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22.02.2018 | Industry 4.0 | News | Onlineartikel

MindSphere World Founded

Nadine Klein

"Mindsphere World", an association comprising 19 founding members, is dedicated to jointly developing and optimising IoT (Internet of Things) solutions based on the MindSphere operating system.

The MindSphere World association has been established by 19 founding members, including Eisenmann, Siemens, Kuka, Festo, Trumpf and Rittal, with the aim of establishing and developing a world-leading IoT ecosystem based on MindSphere, an operating system created by Siemens. The inaugural meeting took place in Berlin on 23 January 2018. Its mission is jointly to develop and optimise IoT solutions based on MindSphere, as well as tap new digital markets. This will include drawing up recommendations for accessing, using and analysing data, as well as defining digital standards. 

In future, customers should be able to leverage the MindSphere platform with applications of E-MES, Eisenmann’s production control system, to network their own production systems worldwide. This will give unprecedented transparency across production, quality and maintenance data. This extensive transparency combined with big-data analytics can deliver revolutionary insights and thereby improve the efficiency of production systems.

In the field of surface technology, car makers, for instance, will be able to consolidate all the data generated by their paint shops worldwide within the MindSphere cloud. This will allow huge volumes of data to be compared and analysed across multiple sites, resulting in enhanced equipment uptime. This processed data can form the basis for planning predictive maintenance or for early identification of imperfect paint finishes, for example. As a result, a manufacturer will not only gain exceptional clarity about its production process, but paint more cost-effectively and in a more user-friendly manner due to increased equipment uptime. 


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