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Group Decision and Negotiation

Published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation

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Identifying Macro Phases Across the Negotiation Lifecycle

Existing models of negotiation as a process are incomplete and do not show an overall, start to finish lifecycle. Current phase based models lack clearly defined criteria that identify phase boundaries. After reviewing existing models, the paper …


Characterization of the Row Geometric Mean Ranking with a Group Consensus Axiom

An axiomatic approach is applied to the problem of extracting a ranking of the alternatives from a pairwise comparison ratio matrix. The ordering induced by row geometric mean method is proved to be uniquely determined by three independent axioms …


Renegotiation in Public–Private Partnerships: An Incentive Mechanism Approach

Game theory is an important analytical tool for measuring problems caused by behaviors that deviate from contractual ethics. However, the PPP literature still does little to explore this research topic. This paper analyzes and improves the …


Integrating an Option-Oriented Attitude Analysis into Investigating the Degree of Stabilities in Conflict Resolution

Despite the influences on one’s thoughts and actions, the attitude has usually been overlooked in conflict analysis. The purpose of this paper is to develop a new systematic methodology for the graph model for conflict resolution that can be …

06.07.2018 Open Access

Intrapersonal Emotional Responses to the Inquiry and Advocacy Modes of Interaction: A Psychophysiological Study

In negotiations and group decision making we can use two characteristically different interaction modes: inquiry and advocacy. Inquiry refers to an interested and explorative interaction mode, and advocacy to an assertive and narrow mode. Although …

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Group Decision and Negotiation is published in cooperation with the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences and its Section on Group Decision and Negotiation. The journal focuses broadly on relation and coordination in group processes by exploring the entire process or flow of activities relevant to group decision and negotiation.

Among the evolving approaches to group decision and negotiation processes, the journal explores computer group decision and negotiation support systems; artificial intelligence and management science; applied game theory, experiment and social choice; and cognitive and behavioral sciences. Descriptive, normative, and design viewpoints are all represented.

In addition to theoretical and empirical research, the journal presents real-world applications and case studies. It also covers new software development that supports group decision and negotiation.

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Best Practices zu agiler Qualität

Eine der wichtigsten Erkenntnisse der letzten Jahre aus agilen Kundenprojekten ist, dass die meisten agil arbeitenden Projekte entwicklergetrieben sind und deshalb leider meistens die Test- und QS/QM-Themen zu kurz zu kommen drohen. So gibt es immer noch Scrum-Befürworter, die ernsthaft der Meinung sind, dass es in agilen Projekten nur noch zwei Arten von Tests gibt: Unittests (durch die Entwickler) und Akzeptanztests (durch den Product Owner). Das ist ein sehr einfaches und bequemes Bild, vor allem aber ist es zu einfach und vielen Produktrisiken schlichtweg nicht angemessen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!