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Heavy-Duty 2016 goes video

Mobile, stationary and maritime applications all over the world have
one thing in common: they need large, powerful and efficient engines.
A wide variety of solutions with different fuels and with different
injection and exhaust aftertreatment systems are used to meet the
requirements of the various sectors. As well as improving existing
engines, the engine industry is working closely on developing new,
more compact and more efficient solutions with lower emissions for
worldwide use.

The annual international MTZ conference “Heavy-Duty, On- and
Off-Highway Engines” has in recent years become the key forum
where developers and designers of large engines for the on- and
off-highway, marine and stationary sectors can share information and

ATZ knowledge transfer – we make German automotive expertise available throughout the world – now new via video.

These are the benefits for your company:

  1. Editorial expertise: Our specialist editorial teams evaluate and group together themes that are particularly relevant to your business.
  2. Flexible training: Your employees can access our videos for training and qualification purposes at any time, regardless of where they are located.
  3. Travel cost savings: Your employees do not have to travel in order to benefit from technical presentations, for example at conferences.
  4. Exclusive service: Our product is unique. We are the only organisation to offer this type of virtual participation in themed packages that have been put together by our editors.
  5. By choosing several themed packages, you can save money. 

You can choose from the following packages

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Watch the trailer of Heavy-Duty 2016

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