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27.06.2022 | Research Article

Optimal CNN-based semantic segmentation model of cutting slope images

This paper utilizes three popular semantic segmentation networks, specifically DeepLab v3+, fully convolutional network (FCN), and U-Net to qualitively analyze and identify the key components of cutting slope images in complex scenes and achieve …

27.06.2022 | Research Article

Adsorption properties of polycarboxylate ether-based superplasticizer on cement particles and their resultant dispersion

The cement dispersion performance of a polycarboxylate (PCE)-based superplasticizer is highly related to their adsorption behaviors as a function of time. This study evaluated effects of PCEs on rheological properties of cementitious materials.

27.06.2022 | Research Article

Finite element simulation for elastic dislocation of the North-Tehran fault: The effects of geologic layering and slip distribution for the segment located in Karaj

The present study uses the finite element method for simulating the crustal deformation due to the dislocation of a segment of the North-Tehran fault located in the Karaj metropolis region. In this regard, a geological map of Karaj that includes …

27.06.2022 | Research Article

Degree of bending of concrete-filled rectangular hollow section K-joints under balanced-axial loadings

It has been found that the fatigue life of tubular joints is not only determined by the hot spot stress, but also by the stress distribution through the tube thickness represented as the degree of bending (DoB). Consequently, the DoB value should …

27.06.2022 | Research Article

Realtime prediction of hard rock TBM advance rate using temporal convolutional network (TCN) with tunnel construction big data

Real-time dynamic adjustment of the tunnel bore machine (TBM) advance rate according to the rock-machine interaction parameters is of great significance to the adaptability of TBM and its efficiency in construction. This paper proposes a real-time …

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Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering is an international journal that publishes original research papers, review articles and case studies related to civil and structural engineering. Topics include but are not limited to the latest developments in building and bridge structures, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering, coastal engineering, and transport engineering. Case studies that demonstrate the successful applications of cutting-edge research technologies are welcome. The journal also promotes and publishes interdisciplinary research and applications connecting civil engineering and other disciplines, such as bio-, info-, nano- and social sciences and technology. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be subject to a stringent peer review.

Originally established in 2007 as Frontiers of Architecture and Civil Engineering in China, the journal was renamed Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering in 2011.The journal is supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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