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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 4/2022
Geotechnical and Geological Engineering

Ausgabe 4/2022


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18.04.2022 | Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of Reviewers for 2021

21.10.2021 | State-of-the-Art Review

An Overview of the Use of Rockbolts as Support Tools in Mining Operations
Kolapo Peter, Onifade Moshood, Praise Oluwatomisin Akinseye, Amwaama Martha, Said Omar Khadija, Jibril Abdulsalam, Lawal Abiodun Ismail, Aladejare Adeyemi Emman

30.11.2021 | State-of-the-Art Review

A Review of the Influence of Microscopic Characteristics on the Progressively Brittle Failure of Foliated Rocks Subjected to Compression Loading
Xiaomeng Yin, Aiming Zhang, Xia Zhang

17.09.2021 | Original Paper

Compression Behaviour of Chlef Sand and Transition of Fines Content Using Pressure-Dependent Maximum Void Ratios of Sand
Djamel Eddine Bouri, Abdelkader Brahimi, Abdallah Krim, Ahmed Arab, Jan Najser, David Mašín

29.08.2021 | Original Paper

FEA of Urban Rock Tunnels Under Impact Loading at Targeted Velocity
Swapnil Mishra, Mohammad Zaid, K. S. Rao, N. K. Gupta

13.09.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Investigation of Early-Warning Critical Energy for Strainbursts
Wang Ling, Yan ruyu, Zhang zhi, Huang chunhui, Xie Lei

28.08.2021 | Original Paper

Stability Analysis of Slope Considering the Energy Evolution of Locked Segment
Xiangjie Yin, Hang Lin, Yifan Chen, Yi Tang, Yixian Wang, Yanlin Zhao, Weixun Yong

17.09.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental study on impact signal frequency spectrum and energy distribution characteristics of water-stone flow
Xuehai Liao, Hongkai Chen, Jinhao Zhang, Kai Su

16.09.2021 | Original Paper

Correlations of SMR-Qslope Data in Stability Classification of Discontinuous Rock Slope: A Modified Relationship Considering the Iranian Data
Mohammad Azarafza, Mustafa K. Koçkar, Hong-Hu Zhu

20.09.2021 | Original Paper

“H” Shaped Echelon Joints Under Uniaxial Loading
Vahab Sarfarazi, Reza Khodakaram zadeh, Kaveh Asgari, Xiao Wang

28.09.2021 | Original Paper

Stability Analysis and Optimal Design of Ultimate Slope of an Open Pit Mine: A Case Study
Ali Naghi Dehghan, Meysam Khodaei

27.09.2021 | Original Paper

Optimization of Multi-additives for Expansive Soil Improvement Using Response Surface Methodology
Chijioke Christopher Ikeagwuani, Donald Chimobi Nwonu

30.09.2021 | Original Paper

Brittle-Ductile Transition and Hoek–Brown mi Constant of Low-Porosity Carbonate Rocks
Anastasios Tsikrikis, Theodosios Papaliangas, Vassilis Marinos

29.09.2021 | Original Paper

Liquefaction Resistance and Cyclic Response of Air Injected-Desaturated Sandy Soil
Dhanaji Chavan, Thallak G. Sitharam, P. Anbazhagan

03.10.2021 | Original Paper

The Use of Fiber to Improve the Characteristics of Collapsible Soil Stabilized with Cement
Mohamed Ayeldeen, Waseim Azzam, Mohamed G. Arab

Open Access 22.02.2022 | Original Paper

Geotechnical Properties Determination of Thickened Fluid Fine Tailings
Alebachew Demoz

09.10.2021 | Original Paper

Mechanical Study of Shear Failure of Vertical Goaf Drainage Hole
Manoj Khanal, Deepak Adhikary, Rao Balusu, Andy Wilkins, Bharath Belle

19.10.2021 | Original Paper

Use of Shear Wave Velocity for Foundation Design
Harry G. Poulos

15.10.2021 | Original Paper

Research on Low-Density Cross-Border Support Technology for Large-Section Coal Roadway in Shallow-Buried Thick Coal Seam
Shiping Yan, Feng Guo, Fei Chen, Yuxiang Cao, Zhe He

10.10.2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Investigation of the Bearing Capacity of Strip and Rectangular Shallow Footings on Cohesive Frictional Soils Under Eccentric Loads
A. Kalos

10.11.2021 | Original Paper

On the Use of Random Material in Dam Cores: Case of the Manso Dam, Brazil
Breno S. Ferreira, Marcio S. S. Almeida, Francisco R. Lopes, Maria do Carmo Reis Cavalcanti, Celso José Pires Filho

22.10.2021 | Original Paper

Land Subsidence Susceptibility Zonation of Isfahan Plain Based on Geological Bedrock Layer
Sina Fatolahzadeh, Bahram Nadi, Rassoul Ajalloeian

15.10.2021 | Original Paper

Mechanical Behavior of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation Cemented Sand
Igor Marasini de Rezende, Pedro Domingos Marques Prietto, Antônio Thomé, Francisco Dalla Rosa

28.10.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Study of Crushed Granular Materials by the Notion of Fractal Dimension in 2D and 3D
Houria Bouzeboudja, Bachir Melbouci, Aldjia Bouzeboudja

05.11.2021 | Original Paper

Geotechnical Behavior and Physico-Chemical Changes of Lime-Treated and Cement-Treated Silty Soil
Fawzi Bouras, Muzahim Al-Mukhtar, Nouffou Tapsoba, Naima Belayachi, Serge Sabio, Kévin Beck, Mylène Martin

20.11.2021 | Original Paper

Effect of Pile Driving on Ground Vibration in Clay Soil: Numerical and Experimental Study
Hirad Shamimi Noori, Reza Shirinabadi, Ehsan Moosavi, Mehran Gholinejad

18.11.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties Degradation and Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Coal Rock Caused by CO2 Injection
Hanpeng Wang, Zhongzhong Liu, Su Wang, Weitao Hou, Guofeng Yu

19.11.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Study on the Disintegration Properties of Red Sandstone
Bao-Jie Fan, Fu-jun Zhao, Zong-tang Zhang, Yong-hong Liu

23.11.2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Analysis of Soft Surrounding Rock Deformation in Freezing Shaft Sinking based on Temperature Partition
Yue Qin, Lei Wang, Hongming Su

26.11.2021 | Original Paper

Reliability Analysis of Rock Supports in Underground Mine Drifts: A Case Study
Amoussou Coffi Adoko, Khamit Yakubov, Rennie Kaunda

19.11.2021 | Original Paper

Research on Surrounding Rock Control Technology of Gob-Side Entry Retaining by Directional Roof Cutting in a Deep Coal Mine
Haojie Xue, Shibao Shen, Haoran Lu, Renbao Zhao, Peishuai Li, Yawei Zhao, Qibin Jiang, Longjiang Wang, Beizhan Fan, Tao Qin

22.11.2021 | Original Paper

Impact Analysis for Safety Prevention and Control of Special-Shaped Shield Construction Closely Crossing Multiple Operational Metro Tunnels in Shallow Overburden
Peinan Li, Zeyu Dai, Dezhong Huang, Wenjun Cai, Tao Fang

17.11.2021 | Original Paper

Geological, Geomechanical and Geochemical Analysis on Claystone of the Sebamban Syncline
Supandi Sujatono

22.11.2021 | Original Paper

Research and Application of Active Support and Pressure Relief Protection in Deep Mines
Cunlu Li, Yanpeng Zhao, Haojie Xue, Jilu Wu, Wa Ma, Shibao Shen, Yubing Gao, Haoran Lu

Open Access 18.11.2021 | Original Paper

Design Methodology for Grout Curtains Under Dams Founded on Rock
Suihan Zhang, Fredrik Johansson, Håkan Stille

19.11.2021 | Original Paper

Deterministic and Uncertainty Analysis of a Reservoir Slope Stability and Failure Mechanism Under Combined Action of Multi-hazards
Zhengyang Su, Yakun Wang, Hao Zhang

25.11.2021 | Original Paper

Study on the Failure Mechanism, Safety Grading and Rainfall Threshold of Landslide Caused by Typhoon Rainstorm
Zhengyang Su, Yakun Wang, Hao Zhang

25.11.2021 | Original Paper

Numerical Simulation of Crown Pillar Behaviour in Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining
Tumelo K. M. Dintwe, Takashi Sasaoka, Hideki Shimada, Akihiro Hamanaka, Dyson N. Moses, Ma Peng, Meng Fanfei, Seifei Liu, Ronald Ssebadduka, Joan A. Onyango

27.11.2021 | Original Paper

Fall of Ground Management Through Underground Joint Mapping: Shallow Chrome Mining Case Study
Vhutali Netshilaphala, Tawanda Zvarivadza

26.11.2021 | Original Paper

Research on the Mechanics Performance of the New Tension–Compression Rock Bolt Through Numerical Simulation
Shuai Yang, Xunguo Zhu, Guofeng Zhang, Lin Yang, Hongchun Xia, Wei Li

02.12.2021 | Original Paper

Demand Forecast of Geological Disaster Rescue Equipment Based on "Scenario-Task"
Ruifang La, Liu Han, Pengfei Bai, Zaixu Zhang

03.12.2021 | Original Paper

Influence of Geological Properties and Operational Parameters on TBM Muck Removal Performance for Yinsong Tunnel
Yimin Xia, Mei Yang, Yongbin Mei, Zhiyong Ji

15.01.2022 | Original Paper

Parametric Study of Shallow Tunnel Under Seismic Conditions for Constantine Motorway Tunnel, Algeria
Berkane Aicha, Samy Mezhoud, Bouzid Tayeb, Karech Toufik, Noui Abdelkader

06.01.2022 | Original Paper

Influence of Load Path and Effective Stress on One-Dimensional Deformation of Cemented Paste Backfill (CPB) During Deposition and Curing
Mohammad Shahsavari, Mohammadamin Jafari, Murray Grabinsky

17.01.2022 | Original Paper

Analysis of Time-Dependent Soil Behavior Above High-Filled Cut-and-Cover Tunnels Using Discrete Element Method
Sheng Li, Guoqiang Han, I-Hsuan Ho, Li Ma, Balasingam Muhunthan, Qicai Wang, Changdan Wang

16.01.2022 | Original Paper

Risk Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Tunnelling Through a Gene Expression Programming Model
E. Namazi, M. Hajihassani, S. O. Gilani, S. Y. Zolfegharifar

26.08.2021 | Technical Note

Investigation of Soil Suction Characteristics Induced by the Degradation of Organic Matter
Anant Aishwarya Dubey, Annesh Borthakur, K. Ravi

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