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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

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02.07.2020 | Research Article

Three-dimensional finite difference analysis of shallow sprayed concrete tunnels crossing a reverse fault or a normal fault: A parametric study

Urban tunnels crossing faults are always at the risk of severe damages. In this paper, the effects of a reverse and a normal fault movement on a transversely crossing shallow shotcreted tunnel are investigated by 3D finite difference analysis.

26.06.2020 | Research Article

Finite element prediction on the response of non-uniformly arranged pile groups considering progressive failure of pile-soil system

A uniform arrangement of individual piles is commonly adopted in the conventional pile group foundation, and basin-shaped settlement is often observed in practice. Large differential settlement of pile groups will decrease the use-safety …

25.06.2020 | Research Article

Particle swarm optimization model to predict scour depth around a bridge pier

Scour depth around bridge piers plays a vital role in the safety and stability of the bridges. The former approaches used in the prediction of scour depth are based on regression models or black box models in which the first one lacks enough …

25.06.2020 | Research Article

Simplified theoretical analysis and numerical study on the dynamic behavior of FCP under blast loads

Precast concrete structures have developed rapidly in the last decades due to the advantages of better quality, non-pollution and fast construction with respect to conventional cast-in-place structures. In the present study, a theoretical model …

17.06.2020 | Research Article Open Access

Finite element modeling of thermo-active diaphragm walls

There are two major challenges faced by modern society: energy security, and lowering carbon dioxide gas emissions. Thermo-active diaphragm walls have a large potential to remedy one of these problems, since they are a renewable energy technology …

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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles and case studies related to civil and structural engineering. Topics include but are not limited to the latest developments in building and bridge structures, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, coastal engineering, and transport engineering. Case studies that demonstrate the successful applications of cutting-edge research technologies are welcome. The journal also promotes and publishes interdisciplinary research and applications connecting civil engineering and other disciplines, such as bio-, info-, nano- and social sciences and technology. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to a stringent peer review.

Originally established in 2007 as Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China, the journal was renamed Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering in 2011.The journal is supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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