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Hub Labels on the database for large-scale graphs with the COLD framework

Shortest-path computation on graphs is one of the most well-studied problems in algorithmic theory. An aspect that has only recently attracted attention is the use of databases in combination with graph algorithms, so-called distance oracles, to …


Efficient evaluation of shortest travel-time path queries through spatial mashups

In the real world, the route/path with the shortest travel time in a road network is more meaningful than that with the shortest network distance for location-based services (LBS). However, not every LBS provider has adequate resources to …


Index-supported pattern matching on tuples of time-dependent values

Lately, the amount of mobility data recorded by GPS-enabled (and other) devices has increased drastically, entailing the necessity of efficient processing and analysis methods. In many cases, not only the geographic position, but also additional …


Vague distance predicates

A formal theory of vague distance predicates is presented which combines a crisp region-based geometry with a theory of vague size predicates in a supervaluation-based formal framework. In the object language of the axiomatic theory, logical and …


PerSE: visual analytics for calendar related spatiotemporal periodicity detection and analysis

Periodicity is embedded in all societies. As most of us organize our lives based on temporal structures, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it. We experience periodicity through naturally occurring rhythms that exist in nature …

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Located at the confluence of two rapidly advancing domains, GeoInformatica provides an effective forum for disseminating original and fundamental research and experience in the expanding uses of computer science for spatial studies.
Contemporary Earth studies require more and more sophisticated computing tools, and computer processing of Earth observations through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) currently attracts a great deal of attention from governmental, industrial and research worlds.
The journal covers spatial modeling and databases; human-computer interfaces for GIS; digital cartography; space imagery; parallelism, distribution and communication through GIS; spatio-temporal reasoning and more.

GeoInformatica presents the most innovative research results in the application of computer science applied to geographic information systems.

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