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Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal 4/2006

Ausgabe 4/2006

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Use of remote sensing and GIS to determine recharge potential zones: the case of Occidental Lebanon

Amin Shaban, Mohamad Khawlie, Chadi Abdallah

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Effects of fracture lineaments and in-situ rock stresses on groundwater flow in hard rocks: a case study from Sunnfjord, western Norway

Helge Henriksen, Alvar Braathen

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Occurrence of salt water above fresh water in dynamic equilibrium in a coastal groundwater flow system near De Panne, Belgium

A. Vandenbohede, L. Lebbe

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Dynamics and interaction of organic carbon, turbidity and bacteria in a karst aquifer system

Michiel Pronk, Nico Goldscheider, Jakob Zopfi

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Geomechanical model for fracture deformation under hydraulic, mechanical and thermal loads

Chris McDermott, Olaf Kolditz

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Scale-dependent hydraulic conductivity in anisotropic media from dimensional cross-over

A. G. Hunt

01.04.2006 | Paper | Ausgabe 4/2006

Estimation of land subsidence caused by loss of smectite-interlayer water in shallow aquifer systems

Chen-Wuing Liu, Wen-Sheng Lin, Li-Hsin Cheng

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Subsurface dams to harvest rainwater— a case study of the Swarnamukhi River basin, Southern India

N. Janardhana Raju, T. V. K. Reddy, P. Munirathnam

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Groundwater occurrence on Jeju Island, Korea

Jong-Ho Won, Jin-Yong Lee, Ji-Wook Kim, Gi-Won Koh

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Estimating groundwater recharge through tills: a sensitivity analysis of soil moisture budgets and till properties in Ireland

Vincent P. Fitzsimons, Bruce D. R. Misstear

01.04.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Conceptual hydrodynamic model of the Pamukkale hydrothermal field, southwestern Turkey, based on hydrochemical and isotopic data

Cüneyt Dilsiz

01.04.2006 | Ausgabe 4/2006

Hydrogeochemistry and groundwater origin of the Basses-Laurentides sedimentary rock aquifer system, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec, Canada

Vincent Cloutier, René Lefebvre, Martine M. Savard, Édith Bourque, René Therrien

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Modeling stream-aquifer interactions in a shallow aquifer, Choele Choel Island, Patagonia, Argentina

Leticia B. Rodríguez, Pablo A. Cello, Carlos A. Vionnet

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Small scale study of groundwater flow in a fractured carbonate-rock aquifer at the St-Eustache quarry, Québec, Canada

Jean-Michel Lemieux, René Therrien, Donna Kirkwood

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Empirical analysis of electromagnetic profiles for groundwater prospecting in rural areas of Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria

O. A. Ehinola, A. O. Opoola, H. A. Adesokan

01.04.2006 | Report | Ausgabe 4/2006

Determination of specific yield using a water balance approach – case study of Torla Odha watershed in the Deccan Trap province, Maharastra State, India

Dipankar Saha, A. K. Agrawal

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