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24.03.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Neural Computing and Applications 11/2018

Homogenous–heterogeneous reactions in MHD flow of Powell–Eyring fluid over a stretching sheet with Newtonian heating

Neural Computing and Applications > Ausgabe 11/2018
Imad Khan, M. Y. Malik, T. Salahuddin, Mair Khan, Khalil Ur Rehman


This article addresses the effects of homogenous–heterogeneous reactions on electrically conducting boundary layer fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics over a stretching sheet with Newtonian heating are examined. Using similarity transformations, the governing equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The constricted ordinary differential equations are solved computationally by shooting technique. The impact of pertinent physical parameters on the velocity, concentration and temperature profiles is discussed and explored via figures and tables. It is clear from figures that the velocity profile reduces for large values of fluid parameter B and Hartmann number H. Skin friction coefficient decreases for large values of Hartmann number H and fluid parameter B. Also, heat transfer rate monotonically enhances with conjugate parameter of Newtonian heating γ and Prandtl number Pr.

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