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08.10.2021 | Report Open Access

A density-dependent multi-species model to assess groundwater flow and nutrient transport in the coastal Keauhou aquifer, Hawai‘i, USA

Fresh groundwater is a critical resource supporting coastal ecosystems that rely on low-salinity, nutrient-rich groundwater discharge. This resource, however, is subject to contamination from point- and nonpoint-sources such as on-site sewage …

05.10.2021 | Paper Open Access

Characterising thermal water circulation in fractured bedrock using a multidisciplinary approach: a case study of St. Gorman’s Well, Ireland

A hydrogeological conceptual model of the source, circulation pathways and temporal variation of a low-enthalpy thermal spring in a fractured limestone setting is derived from a multidisciplinary approach. St. Gorman’s Well is a thermal spring in …

05.10.2021 | Report Open Access

Quantitative analysis of Cenozoic faults and fractures and their impact on groundwater flow in the bedrock aquifers of Ireland

Faults and fractures are a critical store and pathway for groundwater in Ireland’s limestone bedrock aquifers either directly as conductive structures or indirectly as the locus for the development of karst conduits. From the quantitative analysis …

05.10.2021 | Paper

Analysis of the length scale characterized by the yield stress fluids porosimetry method for consolidated media: comparison with pore network models and mercury intrusion porosimetry

Substantial progress has been recently achieved in the development of a clean alternative to mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) based on single-phase flow measurements in porous samples using yield stress fluids. However, no study to date has …

29.09.2021 | Report Open Access

Unusual catchment runoff in a high alpine karst environment influenced by a complex geological setting (Northern Calcareous Alps, Tyrol, Austria)

Garber Schlag (Q-GS) is one of the major springs of the Karwendel Mountains, Tyrol, Austria. This spring has a unique runoff pattern that is mainly controlled by the tectonic setting. The main aquifer is a moderately karstified and jointed …

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Hydrogeology Journal was founded in 1992 to foster understanding of hydrogeology; to describe worldwide progress in hydrogeology; and to provide an accessible forum for scientists, researchers, engineers, and practitioners in developing and industrialized countries. Since then, the journal has earned a large worldwide readership.

Its peer-reviewed research articles integrate subsurface hydrology and geology with supporting disciplines, such as: geochemistry, geophysics, geomorphology, geobiology, surface-water hydrology, tectonics, numerical modeling, economics, and sociology. Articles explore theoretical and applied aspects of hydrogeologic science, including studies ranging from local areas and short time periods to global problems and geologic time; innovative instrumentation; water-resource and mineral-resource evaluations; and overviews of hydrogeologic systems of interest in various regions.

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