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Hydrogeology Journal

Hydrogeology Journal 8/2020

Ausgabe 8/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 20 Artikel )

03.10.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Depletion of groundwater resources under rapid urbanisation in Africa: recent and future trends in the Nairobi Aquifer System, Kenya

Samson Oiro, Jean-Christophe Comte, Chris Soulsby, Alan MacDonald, Canute Mwakamba

11.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Assessment of the heterogeneity of hydraulic properties in gravelly outwash plains: a regionally scaled sedimentological analysis in the Munich gravel plain, Germany

Markus Theel, Peter Huggenberger, Kai Zosseder

22.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Structural controls on the hydrogeological functioning of a floodplain

Simon Martin, Stefan Klingler, Peter Dietrich, Carsten Leven, Olaf A. Cirpka

02.10.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Insight into the influence of local streambed heterogeneity on hyporheic-zone flow characteristics

Robert Earon, Joakim Riml, Liwen Wu, Bo Olofsson

06.10.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Imaging the hydraulic properties of a contaminated alluvial aquifer perturbed with periodic signals

P. Fischer, T. De Clercq, A. Jardani, L. Thannberger, N. Massei, M. Abbas

26.08.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020

Development of an improved hydrogeological and hydro-geochemical conceptualization of a complex aquifer system in Ethiopia

Haile A. Shishaye, Douglas R. Tait, Kevin M. Befus, Damien T. Maher, Michael J. Reading, Luke Jeffrey, Tesfamichael G. Tewolde, Asmelash T. Asfaw

01.10.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020

Multiple-step numerical modeling to assist aquifer characterization: a case study from the south of Brazil

Fabrizio Rama, Konrad Miotliński

01.10.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020

Control of fracture networks on a coastal karstic aquifer: a case study from northeastern Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico)

Juan Carlos Zamora-Luria, Jorge Adrián Perera-Burgos, Alfredo González-Calderón, Luis E. Marin Stillman, Rosa Ma. Leal-Bautista

15.09.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Combining implicit geological modeling, field surveys, and hydrogeological modeling to describe groundwater flow in a karst aquifer

Fernando M. D’Affonseca, Michael Finkel, Olaf A. Cirpka

25.08.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Characterization of the regional groundwater flow systems in south Transdanubia (Hungary) to understand karst evolution and development of hydrocarbon and geothermal resources

Katalin Csondor, Brigitta Czauner, Lehel Csobaji, Orsolya Győri, Anita Erőss

01.10.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Groundwater flow below construction pits and erosion of temporary horizontal layers of silicate grouting

Joris M. Dekker, Thomas Sweijen, Alraune Zech

25.08.2020 | Report | Ausgabe 8/2020

Taking advantage of aquifer heterogeneity in designing construction dewatering systems with partially penetrating recharge wells

J. H. van Lopik, N. Hartog, R. J. Schotting

08.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Non-Darcian effect on a variable-rate pumping test in a confined aquifer

Yabing Li, Zhifang Zhou, Chao Zhuang, Yong Huang, Jinguo Wang

06.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Mapping and predicting subsidence from spatio-temporal regression models of groundwater-drawdown and subsidence observations

Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, Hone-Jay Chu, Thomas J. Burbey

12.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Shallow groundwater flow and inverted fresh/saline-water interface in a hypersaline endorheic basin (Great Basin, USA)

Alan L. Mayo, David G. Tingey, Kevin A. Rey, Tony D. Winkel, John H. McBride, Stephen T. Nelson, Gregory T. Carling, Jiri Bruthans, Erik C. Petersen

01.10.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Evaluating the effects of downscaled climate projections on groundwater storage and simulated base-flow contribution to the North Fork Red River and Lake Altus, southwest Oklahoma (USA)

Laura G. Labriola, John H. Ellis, Subhrendu Gangopadhyay, Tom Pruitt, Pierre-Emmanuel Kirstsetter, Yang Hong

07.10.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Groundwater recharge processes in an Asian mega-delta: hydrometric evidence from Bangladesh

Sara Nowreen, R. G. Taylor, M. Shamsudduha, M. Salehin, A. Zahid, K. M. Ahmed

21.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Experimental investigation of seepage characteristics in porous rocks with a single fracture

Lei Gan, Zhenzhong Shen, Ming Xiao

11.08.2020 | Paper | Ausgabe 8/2020

Geothermal evolution of deep parent fluid in Western Guangdong, China: evidence from water chemistry, stable isotopes and geothermometry

Innocent Ndikubwimana, Xumei Mao, Dongbo Zhu, Yaoye He, Zide Shi

01.10.2020 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 8/2020 Open Access

Future-proofing hydrogeology by revising groundwater monitoring practice

Gabriel C. Rau, Mark O. Cuthbert, Vincent E. A. Post, Daniel Schweizer, R. Ian Acworth, Martin S. Andersen, Philipp Blum, Elisabetta Carrara, Todd C. Rasmussen, Shemin Ge

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