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Group Decision and Negotiation

Published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation

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A Maxmin Approach for the Equilibria of Vector-Valued Games

This paper deals with the equilibria of non-cooperative games where the preferences of the players are incomplete and can be represented by vector-valued functions. In the literature, these preferences are frequently approximated by means of …


Interval-Valued Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy CODAS Method for Multi Criteria Group Decision Making Problems

The paper presents a fuzzy extension of CODAS (COmbinative Distance-Based ASsessment) method which is called as interval-valued Atanassov intuitionistic fuzzy CODAS (IVAIF-CODAS) method for group decision making processes. The extended method …


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Interaction Hamy Mean Operators and Their Application to Multi-attribute Group Decision Making

The Hamy mean (HM) operator, as a useful aggregation tool, is capable of capturing the correlations among multiple integrated parameters. In this paper, we expand HM operator to integrate intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (IFNs) on the basis of …


The Analysis of Interconnected Decision Areas: A Computational Approach to Finding All Feasible Solutions

This paper provides a method for finding the complete set of feasible solutions to a problematic situation, whose structure is that of a network amenable to the analytical approach known as “analysis of interconnected decision areas”, or AIDA. In …


A Novel Trapezoidal Bipolar Fuzzy TOPSIS Method for Group Decision-Making

In this research article, the notions of bipolar fuzzy numbers, trapezoidal bipolar fuzzy numbers, triangular bipolar fuzzy numbers and bipolar fuzzy linguistic variables are introduced. Ranking function on the set of all bipolar fuzzy numbers …

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Group Decision and Negotiation is published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation. The journal focuses broadly on relation and coordination in group processes by exploring the entire process or flow of activities relevant to group decision and negotiation.

Among the evolving approaches to group decision and negotiation processes, the journal explores computer group decision and negotiation support systems; artificial intelligence and management science; applied game theory, experiment and social choice; and cognitive and behavioral sciences. Descriptive, normative, and design viewpoints are all represented.

In addition to theoretical and empirical research, the journal presents real-world applications and case studies. It also covers new software development that supports group decision and negotiation.

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