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Über dieses Buch

In the next few years, brands are on track to spend billions of dollars on influencer marketing. This form of marketing—currently utilized with great success on Instagram and YouTube—is not a short-lived fad, but a tectonic shift for the future of digital advertising. It's the way of the future, and the responsibility is on business leaders to keep up.

Modern marketing professionals looking to adopt influencer marketing for their brands face equally modern challenges. Like finding the right talent, tracking and measuring results and quantifying how this new marketing opportunity aligns with the overall strategy. Influencer Marketing for Brands is the field guide for the digital age. After working with hundreds of brands from across the globe, author Aron Levin shares his insider knowledge gained from research, strategy, and hands-on experience from more than 10,000 successful collaborations with influencers on Instagram and YouTube. He provides you with valuable insights that help you eliminate guesswork and avoid common mistakes. More importantly, he shows you how to turn influencer marketing into a scalable and sustainable marketing channel.

The digital media landscape grows more complicated by the hour, and influencer marketing is no exception. Influencer Marketing for Brands breaks down the art and science of influencer marketing and helps you synthesize, contextualize and transform this new way of creating and distributing content with powerful formulas, proven strategies, and real-world examples.

What You Will Learn

Plan effective influencer marketing campaigns using a simple 3-step formulaCreate top performing YouTube videos that drive website traffic, app installs and salesUnderstand what to pay for influencer marketing and how much you should invest if you're just starting out

Who This Book is For

Marketing and agency professionals, influencers and content creators, marketing students, those who are looking for more effective forms of advertising and are generally interested in understanding the new and evolving digital media landscape.



Chapter 1. Origins

The Father of Affordable Luxury and Origin of Influencer Marketing
The computer, jet engine, and World Wide Web were all British inventions.
Aron Levin

Chapter 2. People Are Media Companies

The state of the advertising industry, decentralization of attention and how people overtook traditional media
What’s the current state of the advertising industry? How is traditional advertising perceived by millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z)? Why are media dollars moving from traditional publishers to people? What is the future of the influencer marketing industry?
Aron Levin

Chapter 3. Influence Is an Outcome, Not a Profession

Context, adoption, levers of influence, and how to find the right creators for your brand
How do I find the right influencers for my brand? What attributes should I look for when identifying the right influencers? Are influencers early adopters? What is a good engagement rate?
Aron Levin

Chapter 4. The Art and Science of Creativity

Proven creative strategies for Instagram and YouTube, the seven principles of word of mouth, and the secret to writing a perfect brief
How do you pick the right creative strategy for your influencer marketing campaign? What are the key elements of an effective brief? How do you create campaigns that are more likely to generate word of mouth?
Aron Levin

Chapter 5. Creator-Centric Strategies

Extend your value beyond pay and increase your ROI with a creator-centric perspective to influencer marketing
Why do 9 out of 10 influencers follow brands on social media? What's the number one mistake brands make when creating content on Instagram? What are the ten biggest challenges as an online creator or influencer? What do influencers care about the most when deciding which brands they want to work with? What’s the right level of monetary compensation?
Aron Levin

Chapter 6. 1:1 Relationships at Scale

The Theory of Constraints and how to scale your influencer marketing
How do you eliminate bandwidth and time restraints when you scale your influencer marketing? How do you maintain your 1:1 relationships with creators, while reducing 80% of work? How do you turn email communication into your advantage, and not a bottleneck? What is a good benchmark for campaign participation, email delivery, email open, email reply, and click-through rates? How do you build a dynamic model for compensation creators and get rid of unnecessary negotiations? What are the five most valuable third-party software services that will put your influencer marketing on autopilot?
Aron Levin

Chapter 7. The Four-Step Influencer Marketing Framework

A step-by-step framework to a scalable media channel that is fully aligned with your overall marketing plan.
How do you define your primary marketing objective? What are the four different marketing objectives for influencer marketing? Why are brands commonly picking the wrong KPIs for their marketing objectives? How do you come up with a strong creative idea for your campaign? How much should you be spending on influencer marketing, and how much does it cost?
Aron Levin

Chapter 8. Measuring What Matters

The untracked majority, rise of the bots, longevity on YouTube, and how to amplify your efforts with paid media
How do you measure the organic, untracked, impact of your influencer marketing? Why does influencer marketing on YouTube become cheaper, and not more expensive, over time? How do you deal with fraud, fakes and bots on Instagram? When, why and how do you amplify your organic content with paid advertising?
Aron Levin


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