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30.07.2020 | Hybrid Drive | News | Onlineartikel

Edag and Hexagon Purus Research a Flexible Hybrid Accumulator

Patrick Schäfer
30 Sek. Lesedauer

As part of a research project, Edag and Hexagon Purus hope to develop a hybrid accumulator that can be used in future fuel cell hybrid vehicles. 

As part of a research project funded by the Hessenagentur, Edag and Hexagon Purus, a company specialising in composite high-pressure tanks, are working on the development of a flexible hybrid accumulator. The accumulator will be integrated into the scalable vehicle platform Edag Scalebase. Batteries and the latest generation of hydrogen pressure tanks will be built in parallel into the vehicle floor.

The scalable hybrid accumulator will be designed so that it can be individually configured according to the number of accumulators used. This should enable daily battery-powered journeys as well as long journeys powered by the fuel cell, which draws its energy from the hydrogen tanks. Having accumulators that can be exchanged will also allow a secondary use, helping to conserve resources.

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