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2023 | Buch

Guidelines for Green Mine Construction and Management

verfasst von: Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang

Verlag: Springer Nature Singapore


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This book comprehensively covers many aspects of green mine, including the basic situation of green mines, mine facilities, extraction management, ecological environment, scientific and technological innovation, standardized management, environmental protection inspectors, and special tools in response to the needs of green mine construction, assessment, and management. It is highly informative with valuable techniques and tools providing insights both for scholars and practitioners working in green mine field.


Chapter 1. Basic Information
Mining according to law is the basic requirement of building green mines. Mining enterprises should strictly abide by the laws and regulations such as mineral resources law, operate legally, have complete certificates, abide by the law, and conscientiously implement the statutory documents such as mineral resources development and utilization plan, geological environment protection and land reclamation plan.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 2. Mine Facilities
The facilities such as mine workshops and roads serve industrial production. To meet the needs of production process flow and equipment layout, once they are formed, they are not easy to change in the production process.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 3. Selection Management
The level of mining equipment determines the efficiency of mining development and the ability to protect the environment.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 4. Ecological Environment
The basic problem of resource development is the extensive management of mineral resources development and serious damage to the ecological environment.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 5. Technology Innovation
Scientific and technological innovation technically guarantees the reduction of cost and improvement of efficiency in the process of green mine construction, which is an important driving force for green mine construction. This list contains science and technology awards, patents, qualifications, honors, standards, papers, etc.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 6. Standard Management
The standardized management reflects the management level of the enterprise, ensures the coordination of resource development and ecological protection from the system, and guarantees the continuous improvement of green mine construction. This chapter mainly contains the places that need to be set up and managed, green mine training, propaganda, cultural and sports activities, etc.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 7. Environmental Protection Inspectors
Environmental protection inspector is to promote the green mine from the strict construction, is an important grip and tools of green mine construction.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Chapter 8. Green Mine Special Tools
This chapter introduces the special tools for green mine construction, including the methods of assessment, green mine construction level certification, green mine science and technology award, green mine series, green mine selection, and green mine follow-up checks.
Yong Wang, Suping Peng, Liang Wang
Guidelines for Green Mine Construction and Management
verfasst von
Yong Wang
Suping Peng
Liang Wang
Springer Nature Singapore
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