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Group Decision and Negotiation

Published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation

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18.11.2017 Open Access

Multiple Criteria Assessment of Insulating Materials with a Group Decision Framework Incorporating Outranking Preference Model and Characteristic Class Profiles

We present a group decision making framework for evaluating sustainability of the insulating materials. We tested thirteen materials on a model that was applied to retrofit a traditional rural building through roof’s insulation. To evaluate the …


I Expected More from You: The Influence of Close Relationships and Perspective Taking on Negotiation Offers

Three experimental studies show that interpersonal relationships influence the expectations of negotiators at the negotiation table. That is, negotiators expect more generous negotiation offers from close others (Study 1), and when expectations …


Negotiation Engineering: A Quantitative Problem-Solving Approach to Negotiation

Although they are often complex, negotiations are practical problems that can be solved with the aid of specialized, ad hoc methods. We introduce a problem-solving approach to difficult negotiations inspired by the established solution-oriented …


A New Axiomatization of the Banzhaf Index for Games with Abstention

(3, 2)-Simple games are a model for voting situation in which players can vote not only in favour or against a proposal but they can also abstain. Also in this model, power indices are used to evaluate the power of players. In particular, the …


Commitment-Based Equilibrium Environmental Strategies Under Time-Dependent Absorption Efficiency

This paper investigates how current and future generations are affected by commitment-based Nash equilibrium environmental strategies when the environmental absorption efficiency is susceptible to switch from a pollution sink to a source. We …

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Group Decision and Negotiation is published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation. The journal focuses broadly on relation and coordination in group processes by exploring the entire process or flow of activities relevant to group decision and negotiation.

Among the evolving approaches to group decision and negotiation processes, the journal explores computer group decision and negotiation support systems; artificial intelligence and management science; applied game theory, experiment and social choice; and cognitive and behavioral sciences. Descriptive, normative, and design viewpoints are all represented.

In addition to theoretical and empirical research, the journal presents real-world applications and case studies. It also covers new software development that supports group decision and negotiation.

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