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Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

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25.05.2021 | Original Research

Impact of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence on Industry: Developing a Workforce Roadmap for a Data Driven Economy

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (BD&AI) have become so pervasive, and the opportunities they present so transformative, that they are viewed as essential for competitive growth. Since the number of firms adopting BD&AI technologies is growing …

07.05.2021 | Original Research

Moderating Role of Project Innovativeness on Project Flexibility, Project Risk, Project Performance, and Business Success in Financial Services

Project risk management is crucial for project success and for achieving short-term and long-term project goals. This study examines the linkage between the management of project risks and project flexibility for information technology projects in …

09.04.2021 | Original Research

Evaluation of Flexible Strategies to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Education Sector

COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on almost every field including the education sector. Due to the requirements for social distancing, the pandemic has provided an impetus for change in the education sector; technology-based sustainable …

31.03.2021 | Original Research

Environment Practices Mediating the Environmental Compliance and firm Performance: An Institutional Theory Perspective from Emerging Economies

Coercive pressure has forced firms to take up environmental measures in the last two decades in emerging economies. Under normative pressure, large firms with farsightedness take up the environmental practices as industry leaders. In a little …

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The Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management shares concepts, research and practical experiences enabling organizations to become more adaptive, responsive and agile at the level of strategy, structure, systems, people and culture. The aim is to enrich the flexible systems management paradigm at a generic level as well as specifically testing and innovating the use of SAP-LAP (Situation- Actor - Process-Learning-Action-Performance) framework in varied managerial situations to cope with the challenges of the new business models and frameworks.

The broad range of coverage includes encompasses topics as Dimensions of enterprise flexibility; Connotations of flexibility and Emerging managerial issues/approaches generating and demanding flexibility.

The journal is published under the auspices of the Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management.

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