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12.08.2019 | Industry 4.0 | News | Onlineartikel

Refractory 4.0

Leyla Buchholz

RHI Magnesita presented latest innovations at Metec, one of them Refractory 4.0, a concept to digitalize the company’s entire value chain from the mining of raw materials up to production and recycling. Artificial intelligence assists with generating an optimized mining plan.

“From mobile phones to cars all the way to our homes: Modern life would be impossible to imagine without the refractory industry. We reliably supply our customers with the high-quality refractory solutions they need to manufacture their products,” explained Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita, during the media get-together at Metec 2019. “Thanks to the highest level of quality and excellent service, we are a reliable partner for customers around the world. And now it’s time to usher in a new era – Refractory 4.0.”

RHI Magnesita is digitalizing its value chain, which features an unparalleled level of backward integration. It ranges from the mining of the raw materials and the manufacturing of the products to the supply chain, the application and use at customers’ sites to recycling. “These innovations are the result of RHI Magnesita’s intensive and highly successful research and development work. With over 270 employees spread out across five research sites all over the globe, our company has the biggest R&D unit in the entire industry. Every year, we invest 70 million euros in innovation in order to constantly improve process security, efficiency, and sustainability,” emphasized CTO Luis Rodolfo Bittencourt.

Thanks to the innovations of Refractory 4.0 and its global raw material network, the company will be able to smooth out demand volatility. Digital twins of RHI Magnesita’s deposits are created using 3D mapping. The block models consist of real data and estimated data and are updated after each blast on a daily basis. Artificial intelligence generates the optimized mining plan, which enables the company to plan the raw material sourcing. 3D mapping also allows the company to monitor the entire site, perform retrospective analyses and take measurements throughout the mines to assist with quality control and extraction planning.

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