome. The journal also promotes and publishes interdisciplinary research and applications connecting civil engineering and other disciplines, such as bio-, info-, nano- and social sciences and technology. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to a stringent peer review.

Originally established in 2007 as Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China, the journal was renamed Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering in 2011.The journal is supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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