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Humaine: a ubiquitous smartphone-based user heading estimation for mobile computing systems

Recently, there have been a wide range of mobile computing and crowd-sourcing applications that leverage the proliferating sensing capabilities of smartphones. Many of these place a paramount importance on accurate user heading estimation. Such …


Human mobility semantics analysis: a probabilistic and scalable approach

The popularity of smart mobile devices generated data, e.g., check-ins and geo-tagged status, offers new opportunity for better understanding human mobility regularity. Existing works on this problem usually resort to explicit frequency statistics …


Combined geo-social search: computing top-k join queries over incomplete information

Geo-social data sets, which fuse the social and the geospatial facets of data, are vibrant data sources that associate people and activities with locations. In a combined geo-social search, several search queries are posed over geospatial and …


Popularity-aware collective keyword queries in road networks

This paper addresses a popularity-aware collective keyword (PAC-K) query in road networks. Given a road network with POIs (Points of Interest), which is modeled as a road network graph, where each node locating in a two-dimensional space …


Strategies for combining Twitter users geo-location methods

Twitter has become a major player in the social media scene with over half billion users and over 500 million tweets published daily. With this abundant data, researchers saw the opportunity to explore this data for monitoring events and tracking …

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Located at the confluence of two rapidly advancing domains, GeoInformatica provides an effective forum for disseminating original and fundamental research and experience in the expanding uses of computer science for spatial studies.
Contemporary Earth studies require more and more sophisticated computing tools, and computer processing of Earth observations through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) currently attracts a great deal of attention from governmental, industrial and research worlds.
The journal covers spatial modeling and databases; human-computer interfaces for GIS; digital cartography; space imagery; parallelism, distribution and communication through GIS; spatio-temporal reasoning and more.

GeoInformatica presents the most innovative research results in the application of computer science applied to geographic information systems.

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