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Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal 1/2011

Ausgabe 1/2011

Insights from Environmental Tracers in Groundwater Systems

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 22 Artikel )

01.02.2011 | Ausgabe 1/2011

Preface: Insights from environmental tracers in groundwater systems

Ward E. Sanford, Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, Andrew L. Herczeg

01.02.2011 | Essay | Ausgabe 1/2011

Contributions of the International Atomic Energy Agency to the development and practice of isotope hydrology

Pradeep K. Aggarwal, Klaus Froehlich, Roberto Gonfiantini

01.02.2011 | Essay | Ausgabe 1/2011

The challenge of interpreting environmental tracer concentrations in fractured rock and carbonate aquifers

Allen M. Shapiro

01.02.2011 | Essay | Ausgabe 1/2011

Calibration of models using groundwater age

Ward Sanford

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Review: Environmental tracers in arid-zone hydrology

Andrew L. Herczeg, F. W. Leaney

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Review: Geothermal heat as a tracer of large-scale groundwater flow and as a means to determine permeability fields

Martin O. Saar

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

On some methodological problems in the use of environmental tracers to estimate hydrogeologic parameters and to calibrate flow and transport models

Andrzej Zuber, Kazimierz Różański, Jarosław Kania, Roland Purtschert

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

The distribution of saline groundwater and its relation to the hydraulic conditions of aquifers and aquitards: examples from Israel

Y. Yechieli, O. Sivan

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Hydrochemical system analysis of public supply well fields, to reveal water-quality patterns and define groundwater bodies: The Netherlands

Igor Mendizabal, Pieter J. Stuyfzand, Ane P. Wiersma

01.02.2011 | Report | Ausgabe 1/2011

Geochemical heterogeneity in a small, stratigraphically complex moraine aquifer system (Ontario, Canada): interpretation of flow and recharge using multiple geochemical parameters

Randy L. Stotler, Shaun K. Frape, Humam Taha El Mugammar, Craig Johnston, Ian Judd-Henrey, F. Edwin Harvey, Robert Drimmie, Jon Paul Jones

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Defining the dynamics of groundwater in Serra da Estrela Mountain area, central Portugal: an isotopic and hydrogeochemical approach

Paula M. Carreira, José M. Marques, Jorge Espinha Marques, Helder I. Chaminé, Paulo E. Fonseca, Fernando Monteiro Santos, Rui M. Moura, José M. Carvalho

01.02.2011 | Report | Ausgabe 1/2011

Groundwater recharge areas of a volcanic aquifer system inferred from hydraulic, hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data: Mount Vulture, southern Italy

Serena Parisi, Michele Paternoster, Claus Kohfahl, Asaf Pekdeger, Hanno Meyer, Hans Wolfgang Hubberten, Giuseppe Spilotro, Giovanni Mongelli

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Source of paleo-groundwater in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: evidence from unusual oxygen and deuterium isotope data

Warren W. Wood

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Identifying the recharge sources and age of groundwater in the Songnen Plain (Northeast China) using environmental isotopes

Zongyu Chen, Wen Wei, Jun Liu, Ying Wang, Jiang Chen

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Estimating groundwater recharge following land-use change using chloride mass balance of soil profiles: a case study at Guyuan and Xifeng in the Loess Plateau of China

Tianming Huang, Zhonghe Pang

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Excess air during aquifer storage and recovery in an arid basin (Las Vegas Valley, USA)

D. Kip Solomon, Erin Cole, Joseph F. Leising

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Tritium–helium groundwater age used to constrain a groundwater flow model of a valley-fill aquifer contaminated with trichloroethylene (Quebec, Canada)

Samantha Murphy, Thomas Ouellon, Jean-Marc Ballard, René Lefebvre, Ian D. Clark

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Using geochemical indicators to investigate groundwater mixing and residence time in the aquifer system of Djeffara of Medenine (southeastern Tunisia)

Kamel Zouari, Rim Trabelsi, Najiba Chkir

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Age structure and recharge conditions of a coastal aquifer (northern Germany) investigated with 39Ar, 14C, 3H, He isotopes and Ne

Jürgen Sültenfuβ, Roland Purtschert, Jens F. Führböter

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Helium measurements of pore fluids obtained from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD, USA) drill cores

S. Ali, M. Stute, T. Torgersen, G. Winckler, B. M. Kennedy

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

A multiple-isotope (δ37Cl, 14C, 3H) approach to reveal the coastal hydrogeological system and its temporal changes in western Kyushu, Japan

Tomochika Tokunaga, Jun Shimada, Yuki Kimura, Daisuke Inoue, Katsuro Mogi, Kazumi Asai

01.02.2011 | Paper | Ausgabe 1/2011

Millennial-scale diffusive migration of solutes in thick clay-rich aquitards: evidence from multiple environmental tracers

M. Jim Hendry, L. I. Wassenaar

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