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This two-volume set (CCIS 267 and CCIS 268) constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Business Intelligence, IBI 2011, held in Chongqing, China, in December 2011. The 229 full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 745 submissions. The papers address topics such as communication systems; accounting and agribusiness; information education and educational technology; manufacturing engineering; multimedia convergence; security and trust computing; business teaching and education; international business and marketing; economics and finance; and control systems and digital convergence.



Security and Trust Computing

Research on Technical Principle of Active Knowledge Push

Method of active knowledge push based on capturing intention of collaboration was proposed aiming at the problem of low quality and efficiency in acquiring knowledge for collaborative product design. First of all, distributed model of capturing intention of collaboration was constructed through study on the relations between the capturing intentions of collaboration and the designers’ behaviors. Then, the system framework and workflow of knowledge push based on capturing intention of collaboration were constructed. Finally, these methods were applied to engineering practices to validate its technical feasibility and effectiveness.

Xu Yuan-hao

Practice-Oriented Education Strategy in Detection Technique Course

Detection technique is a basic course for students majored in automation. And it’s a very important issue to cultivate practice ability of students in automation area. However, the existed teaching method is not suitable to the requirements. In this paper, a practice-oriented education strategy is proposed to improve ability of students in practice. The main idea of the proposed scheme is a task-driven training process, which considers the theory and practice essence character of detection technique course. The training process will focus on the interaction, collaboration, inspiration and innovation of students. The results show the validation of the proposed practice-oriented education strategy.

Xiaozhu Liu

Traffic Sign Recognition Using Visual Feature toward Driver Assistance System

In this paper, we present the basic concept of a approach for the traffic sign detection and recognition in natural scenes. The developed procedure is based on the well known Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm and the bag of word method (BoW). The method has the advantages that it is computing power and memory efficient and that it can handle pattern repetitions in the models. The results of extensive testing on real data sets shows that the presented approach detects over 90% of traffic signs correctly.

Juan Cao, Lu Lou, Yingchun Zhang

New Genetic Algorithm for Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem

Tailored to the individual demands and the diversified requirements in the real operation, this paper is focused on the min-max vehicle routing problem (MMVRP) to shorten the longest journey in the circuit. New genetic algorithm is used to get the optimization solution. First of all, use natural number coding so as to simplify the problem; apply insertion method so as to improve the feasibility of the solution. Secondly, use the individual amount control choice strategy so as to guard the diversity of group; apply improved route crossover operation to avoid destroying good gene parts. Finally, the good performance of improved algorithm can be proved by experiment calculation and concrete examples.

Chunyu Ren

Research on Vehicle Scheduling Problem Based on Cloud Model

Considering the multi-distribution centers vehicle scheduling problem effectiveness and real-time requirements, the cloud genetic algorithm was introduced by the combination of cloud model theory and genetic algorithms. Make use of normal cloud mode has the characteristics of universal and cloud droplets has the characteristics of random and stability tendentious, cloud model X-condition cloud generator algorithm to generate adaptive crossover and mutation probability in the process of evolutionary search.. Cloud genetic algorithms improve the algorithm convergence, robustness and the solutions quality. And also it overcomes the traditional genetic algorithm shortcomings such as slow searching, easy to local optimization solutions. Finally, this paper analyzes and validates the vehicle scheduling problem by using CGA. Then compares CGA with traditional method and the overall method, and by experimental analysis we can find that CGA is superior to the other two methods on the aspect of efficiency and the results.

Li Dao-Guo, Fu Bin

Attribute Recursive Algorithms Based on Knowledge Rough Representation

Existing representative research achievement of the relevant literatures focused on two is how to improve the efficiency of attribute reduction algorithms in all attributes including the added properties. Such as the recursive algorithm to change conjunctive normal form into disjunctive normal form based on the boolean matrix and the algorithm based on radix sorting for computing core and reductions of a given information system, etc. On the other hand focus on the objects recursive algorithms. The drawback is that these methods have not fully use the knowledge gained when some attributes was added to a discussion on the domain. Therefore, the regularity of the core and reduction’s changes under adding new attributes into a given information system were discussed. Moreover, the incremental reduction algorithms from a information system was proposed. The experiments show that these algorithms can quickly and exactly calculate new core and reduction of the new information system by taking advantage of the knowledge of the original information system.

Li Dao-Guo, Fan Zhuo-Bin, Yang Chen

Policy-Based Multi-agent System for Virtual Enterprise

Virtual enterprise is predicted to be the most important business organizational patterns in the near future. In response to this trend, this paper presents a model based on multi-agent system and hierarchical policy specification to simulate the manipulation of virtual enterprise. By subdividing application level and representation scope of policy, this specification not only provides good system control on autonomy agents, but also ensures the flexibility of agents. For conflicts that may be brought about by policy specification, detection algorithms and resolution methods are presented.

Jun Hu, Yinghui Song, Lei Deng, Ye Sun

A Genetic Algorithm for Team Composition Optimization in a Physical Education Program

This paper presents a new approach based on genetic algorithm (GA) to compose teams in a physical education program. The objective is to optimize the grouping according to the preferences of students. Two real datasets collected from a famous college in central Taiwan were used to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Results show that the proposed GA can optimize the grouping well.

Rong-Chang Chen, Chien-Ting Chen, Ming-Hung Chen, Shu-Ping Suen

A Genetic Algorithm for Planning Travel Route with Mimimum Transportation Carbon Footprint

One of the major factors causing global warming is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO


) in the atmosphere. With this understanding, one should consider the influences of CO


emission during planning. This paper uses carbon footprint caused by transportation as an objective to find an optimized travel route. We employ genetic algorithm (GA) as the tool to find solutions. The approach proposed by this study is found to be effective in planning travel route, which suggests an optimal route as well as transportation modes between scenic spots.

Rong-Chang Chen, Chien-Ting Chen, Jyun-Yang Li

A Novel Mechanism Using Genetic Algorithm for Selecting Class Officers

In this paper, we propose a novel mechanism based on genetic algorithm (GA) for selecting class officers. This mechanism not only considers the service willingness of students, but also considers support rating from others. The proposed mechanism was applied to a junior class of a famous university in Taiwan and the results show that students give high positive scores to the proposed approach and consider it very interesting.

Rong-Chang Chen, Tzu-Han Lin

Exploring Teachers’ Involvement by Using Fuzzy Theory

With the improvement of the Internet bandwidth and techniques, e-learning environments have been more convenient than ever; they are beyond the limits of time and space, accessible at anytime and anywhere. Even so, teachers do not really use the Internet for teaching as frequently, and the reason is that although most teachers believe e-learning helps the teacher-learner interaction, they are still not satisfied with the current e-learning environments. The purpose of the study is to write a system based on the Fuzzy theory to analyze teachers’ two semesters actual behaviors logs on the e-learning system and found to difference of involvement of teachers by analyzing their colleges gender, age, and the seniority.

Yi-Lin Wang, Ling-Yu Melody Wen, Rong-Chang Chen, Tung-Shou Chen

The Theoretical Analysis and FE Simulation of Electrostatic Coupling Intra-Body Communication Based on Upper Arm Model

Intra-body Communication (IBC) is a communication technology in which human body is used as a signal transmission medium. In this paper, the theoretical analysis and FE simulation of electrostatic coupling IBC based on upper arm model have been introduced. Firstly, the incidence and reflection of electronic signal in the upper arm model were analyzed by using the theory of electromagnetic wave. Secondly, the finite-element models of electrostatic coupling IBC were developed by using the electromagnetic analysis package of ANSYS software, and then the signal attenuation of electrostatic coupling IBC were simulated under the conditions of different signal frequency, electrodes size and transmission distance. Finally, some important conclusions are deduced based on the discussion of the simulation results.

Yong Song, Kai Zhang, Bangzhi Kang, Fuzhou Shang, Guang Yang, Qun Hao

A DNA Computing Algorithm for Solving the Knapsack Problem

Knapsack problem is a classical NP-Complete problem. In this paper, a DNA computing algorithm is proposed to find out the optimal solution of 0-1 knapsack problem. The DNA encoding method is described to translate the weight and value of items into DNA stands. Then replicated the stands and took the combination of every DNA stand to form double stranded DNA sequences in order to find out the optimal solution. The proposed DNA encoding method is an improvement on the previous ones, and it provides further evidence for the ability of DNA computing to solve numerical optimization problems.

Lian Ye

Research on Reversible Visible Watermarking Technique

With the advancement of digital technologies and networks, all kinds of digital contents are distributed over Internet. However, piracy becomes increasingly rampant as customers can easily duplicate and redistribute the received digital content to a large audience. Digital watermarking has been used widely for the purposes of copyright protection and copy deterrence for multimedia content. This paper focus on a special kind of digital watermarking called reversible visible digital watermarking. We summarize the current state-of-the-art of reversible visible watermarking Technique and some of the major reversible visible digital watermarking schemes are introduced. We hope this review paper can encourage researchers to further explore more novel approaches on reversible visible watermarking.

Zhongqiu Xu, Liangju Li, Genjia Xie

An Optimized Application Based on Double-Weight Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Input-output system of gas furnace for the chemical system has highly nonlinear characteristics. Double-weight neural network has strong approximation and generalization ability. With double-weight neural network approximation to the gas system, use global optimization characteristics of the genetic algorithm (GA) to seek the feasible input of the system, and according to the input energy evaluation, a solution for factory to reduce energy consumption has been offered by getting the optimal system input.

Zhang Youzheng, Cheng Wenhai

Higher-Order Logic-Based Knowledge Representation and Clustering Algorithm

With machine learning and knowledge discovery deeply development and breadth of the expansion in many areas of application with the complex structure data, the knowledge discovery of the complex structure data has become a core issue in the field of knowledge discovery and the search space of patterns during the course of knowledge discovery is very large. Although the Inductive logic programming—ILP can flexibly express the multi-relation data,the background knowledge and the complex mode involving multi-relationship in process of relational learning and multi-relationship data mining, but the problems of predicate invention and utility are also difficult to solve and remain open problems in knowledge discovery based on first-order logic. The high-order logic knowledge representation can solve the problem effectively. For the higher-order logic knowledge representation formalism-Escher can express all kinds of complex structured data. It not only can provide strong guidance on the search for frequent patterns with its strong typed syntax but also can resolve the problem of the invention of new predicates with its higher-order characteristic. It is fit for knowledge discovery in complex structured data. This paper will investigate the knowledge discovery in complex structured data by employing Escher as knowledge representation formalism. In the case of algorithms, clustering of complex structured data is studied in it and experimental verification of its effectiveness.

Yang Jun, Wang Yinglong

The Research about the Link Clustering Algorithmic Based on Tensor Analysis

The multi-link high-dimensional data clustering problem of complex information networks is difficult to handle and less efficient. Tensor is a mathematical representation of high-dimensional data (multidimensional array), Tensor decomposition technique can convert the high-dimensional data into the low-dimension data effectively and the more and more applied in the field of data mining, such as Tucker, CP, HOSVD, PARAFAC decomposition method so on. The modularity network analysis method can be used to the spectrum clustering. So we propose a novel link clustering algorithm based on higher order tensor analysis methods and modularity network analysis. Using modularity approach to analysis networks, using multi-dimensional tensor expressed in the form of complex multi-link data, using Tucker tensor decomposition method to reduce the dimensions of the data and the time and space complexity of the algorithm. The effectiveness and robustness of the algorithm is tested in complex network environment and proved that is better than the kindred algorithms.

Yang Jun, Wang Yinglong

Oscillatory Behavior of Nonlinear Second-Order Dynamic Equations on Time Scales

The study of dynamic equations on time scales is a fairly new subject, and research in this area is rapidly growing. It allows a simultaneous treatment of differential and difference equations. The general idea is to prove a result for a dynamic equation where the domain of the unknown function is a time scale. In this way results not only related to the set of real numbers or the set of integers but those pertaining to more general time scales are obtained. In this paper, some sufficient conditions are established for the oscillation of certain nonlinear second-order dynamic equations on time scales by making use of a generalized Riccati transformation technique. The results in this paper improve and extend some known results in the literature.

Da-Xue Chen

Semi-supervised Segmentation Based on Level Set

The segmentation result of Region-based Active Contour (RAC) usually has little relationship with the initial contour which brings difficulties for Human-Computer Interaction. Based on the interactive information between user and system as the prior knowledge, this paper proposed an interactive object segmentation algorithm RIS. The model proposed is based on the active contour without edge (CV) and the prior shape. As the reason of imprecise prior shape user inputs, the weighted area algorithm based on the gradient and laplace was introduced. To overcome the issue of shrink of the object contour, a new area inspiring item was added into the energy function. The experimental results have shown that, without the prior knowledge model based on the shape training set, the proposed algorithm can segment ROI based on the user inputs information.

Aixia Wang, Jingjiao Li, Peng Wu, Zhenlin Lu

The Parallel BMH Algorithm of String Matching

One of the critical problems of analyzing internet content is string matching, it is a basic problem in computer fields. During many years study, many classical algorithms were offered. But a bottleneck was met in traditional algorithm: the algorithm’s time complexity of string matching and multiple string matching limits is




, many algorithms approach or reach this limit. The article researches parallel algorithm to break the bottlenecks. The paper optimized traditional algorithm by applying multi-core, SSE, AVX instruction. We analyses Suffix based approach, and offer parallel BMH approach, Experimental results show the parallel approach can reach good speedup.

Huang Kun, Qu Xilong, You Hong

A Study Using Genetic Algorithm and Support Vector Machine to Find Out How the Attitude of Training Personnel Affects the Performance of the Introduction of Taiwan TrainQuali System in an Enterprise

After entering knowledge economy era, human resource has become one of the most important manufacturing elements of an enterprise, hence, human resource incubation has become one of the important jobs of enterprise development. However, most of the enterprises in Taiwan do not have clear assessment standard and analysis mechanism on educational training, which usually leads to bad implementation results. Therefore, in order to enhance enterprise’s training-implementing ability, Taiwan has designed a set of Taiwan TrainQuali System (TTQS) using a training quality score card to perform the assessment and audit. It is important to understand whether the introducing TTQS mechanism to an enterprise can enhance business operation performance and enterprise’s competitiveness, and it is also important to know also if the entire training-implementing attitude of the training-implementing personnel will affect the assessment and audit result of an enterprise. This study has investigated, through the attitude transition of training-implementing personnel who have participated in the learning curriculum, if the attitude transition will affect the current status of an enterprise and what kind of benefits it will bring. In this study, Genetic Algorithm is associated with Support Vector Machine technique to perform data mining and analysis. The experimental results show that within an enterprise, enterprise supervisor and training personnel of different standing points will have different thinking on the introduction of TTQS, and there is also significant difference on the educational training attitude too. For the difference of entire attitude change before and after the participation of TTQS curriculum, the data of the training personnel are better than that of the enterprise supervisor.

Tung-Shou Chen, Yih-Yeong Lin, Jeanne Chen, Chien-Che Huang, Hung-Wen Chang

A Comprehensive Learning Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm

This paper proposes a Comprehensive Learning Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (CLQEA) by introducing the philosophy of comprehensive learning into quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithms. In CLQEA, each individual in a population learns not only from its own best historical solution searched, but also from the best solutions that other individuals found. This idea is very helpful to enhance population diversity through applying a group of elite individuals to perform Q-gates to produce offspring. Extensive experiments carried out on knapsack problems with various items show that CLQEA outperforms several QIEAs recently reported in the literature.

Yanhui Qin, Gexiang Zhang, Yuquan Li, Huishen Zhang

A WebGIS Architecture for Wetland Resource Based on ArcGIS Server

To resolve the problems related to the conservation and utilization of wetland resource, such as chaotic management, poor data sharing, weak protection sense of the public, unreasonable exploitation, and the difficulty of information dissemination, this paper represents a WebGIS architecture for wetland resource based on ArcGIS Server. The paper resolve above problems through improving the method of data storage, strengthening function integration, and using advanced developing technology (such as ArcGIS Server).The design and implementation of the new system adopted the Browser / Server architecture, dot NET framework, and ArcGIS Server component. The system has been implemented with functions of map distributing, query and display, spatial statistics and analysis, scientific education, remote management, and wetland resource sharing. It has good compatibility, convenient data maintenance, high efficiency, and code security, etc. The system scalability and database stability have been improved through managing attribute and spatial data separately. Practical application shows that the system can meet the requirement of wetland resource management and achieves expected goals. The research results will promote the development process of wetland resource management information, and give a prototype of WEBGIS for wetland resource.

Weili Kou, Shu Gan, Cairong Yue, Hua Yuan, Ning Lu

Business Teaching and Education

Study on the Network Teaching Pattern of College Physical Education in the Information Age

With the coming of the information age, the teaching patterns of college physical education have had changes as well. Among them, the network teaching pattern has provided an important development and extension direction for the reformation and development of the college physical education. It not only enables the students to have much more full time to learn the physical education knowledge, but also allows the communication between the teachers and the students to keep away from the obstacles of distance. In this case, without any doubt, the network teaching pattern of physical education will have profound influences on the reformation and development of the college physical education. The author talks about his opinions on the relevant problems.

Bing Wang

Research of Open Higher Learning Schools Based on Modern Education Technology

In the modern times, the rapid development of the education technology has the ability to make the education information communication realize a breakthrough in space. The modern education technology can make all kinds of the educational information storage and retrieve by the mean of saving and playing the information, for the ultimate purpose of promoting the students to have no limitations in both time and space. The education technology in the modern times has fulfilled the needs of opening up the higher learning schools to the outside world and making all of the students have learning at any time and place. For this reason, it is highly necessary for the construction of the open higher learning schools in China to tightly keep pace with the education technology, and make an enhancement to the construction of the network hardware conditions in the modern times. In the mean time, it is also necessary to build up a modern educational concept, create abundant network education resources with high qualities. As a result, the mission of constructing a learning-oriented society in which all of the people love to learn in their whole life can be accomplished by the open higher learning schools.

Peifu Li

Features of Sports Information Spreading on the Internet

As the development of information industry becomes swifter and swifter day by day in China. Social people used to get to know the sports information on TV programs or newspapers. But this situation has changed greatly today. We can see more and more people watching matches on the Internet, they get the information about the matches or sports stars they like to see. According to our further investigations, the proportion of sports information is larger and larger in the inquiry and browsing on the Internet. As a matter of fact, the dissemination of sports information has already become an important part on the internet. It occupies more and more space in the inquiry and browsing of a website. With some researches and analysis on this topic, the author of this text is going to investigate comprehensively about the features of sports information spreading on the Internet. Then I’ll analyze these features one by one.

Bing Wang

Research on the Form of Art Education Aesthetic Values

Students have a significant part of psychological state, the aesthetic realm, will degree, life attitude and they have professional knowledge level don’t match, bound and restricts their development to high-level. Cause the cause of the problem is is various, also strongly reflects the student’s aesthetic education serious lack. The all-round development of students in higher education is the education target, and aesthetic education was the comprehensive development of students important component. Judging from the current real education, aesthetic education is still a weak links. Therefore I education in art aesthetic values do a rough analysis.

Yijuan Peng

Study on Business English Teaching Based on ESP

This paper first makes an analysis of ESP characteristics and teaching methods. After that, it presents a research on the application of meta-cognitive strategies into the teaching practice of business English and the implementation of a new model of business English teaching. This model centers on students and develops their meta-cognitive strategies. I reshape the relationship between teachers and students teaching sequence and teachers’ role. Through the relevan experiment, this paper presents a new model of business English teaching, which has been proved to be a success.

Lei Cai

Analysis on Several Key Problems in Current Higher Education Management

The management of teaching in higher education of high school must adapt to the characteristics of the development. With the rapid development of higher education into the popularization of higher education, education stage is going through the stages of the positioning, classification, integration and reorganization. Several key problems in current higher education management such as education resources shortage in teaching management principle, management means and management system and teaching management information system, are already cannot adapt to the new situation of the situation. Based on the higher education management, strengthen the reform of higher education resources, increase investment in education innovation of the management concept and management of higher education model, establish and improve the teaching quality monitoring system of regulations system, realize the teaching management information, so as to promote our country’s higher education career development.

Xie Xiaozhen

Research on the Risk of Large Scale Gymnasiums BOT Financing and Risk Management

With the growing demand of Large Scale Gymnasiums and the tight budget on the government, BOT is one of the best alternatives to solve this problem. However, in order to create a successful BOT project, it is necessary to avoid controllable capital structure risk, completion risk and revenue risk, etc. First, the concept of BOT risk and risk management is introduced. The paper aims to study the BOT model in the investment and financing system of the large scale gymnasiums in china and understand the present situation of BOT financing by analyzing the significance and features of risks. The specific categories of risks are classified into uncontrollable and controllable risks theoretically. Some strategies are proposed to deal with different categories of risks.

Li Hongchang, Li Hongyu

A Study on Contractual Governance of Family Business: Theory Model and Governance Evolution

This paper studies corporate governance of family business from the perspective of contractual governance. Firstly, this paper builds a theoretical model for contractual governance of family business, which based on inside contract, outside contract and the macro-environment of contractual governance. And then, taking the implicit contract and explicit contract as clues, it studies the dynamic changes of contractual governance during the growth family business. Research shows the 0bvious tendency of implicit contract governance, and emphasises on family governance.

Zhiqiang Zhou, Yinhua Tian, Kexi Wang

Construct Dimension of Psychological Contract and Its Dynamic Analysis: A Study among College Staffs

Psychological contract is considered as a effective measure to discuss their mutual responsibilities and duties. At present, there are only few researches set college staffs as independent subject and research content. With regard to research method, conventional questionnaire is not enough to describe the dynamic process and concept of psychological contract. This essay establishes college professor as separated research subject of psychological contract, tries to define the concept of college professor’s psychological contract and its construct dimension through depth interview and open-ended questions. Bases on that, a research questionnaire of psychological contract of college professor is made. The reliability and validity have been proved, and all meets the requirement. The aim of present research is analyzing the construct dimension of college professor’s psychological contract, its dynamic regularity for change and its concept.

Ying Ding

Study on the Application of Multimedia Technology in English Teaching

Multimedia technology used in English teaching can provide the learners with rich learning resource, make the learners more interested in English learning, improve communication between the teacher and the learners, and meet individual need for teaching. Nevertheless, some problems can’t be neglected. Multimedia technology will result in overload of teaching content in class, distraction of learners’ attention, and neglect of blackboard. Therefore, we should try to avoid disadvantages and take advantages of multimedia technology in English teaching.

Wencheng Chi, Zhen Wang

Research on Softwares for Education of Industrial Design

Industrial design is a very important subject, which is a combination of applied art and applied science, whereby the aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of products may be improved for marketability and production. The discipline of industrial design can promote a country industrial development. The rapid development of industrial design requires many high level industrial designers. Therefore, how to train enough industrial designers is very important for a country. School education is critical for the training of industrial designer. This paper takes the characteristics of the industrial design and the actual needs of teaching into account, comparing several most common planes and three-dimensional CAD and some other software. It focuses on the characteristics of both of them in the functionality, ease of use and operation, rendering the performance capabilities. The purpose of this paper is to provide a proposal of selecting suitable softwares for education of industrial design, especially for students to learn how they work together to make a good industrial design scheme.

Li Sheng, Zhen Wang

Measurement Index and Method Research of Electronic Commerce Developmental Level

From the end of 20th century, electronic commerce rolls up like a mat in home and aboard with the unprecedented width, depth and development speed. The most cities have the flourish condition of electronic commerce. With the rapid development of electronic commerce and enterprise electronic commerce sense increase, the innovative electronic platform will have more strong competition and development view. The mature evaluation index of electronic commerce is the very important problem. With the produce technology development, electronic commerce is more and more bring into the produce processing. From the raw material purchase, logistics, customer relation management, products sales and other aspects, we can see the electronic commerce. The generalized electronic commerce is including the traditional business process. However, the implementary sample of electronic commerce is few. According to the experiences, the application of electronic commerce has 30% success rate. Therefore, bring the evaluation index of electronic commerce system is very necessary. Only after this, we can replace the sensibility understanding that use rationality number index to quantize electronic commerce system. This can effectively improve the application effectiveness of electronic commerce system.

Qiang Ma

Discussion the Relationship between Shareholders and Executives in Modern Company Management Mode

The core question of the corporate governance is the relationship between insider’s self-interest and agency costs, the structure of corporate governance should depend on the character and speciality of the company. A comprehensive consideration on the human interests and agency costs is necessary. Under the premise of protecting the interests of minority shareholders, we need to obtain the balance among these legal interests. Governance model of the Corporate law should be designed to guide enterprises to unleash their own internal power. The most appropriate model of governance need to be concordant with the capital structure, corporate governance philosophy and other cultural elements. Company Law should have less mandatory provisions. The model designed in Company Law should not be a single one, but be a variety of options.

Tao Jiang

Research on the Applications of Information Technology in Sport Management

Sport management is a field of education and vocation concerning the business aspect of sport. Sport management involves many aspects, such as the important data of athletes, sport equipments, and the records of games, etc. Therefore, with the rapid development of sports industry, the traditional manual methods of management are not suitable for modern society. Information technology is a tool that used for the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of all kinds of digital information by combing computing and telecommunications technologies. In nowadays, information technology can improve the work and management efficiency significantly. This paper addresses the topic of utilizing information technology for improving the efficiency of sport management and, it also attempts to provide an overview of that how the information technology is changing the nature of management practices in sport in modern society.

Chuang Li, Zhen Wang

The Value Development Analysis of Commercialization Operation in Sports Competition

This selected works is done analysis with the business value development that the SWOT model contests to Chinese athletics. Express as a result that the athletics of the our country contest industry has the certain business value potential, but is limited by oneself industry and manages isn’t good enough to want to control its development space with the disregard of social milieu.This text now puts forward some rationalization suggestions and hopes to push the direction development that Chinese electronics contests this athletics sport facing health.

Qiangguo Lv

To Build Up the College English Teaching with the Guidance of Professional Ability

Professional ability training is mainly for future employment, enabling students to gain applicable ability. This is important for college students. English ability training is to let students to grasp listening, speaking, reading and writing. This article makes an analysis and puts forth some suggestions.

Jin Li-Li

Negative Effect Research and Improvement on Physics Development by Commercialization

Making use of the cultural heritage data method, logic analysis method, the synopsis introduces an athletics commercial and main manifestation, analytical commercial to contest a body Negative effect of teaching, and put forward the improvement measure of cancellation negative effect, make the commercial operation ability of athletics betterly for athletics oneself and society through Help construction service. Arousing people to examine athletics completely is commercial, thus Yang its benefit, go to its fraud, push the healthy development of Chinese athletics.

Yanjie Li

International Business and Marketing

A Comparative Study of the Collocations of Get in Two Novels

Adopting the corpus-based approach, the present study analyzes the collocational behavior of the frequently used word ‘get’ in two novels. A comparison is drawn between its use in the two novels and between these uses and the items from the modern dictionary. The statistics on the objective data reveal slight discrepancies in the use of get by the two writers. The major finding is that sense 2 takes high percentage of the sense distribution in both novels. And Pattern A of sense 2 takes a superior percentage in the sense distribution. This paper aims to highlight the important role of the corpus-based collocational research in English vocabulary teaching.

Weiwei Du

Research on Internationalization Influence on Dynamic Capabilities of Firm

The firm’s ability to continuously generate innovations is one of its most critical capabilities in today’s business environment, While technological activity is becoming increasingly internationally dispersed, it is necessary to explore how these internationl activities influence firm’s dynamic capabilities to innovate. Based on previous studies,we separately explained how internationalization affect the five types of different and correlated dynamic capabilities.

Benlu Hai

Economic Analysis on Executive Pay Control

Interest conflict is present between shareholder and executive, the multi-task agency model analysis indicates that the executive compensation decision mechanism exists inner impulse of over-incention, executive compensation control is not only reasonable but also necessary, government might control executive compensation by strengthening the right of shareholder decision in executive compensation, disclosing executive compensation information in detail, and setting up the institution of derivative action.

Xin-gui Zhu, Le-ping Shen

The Application of People-Oriented Management Philosophy in Hotel Management

We must put the "people" as a whole, the "ecological person". The concept of "social person" and "nature" just reflect human in the nature in the leading role. Land under the principle of ethics, human beings must for all the species of the nature of the resources, and with fear, then the "people" as the whole mankind only one person, the compliance with natural symbiosis and sustainable development. Analyzed the specific conflict and the connection between the "land ethic" (management ethics) and "people-oriented" management philosophy), put forward the new understanding of "people-oriented", and points out the need to improve the understanding of human nature, from the "social people" to "natural" to "ecological", hope to further improve the "human-oriented" management concept.

Shanhua Lu

The Study on State-Owned Enterprise Management Platform Analytic Method in China

The general research, this paper reveals the enterprise competitive success or failure reason enterprise business activities, to explore some of the rules of the process, through the competition the survival of the fittest, guide for sustainable development of the enterprise for a long time. This paper analyzes how to cultivate and develop the competitiveness of the state-owned enterprises from the Angle of management platform. The purpose of this study is to look forward to find some useful characteristics of the regularity of the development of the enterprise to practice.

Jie Xiang

The Innovation on Enterprise Risk Management for Sustainable Development

Survival and sustainable development capability (SSDC) enterprise can make the enterprise can adapt to the change of environment in their formation and development process. As one of the important contents of enterprise management, enterprise risk management from the enterprise and the needs of the development of economy and society. Enterprise risk management help enterprises to reduce or eliminate all forms of risk, and to enterprises to obtain the expected profits. Based on the analysis of the necessity of strengthening enterprise technology innovation risk management, the paper analyzes the technology innovation risk. It includes technology innovation risk factors of the characteristics and discusses the technology innovation risk.

Jie Xiang

Study on Product Design Cost Control Based on Case-Based Reasoning

We research organization, match, update, and application examples of library and the modular design of the example of an environmental cost modular collaborative product design based on the library of modular design, the comprehensive utilization of RDR and CBR technique. The implementation process instance update can read the attribute value design parameters design module instance library, the optimization module direct costs, choosing the right cost modular design goal, conform to the present met the new situation and rewrite of the modular cost data to be automatic. A cost control decision-making system from design module instance library and cost modular design data.

Jiang Guo-fa

Efficient Training Scheme to Improve the Ability of Draw and Read Graphics

In accordance with some problems which universally exist in the drawing learning process of the students in engineering programs of higher learning schools, the author accumulates a great number of the methods and improvement measures to cope with these problems on the basis of many years of the personal drawing teaching experience. For example, the methods of improving the teaching atmosphere, increasing the interests of the students in learning, enhancing the teaching methods and means, amending the teaching programs, and highlighting the demonstration and explanation of the contents of the professional drawing can be used to achieve the purpose of making the ability of the students to draw and read graphics improved.

Guan Xiaoqin, Guan Xiaotao

Research on Efficient Rescue Scheme

From the macro and micro perspectives, this paper respectively expounds the design principles and design countermeasures of the rescue design. It also discusses how to convert the design into real product. The aim is to rethink the significance of design to life and the relation between them from a designer’s viewpoint when confronting so many disasters and tragedies.

Li Ran

Research on College Student Group Travel Behaviour

College students is one of important part in tourism market, it has a great potential. The knowledge structure, value orientation and psychological character in college students make the university student tourism market different from the traditional mass tourism market. This paper absorbs and learns the theory and method in tourism consumer behaviour, uses literature review, questionnaire survey and random interview, making student in Weinan city as research object, through qualitative and quantitative analysis in college tourists demand and consumption, summarizing their tourism consumption, travel ways, travel time and travel preference behaviour and so on.

Yan Chun-yan, Shi Xiao-ping

Study on Financial Market Investment Portfolio Selection Based on Genuine Correlation Matrix

The empirical correlation matrix (ECM) is considered to be Markowitz theory foundation, because it measures the statistical overlap between changes in the price of wandering assets. But use of the random matrix theory (RMT) have carried on the analysis and calculation of the double price-changing ECM profits between the company stock based on time series data from Shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange A shares, found that two ECM are noise-dominated. Therefore, this paper put forward a new and real correlation matrix (GCM) processing of the ECM RMT based on noise. Finally, this paper made a decision of the optimal investment on the ground of three different measuring methods of original time series combination relations return the same series, or processing, and then compared their prediction and risk. The evidence shows that the optimal financial portfolio on the ground than the traditional GCM on the ground and new Ken


electrolysis. That is, portfolio selection method, this paper proposes a new, good effect.

Yao Yuan

Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy Dimension Structure

The purpose of this study is to explore the structure of entrepreneurial self-efficacy. Based on the relevant literature review and corresponding interview study, a questionnaire on entrepreneurial intention was designed. Total 350 subjects were surveyed using EFA, CFA and structural equations modeling methods to analysis the data. The result showed that entrepreneurial self-efficacy consisted of innovation,Risk-taking,chance, interpersonal relationships and organization.

Li Yu

The Development of Automotive Interior Sales Website

Since automotive interior facility becomes crucial for the safety of passengers, especially for children and infants, it is necessary to study methodologies for improving efficiency and flexibility of this area. This article aims to research background of today’s automotive interior market and analyze the present situation of the construction for a better sales site. The interior items sold in this website tend to represent a style of flexible decorates which interests females only. First, this paper goes through the entire web feasibility analysis to determine what data will be needed, then analyzes what modules an automotive interior sales site need and the connection among the modules, then put forward some web advertises and promotion methods, and finally summing up and put forward some future prospects for the site.

Wenrong Jiang, Jian Chen, Wei Tao

Designing and Implementation of Audio Product Sales Website

In this article, a major research is done in audio products invoices information management platform development of the association rules based on data. Audio products start rapidly for some time. The article mainly introduces the process of audio products invoices information management platform. This site uses a modular design method, according to the requirements of users and the ease of application and maintenance to use program, it placed in various parts of the system among different modules.

Ningli Wang, Tao Tao

Comparison and Study of Contemporary China Urban Rural Endowment

Since the initial founding, China implemented urban and rural double-track system endowment, these two endowment system with different features are quite different on the aspect either endowment main body, standard or means and methods of endowment relationship regulating, culture values supporting endowment. Implementation of double-track endowment system in urban and rural is the embodiment of the urban-rural "dual structure" , at same time strengthen the urban-rural dual structure; Building a comprehensive well-off, a socialist harmonious society, we must implement combination of urban and rural endowment, and gradually achieve the integration of urban and rural endowment.

Jianhua Zhong, Jilun He, Jianfeng Pan

Collaborative and Competitive Behaviors among Multiple Contractors in IS Outsourcing

In this paper, we employ evolutionary game theory to analyze outsourcing vendors’ collaborative and competitive behavior. A game model among these contractors is given together with the payoff matrixes, and replicator dynamic equations and evolutionary stable strategies are discussed. We also introduce supervision and penalty mechanism into the game model and the analysis show that appropriate mechanism can make collaborative behaviors of concerned contractors an evolutionary stable strategy.

Guoyin Jiang, Youtian Wang, Jinjing Ni

Fuzzy Integrated Evaluation on the Product Quality of Travel Agency

Fuzzy integrated evaluation and controlling on the product quality of travel agency is one of the important contents of tourism evaluating system. First, the paper distinguishes the definitions between the tour product and the travel agency product. Then, it builds up fuzzy integrated evaluative model, evaluates the technical quality and functional quality of travel agency product on double dimensional views in the end.

Xu Lijun

Research on Contract Governance Grid Theory and Governance Mode of Family Business

Contract can be divided into explicit contract and implicit one. According to it, we can come to the conclusion of contract governance grid theory of family business and nine kinds of contract governance mode. We analyze the characteristic and merit and demerit of five common kinds of mode. Family business can take corresponding managment mode in line with their different stages of development, but in the long term family business in our country take the mode of intensive explicit and implicit contract governance at the same time ,so-called the "double strong mode ".

Tian Yinhua, Zhou Zhiqiang, Deng Qizhong

Study on Credit Evaluation System of Real Estate Enterprises

Base on the analysis of reasons for lack of credit in real estate enterprises, according to the characteristics of China’s construction markets, this paper provides a credit evaluation system which is suitable for real estate enterprises. This credit evaluation system include credit database of real estate enterprises, credit evaluation indicator system of real estate enterprises, credit evaluation model of real estate enterprises and real estate enterprises credit information platform. This system will promote the development of credit management in China’s real estate enterprises.

Shen Lei

Gray Comprehensive Evaluation on Domestic and Overseas Airlines Operation Performance

With the rapid development of economic globalization and the increasing opening-up of the traffic right in the world, the competition becomes more and more intense in the world civil aviation transportation market. So the domestic airlines should improve their operation performance in order to enhance their own international competitiveness. This paper adopts the method combining AHP and gray comprehensive evaluation to evaluate the operation performance of four largest domestic airlines and ten airlines that are famous around the world. Through the evaluation, it can be concluded that, compared with the excellent foreign airlines, the operation performance of the four largest domestic airlines is comparatively lagged behind. Among all the evaluated items, the repayment capability of the four largest domestic airlines is the worst which shall draw great attention of the enterprise leadership and other stakeholders. And meanwhile, effective measures shall be taken to improve the company’s operation status.

XiaoJin Li, Qian Si, Jian Deng

Research on Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Domestic and Foreign Airlines Based on Matter-Element Model

With the rapid development of world economic globalization, the worldwide market of civil aviation transportation industry is increasingly competitive. To survive and develop in this increasingly competitive market, airlines must enhance their competitiveness. To this end, the writer build a competitiveness index system for airlines, utilize the thought way of Extenics and AHP, apply matter-element model into the competitiveness of airlines and conduct evaluation and analysis on the competitiveness level of sixteen domestic and foreign airlines which are relatively good. Through the evaluation analysis, this paper shows that the competitiveness level of China’s four major airlines is in a middle place compared with the competitive level of United States, Europe and other developed countries and needs to be further enhanced through improving management and other measures.

XiaoJin Li, Qian Si, Jian Deng

Discuss on the Opening of the Government Procurement Market and Countermeasure

Though China has not signed the government procurement agreement at the same time while signing the agreement of accession to the WTO,but this agreement reflect WTO to be market open and to compete fair for principle,open government procurement market of our country is inexorable. It will have a significant impact to China’s economic and social development that if China takes part in GPA and opens government procurement market. For this reason,China should improve the government procurement regulations and rules, take gradually open strategy, progressive gradually and moderate open government procurement market.

Liu Yong-ping

The Research to the Correlation between Economic Growth and Civil Aviation Development with Application in China

Air transport is an important prerequisite for social development, we must figure out the air transport and economic development relationship. Using co-integration analysis and Granger causality test, based on the data of 1985-2009, discusses the relationship between China’s civil aviation development and economic growth. The results show that China’s civil aviation transport development and economic growth have a stability positive relationship in the long term.

XiaoJin Li, XueXin Hu

Study on Foreign Direct Investment for Economic Growth of Jilin Province

In order to study the factors that affect the province’s economic growth, this paper introduced the foreign direct investment (FDI), use of econometrics as an analytical tool to study foreign direct investment on the relationship between economic growths of Jilin Province., Analysis the characteristics of foreign direct investment in Jilin province, This paper selects the relevant data of Jilin Province to carry out case study, the results showed that the province’s economic growth is still mainly based on the extensive labor input of economic growth, foreign direct investment to overall economic growth in Jilin Province is a small contribution.

Jing Xu

Analysis of Multinational Courier Company’s Expansion in China Market — Base on Multi-player Oligopoly Model

Chinese state-owned and private express delivery companies are facing a strong impact from cross-border express delivery companies since the full liberalization of China’s express delivery market from December 2005, therefore, the market share continued to decline. It can be expected, competition will be more and more fierce in China’s express industry. This paper attempts to employ multi-player oligopoly model, reasons of the express industry’s intense competition will be analyzed from an economic point of view, finally, suggestions will be given to courier companies to improve their competitive advantages.

Yanfeng Li, Jie Cao, Dandan Xiong, Xiangjin Xu, Yuanyuan Cai, Ming Li

The Rational Thinking of Commercial Operation on China’s Major Sports Events

In recent years, China’s sports industry has been rapid development of sports activities of all sectors of society attach great importance to the broad masses to actively participate, and enthusiasm, which also had a social life is very important impact. Because some sports welcomed by the masses, to watch the games live audience and TV viewers are obviously a large number, so many businesses competing to become the object of the game become the focus of large-scale investment objectives, its commercial value is very important. Therefore, the full utilization and development of major sports events the value of commercial operation, to find the strategy to maximize the commercial value, we must focus on the problem. This paper describes the operation of major sports events business necessity, analysis of the current commercial operation of major sports events in the problems, and proposed to carry out large-scale sporting events rational commercial operation of the main response.

Zhigang Zheng

On Environmental Publicity and Ecological Civilization

Environmental articles which both properties, and publicity, is both main body is also an object. Subjectivity performance for items itself properties, the object of the performance for the public. Both for social development produce clearance, ecological civilization can ablation of environmental articles subject and object, the clearance between the sex, also can make the object of environmental articles sex and public property into full play, so as to realize the harmonious development of society and the environment.

Haiying Sun

Analysis of Hydrocarbon Accumulation Dynamics and the Related Research Progress

The oil gas is the modern economic and social development important energy, as a kind of can flow deposits, in oil gas accumulation process will be various dynamics factors influence and control, to decide its distribution rule and existence, the shape of the nature reserves, etc. At present, the domestic in the oil gas accumulation dynamics analysis and accumulation mechanism research has made some achievements, to our country of the energy industry further development is also an important role in promoting and meaning. In this paper, only the related research progress on the analysis of the specific, for peer for reference.

Yanjun Li, Xuecheng Jia, Benjian Zhang

Strategic Analysis on Human Resource Nationalization in Foreign Company

Foreign Company have become the contemporary international economy and international trade, the most active and influential force in the implementation of the localization strategy is not only the multinational companies seeking to develop overseas markets, business strategy, is an important expansion of its global strategy.Localization of human resources which is the localization strategy in the most central part. In this paper, Ou Ning’s case, through the localization of its human resources in China, strategic analysis, summarized the successful implementation of the localization of human resources experience in human resources for the strategic foreign enterprises in China to provide a reference.

Jing Sun

A GIS-Based Assessment of Spatial Accessibility to County Hospitals: A Case Study of Dancheng County, China

The aim of this study was to investigate Chinese rural people’s accessibility to healthcare. GIS techniques and the gravity-based model were combined to calculate the measure of accessibility to county hospitals in Dancheng County. The result demonstrates that when travel friction coefficient is 1.0, the highest accessibility is found in the county seat and declines outward to other settlements. The residents in the east and southeast part of the county have worse accessibility to county hospitals. To improve rural people’s accessibility to health services, the paper suggests that the local government should build a county-level hospital in the east part of the county and increase road class to reduce travel time. The suggestions can be applied to other counties in rural China. Finally, bus routes and timetables should be considered in a future study of measuring rural people’s access to services in the county seat.

Keshuai Xu, Weiguo Cui

The Empirical Measurement of Enterprise Inefficient Investment – Richardson-Based Investment Expectation Model

This paper analyzed the reasons of enterprise inefficient investment based on the information asymmetry and agency point of view. This paper empirically measured the extent of enterprises inefficient investment with Richardson (2006) empirical investment expectation model. The result showed that, whether the capital investment measured by the cash flow statement project or the balance sheet project, there are some problems of certain degree inefficient investment in sample enterprise obviously, in which over investment degree of over investment sample is more serious than the degree of insufficient investment sample. The result provided empirical base for future related research.

Rong Hu, Jingsong Tian, Xiaoqin Wu

Curriculum System for Postgraduates Focused on Emerging Communication Technologies

The curriculum system is a core of framework systems of talent cultivation for postgraduates. Therefore, exploring and establishing a high-level postgraduate curriculum system is a very important aspect of promoting the process of higher education reform and also an important measure to improve the quality of postgraduate cultivation. The paper presented here works upon the curriculum system for postgraduates majoring in communication specialty, particularly focuses on emerging communication technologies. Inadequacies of the existing curriculum system are firstly analyzed for the purpose of improving comprehensive qualities of postgraduates, and then relevant measures are proposed for improvement, by introducing some emerging communication technologies like Bluetooth, ZigBee, and some other wireless networks. The curriculum system is turned out to work empirically on the postgraduate program in Jilin University.

Zhihong Qian, Jin Huang, Xiaohang Shang, Dayang Sun

Economics and Finance

Research on and Practice of the Cultivation of Applied Talents of Mathematics Specialty in Newly-Upgraded Colleges

Applied talents, cultivated by mathematics and applied mathematics specialty of the undergraduate universities which are newly upgraded from teachers’ colleges, are roughly divided into three types: The first type is the qualified primary and middle school mathematics teacher, the second is the applied talent who can use mathematical knowledge to solve the practical problems in production, science and technology, and management branches; and the third is applied research talents who can further study for a MS. The applied talents cultivated in these universities should be those with the abilities of analyzing problems, acquiring knowledge, and applying knowledge to practice and writing, who possess creative spirit and can use what they have learned to solve practical problems. This paper discusses about how to cultivate applied talents of mathematics and applied mathematics specialty in newly-upgraded undergraduate universities from such perspectives as strengthening practice and mathematics modeling teaching, carrying on module teaching for optional courses, and compiling the textbooks that are adjusted to applied talents.

Wu-Sheng Wang, Hongbo Ruan

Research on the Reconstruction of Customer Traveling and Purchasing Path Based on TFTA Algorithm

In electronic commerce environment, analysis on the traversal paths of network customers is extremely important. Scholars have undertaken extensive researches on this problem, but most are on order traversal path. This paper points out the inadequacies of order traversal path model, research on the reconstruction of the previous model, then gives the improved method that adds trace-back path to order traversal path. By the TFTA algorithm, finding out the key back tracing point in the path and grasping the time interval to analyze quantitatively, we present the new key customer traveling and purchasing path. Based on this, the websites interested in by the networks customers are known exactly, which will help the network companies further analyze the customers’ information and draw up the correct strategies of website design and Internet marketing.

Guo Mei-wen, Zhang Yuan-ping

Study on the Judicial Guarantees Provided by the Courts in the Construction of the Resource Conservation-Oriented Society Construction of China

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Chinese government formulated a highly important strategy, which is targeted at constructing the resource conservation-oriented society. As is known to all, the free discretion is one of the foundations which are utilized by the people’s courts of China to provide the judicial guarantees for the resource conservation-oriented society at the present time. In China, when the people’s courts are processing the specific cases and are going to make a judgment under the certainly applicable laws, rights and obligations, it is very necessary for Chinese people’s courts to make use of the free discretion to provide helps for the resource conservation-oriented society. More specifically speaking, it is highly necessary for the supreme people’s court in China to take advantage of the ways such as formulating the judicial interpretations and issuing the instructive cases and provide a series of related specific regulations at the same time, for the ultimate purpose of providing the judicial guarantees for the construction of the resource conservation-oriented society.

HaiJian Su

Several Problems in the Course of Urbanization in China and Planning Responses

China’s socio-economic ideology is currently transforming from the "accelerating development" to "Scientific development", that is to say, to ensure the social and economic development while attaining the harmonious development of human and nature, society and environment. However, many serious problems such as waste and exhaustion of resources, decaling living quality and environmental capacity, imbalance between urban and rural development are hindering the transformation. As one of the most employed means, urban planning also needs to switch its focuses, from the city to urban-rural region, from solving problem to preventing problem, from extensive growth to intensive growth, and from technical planning to communicative planning.

Jian Zhang

A Study on Kansei Elements in the Innovative Design of Grey Hair Products

Currently the world is confronted with the challenge of population aging, under the situation of our national products’ uneven supply and need, how could designers accurately target the market of the aging group and creatively design the "Grey Hair" products. The paper is aimed to study the special Kansei elements of certain customers within certain times by applying the ratiocination qualitatively and quantifiably, and eventually set up "A collection of Adjectives of Kansei Elements in the Innovative Design of Grey Hair Products".

Chong Wang

The Establishment of Agriculture Information System Based on GIS and GPS

In this paper, we put forward a kind of set up precision agriculture information service system. The key to the system, based on geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system is built on concatenating data sets. The geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system integration technology is a technical and social development is. A word, precision agriculture information system, based on GIS and GPS research shows that this paper is just a simple example to show brings the advantage, geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system integration technology. Therefore, we have more work to do, to realize the actual precision agriculture information system based on GIS and GPS.

Bin Lan

The Study on Logistics Industry Influence on Regional Economic Structure Optimization

At present, the domestic logistics development is still at the stage of development. Separate social logistics resources result in higher logistics cost. Program and the construction of bonded logistics park airport can provide basic services, realize large-scale integrated logistics business, the integration of logistics resource independent as far as possible, to provide high quality service for the domestic and foreign companies in the supply chain and reshape reengineering their competitive advantage. This paper analyzes the relationship between integrated the bonded logistic park and the airport hub airport.

Jiang Shen, Ting Zhang

The Study on Enterprise Culture in Human Resources Management

The background of economic globalization, knowledge economy era, the focus of competition between enterprises is the competition between human resources; it is modern enterprise the most precious resource. Enterprise culture, as a new form of management theory, the requirement of human resources management pay more attention to the management of human nature and the staff’s personal development, full aroused people’s enthusiasm, initiative and creativity. And development, develop human resources, requests the enterprise culture really focus on "" humanism". Therefore, it is the unity of the human resource management and the enterprise culture construction. How to establish enterprise culture, which in the key of human resource management, human beings are building enterprise culture? The paper used formulated in the process of enterprise culture construction in human resources management, improve the content of the construction enterprise culture in human resources management as specific measures to deal with the problem, is the most important management theory research to improve the level and improve enterprise in China.

Tao Wu

Development and Promote of Textile Enterprise ERP System of Yard Management

n order to achieve goals of the modern market much better, we have combined modern enterprise management of ERP system with our development of i6 ERP system for textile industry. In this system, we added other functions such as code list management module. This paper describes follow-up design process and management interface of code list management module. This system has realized sound effects in domestic textile industry and has broad application prospects.

Xiaoqin He, Yinan Lu

Investigation and Analysis on Current Status of Community Residents Pre-hospital First-Aid Knowledge and Awareness in Jilin City

Objective To know the current status of community residents’ pre-hospital emergency knowledge and awareness, in order to offer feasible advice for residents to popularize first-aid knowledge and training. Method Randomly-selected 500 community residents in Jilin City were investigated about first-aid knowledge and awareness through questionnaire. Result There is a significant difference among people with different ages, education backgrounds and careers. Conclusion the community residents’ first-aid knowledge and awareness are urgent to improve and the popularization of first-aid knowledge and skill trainings should be conducted immediately.

Yanming Li, Shi Zhang, Jingwei Ma

Challenges of the Utopian Art on the Traditional Artistic Media

From the perspectives of the reality and the history, the rapid information of the information technology in the modern times has promoted the society of the human beings to proceed to the "Utopian Age". However, the rising of the cyber space which has integrated the wisdom, fast speed and miracle together with success is making a change to the inherent models of the aspects of the traditional economies and society. At the same time, such a rising brings about the digital revolution on the literatures and arts all over the world. The "Utopian Art", which features the carnivalization of the media, gives a very excellent innovation through the perfect combination of both art and technologies. More important, the "Utopian Art" possesses a kind of the art value which can make the traditional culture reappear, and therefore brings about the unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the future development direction of the existing artistic media.

Yanhua Xia

Study on Providing Judicial Protection by Procuratorate for Building a Resource Effective Society

At the beginning of this century, China made a very important decision to build a society that was resource effective. However, it was not easy to build a society oriented in saving resource without the help of law. Therefore, the procuraotrate is of great importance during the process. At the stage of investing and bringing a criminal case to court, the procuraotrate can apply its right of discretion. And when there is a civil litigation, it can introduce a public welfare litigation in accordance with the supporting litigation, thereby providing judicial protection for the course of building a resource effective society. Nowadays, the most obvious obstacle that prevents the procuraotrate from providing judicial protection to promote the building of a resource effective society is the lack of special laws and regulations. Thus, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate is responsible for establishing judicial explanations related to this kind of activities and setting up the system of public welfare litigation in Procedure Law.

Haijian Su

Internal Auditing Systems and Method in China: Reform and Improvement

This paper focuses on the problems and current conditions of internal audit system and the counter measurement necessary for them. The purpose of internal audit is a special kind of economic control. Internal audit has 3 basic methods which are mainly to fulfill the purpose. Internal audit is an integrated part of the process of accountability; This paper put forward 3 important measurements for achieving the purpose of internal audit; independence, organizational status and objectivity.

Xiao-Mei Chen

A Business Ethics Model Based on Social Identity Theory and Its Application

Our research conducts quantitative study on the correlations between perceived business ethics and supply chain performance in the supplier-buyer relationships. According to the empirical results, we have a business ethics model, it describes the relationship between the supply chain performance with the business ethics and more aware of suppliers themselves and buyers. This model emphasis vague business ethics to both sides is an important premise, by increasing the supply chain performance improvement of business ethics. Both sides have to understand and further believe in each other, in order to create more efficient and sustainable supply chain relationship in the long run.

Lihua Zhang

Research on Furniture Industrial Clusters Competitiveness and Evaluation Based on Weights Combination Method

With regard to the question of evaluation method on furniture industrial clusters’ competitiveness, this article employs the variation coefficient method the analytic hierarchy process to determine the weight evaluation index, establish industrial clusters’ evaluation system from three aspects of the clusters’ economic competitiveness, the clusters’ aggregation competitiveness , clusters’ environmental competitiveness, and realize the comprehensive evaluation of the furniture industrial clusters’ competitiveness.

Jie Lu

The Commercial Operation and Success Factors of Harry Potter in Information Era

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling. It has become one of the cultural phenomena rapidly at the beginning of the 21st century. People usually contribute the success of Harry Potter to the mature commercial operations. However, the actual cultural phenomena cannot be controlled by anyone in the world. This paper has set forth in the novels and made deep explorations in the actual reasons for the success of Harry Potter. In the novels, it has filled with innocence, cooperation and optimism, which is highly consistent to the characters of soldiers. This has exactly verified that Harry Potter is an excellent work that explains the human nature, publicizes the lights of lives, and promotes justice and bears struggling spirit.

Wei Zhang, Nian-wen Bai, Ying-ying Lv

Study on New Accounting Standards for Listed Companies in China

We believe that, although the new accounting standards on accounting yields raise the conservative position in the accounting information quality requirements, new accounting standards more emphasis on truth and justice of the accounting information. The application of the fair values of the lower the conservative, so as to reduce the stability of the accounting after implementation of the new guidelines. This paper main shortcoming come conditions due to lack of conservative analysis using base-stock return model surplus, and may affect all the research conclusion inquiry. Second, there are many factors affecting income conservatism, such as corporate governance factors, and market economy conditions, from the point of view of the accounting control and research the new conservative income may be affected.

Haiyang Xie

Research of Influence on Social-Economic Development Based on Grey Control System

In this paper, we use the theory of grey control system thought and economic control defines 7 kinds of gray control operation, their calculations. We prove that these seven operators have good characteristics. We conclude they two basic operators: scale operators gray differential operator and k. d. according to topological research university relation model, the regional economic development and regional economic control Research University set up two basic operations. Give a kind of identification model structure and common form and corresponding economic multiplier correction formula.

Wu Chuan-gang, He Yu-ting

Research on Load Balance Scheme in Clothing Production Sewing Process

In the production of clothing, sewing process, is the main production link. This paper introduces the clothing line load balance theory and its important parameters, discusses the process of load balance method and steps, and the combination of a skirt suit process layout example, through reasonable arrangement of lines on the manpower and the number of devices, in order to improve the clothing production efficiency. Introduces the sewing process layout of apparel production line and the process load balance theory, discusses the clothing line load balance of the basic method, and combined with the actual production process layout of jeans are analyzed.

Jiang Qun-hui

Research on the Legal Risk of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Commodity Financing

Small and medium-sized enterprise plays an increasingly important role in the national economy, but financing difficulties serve as "bottleneck" which have been restricted the development of SME. In recent years the inventory commodity financing rising on the logistics industry can effectively solve the problems that the rating of the comprehensive credit is not high, the amount of credit is not enough and the real estate is less and so on. It can help the enterprises to revitalize the inventory, which makes “dead money" become “live money". The article analyzes the possible legal risks and the corresponding measures of commodity financing on the basis of discussing the concept, characteristics and the advantages of commodity financing.

Lei Shi, Yan Shi

Study on Internal Audit in Enterprise Risk Management

According to the Chinese enterprise internal control of the basic requirements, the listed companies in China to establish and operating risks trying to internal control system. From the influence of risk management framework to set up on the basis of the internal audit, and discusses the change of enterprise several ideas, from the traditional internal audit risk-oriented audit. Enterprise risk management (ERM) as a kind of risk-oriented audit the main business, internal auditors and not participate in the process of establishment and operation of risk management framework. Risk-oriented audit the core function relations should be guarantee risk management and board of directors effective risk management. Problems should be paid attention to risk-oriented audit is responsibility and independence.

Jiang Guo-fa

Research on Tourism Poverty Alleviation Model of Reservoir Region

The choice of tourism poverty alleviation model must adjust measure to the local situation. This paper is aim on the Three Gorge of Chongqing and provides the government guiding tourism poverty alleviation model based on the evaluation of local tourism resource and poverty level. The tourism poverty alleviation supportive models for each type of counties based on the four quadrant method are provided as well as the reference suggestion.

Huang Guoqing, Zhang Yang

Research on Relationship between the Knowledge-Based Workers’ Sense of Responsibility and Job Performance

By testing 203 knowledge-based workers in Xi’an area, the study focused on the relationship between sense of responsibility and job performance. It found that: sense of responsibility to organization, sense of responsibility to work and sense of responsibility to oneself were positively correlated with task performance; sense of responsibility to oneself and sense of responsibility to colleagues were positively correlated with contextual performance; sense of responsibility to organization and sense of responsibility to work were positively correlated with distal performance.

Ma Bing, Liu Donglai, Li Zhongmin

On the Optimization of Auditor Assignment

To ensure conformance to standards, quality audit is usually performed through review of objective evidence in many organizations. A suitable assignment of auditors to audit a quality system is crucial to success of an auditing process. In this paper, we present a new approach which uses a genetic algorithm (GA) as an analytical tool to assign auditors. The objective is to optimize the assignment satisfying the preferences of auditors the most. A real dataset is used to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. Results show that the proposed approach can optimally assign auditors and the manager responsible for assignment is satisfied with the result.

Rong-Chang Chen, Chien-Che Huang, Shu-Ping Suen

Effects of the Relocation of Industrial Enterprise on Traffic Demand and Land Use

Relocation of large industrial enterprise induces the changes of urban land use, which may change the trips of the commuting, business and leisure. This paper aims to analyze the behavior of commuting transportation and trip mode of commuting after the relocation to find the commuting trip distribution and path selection behavior. First, the data on the relocation of large industrial enterprise in Dalian is collected to understand the traffic flow of its commuting and business before and after the relocation. Then, the traffic demands around the former and current plant are analyzed, and the land use patterns around the locations of the new and old plants are also studied.

Li Ying

Real-Time Measuring the Churn Status of DHT

Peer participation in P2P systems is inherently dynamic and must be taken into account in both the design and evaluation of any large scale DHT network. P2P network needs to deal with the current churn to provide high availability and quality of service especially, for example, in the mobile environments. Previous study can not provide a method to obtain the churn status in real-time. Thus they can not propose a valuable reference to resolve current churn problems. In this paper, we transfer the information of Churn status into the lookup delay time by lookup delay model. Thus we can measure the churn status of the network by lookups of the network. A general method to get lookup information was provided. At last, we evaluate the factors which will affect the efficiency of the measurement by simulations.

Wei Li, Zheng-Quan Xu, Zhu Yang

Risk Management and Structured Notes

Structured notes have become a focus of controversy lately due to the much-publicized losses sustained by investors who were caught off guard by the reversal in the trend of interest rates. Since structured notes are relatively new and not as well known as other, more traditional, investment options in the past few years, it is important that people should be educated about this instrument. Structured notes offer issuers and investors a vehicle to isolate and redistribute specific risks. Pricing the derivative component of structured notes requires the same level of processing on the part of investors. This paper will introduce common structures of risk and explain the type of analysis in which investors should engage both prior to and subsequent to purchase. It is intended to (1) ascertain the nature and characteristics of structured notes, (2) to examine the risks inherent in structured notes, and (3) to recommend some risk-managing strategies when investing in structured notes. The complexity of the structured-notes market would pose a challenge to the risk- taking investors.

Zhengwei Ma

A Secure and Practical Fingerprinting Protocol for Industry Design Map

Digital fingerprinting is an emerging technology to protect the digital data from illegal redistribution by dishonest customer, where each distributed copy is labeled with unique identification information. Industry design map is one of the most important digital assets for both of the designer and company. However, industry design maps are usually used for unintended purposes by those dishonest customers. Piracy of industry design map becomes increasingly rampant in recent years, since the dishonest customer can easily duplicate, modify and redistribute the received copy. How to effectively protect the costly industry design map from unauthorized using has become increasingly critical, especially considering the ease of manipulating digital industry design map and the open Internet environment. This paper proposed a secure and practical fingerprinting protocol for protecting the copyrighted industry design map. In the proposed scheme, the designer can trace the traitors from a pirated copy by means of the embedded unique fingerprint information, while the customer is immune of being framed due to the asymmetric property.

Feng Chen, Chengyue Wang, Zhen Wang

Design and Realization of Case-Indexing Model in Agile Supply Chain

The Definition of Supply chain management (SCM) is introduced. The importance of case-retrieving method selection in the CBR system is analyzed, and the defaults of traditional case indexing methods are pointed out. A model of case- indexing based on fuzzy AHP is presented, and the basic principle and process of CBR and fuzzy AHP are introduced. With the development environment of CGI, the prototype system is developed, and the core source code and running interface are shown to confirm the effectivity and feasibility of this model.

Yin Jing, Liu Jialing, Cao Qiong, Fugui Chen

Thoughts on the Construction of Environmental Tax System in China

Environmental protection is about to levy taxes, environmental taxes will once again promote the public view. Environmental taxes as an important environmental component of economic policy, its importance can not be ignored. The introduction of environmental taxes and emission reduction targets seems to have become reversed with the hope of China’s environmental governance. In this paper, China’s environmental tax system built for the thinking.

Yang Ying-ying

To Promote the Development of Small and Middle-Sized Enterprises Tax Policy Thinking

This paper, in order to promote the development of small and middle-sized enterprises tax policy guidance, and analyzes the current small and medium-sized enterprises and the deficiency in the content of the tax policy, foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, and puts forward the preferential tax policies promoting China’s small and medium-sized enterprise development tax policy Suggestions.

Zhang Yu

A Study on the Social Insurance and Pension System in China: Theories and the Practice

This paper studies the construction of insurance and pension system from the perspective of mainstream theories and the practice of them in China. Firstly, this paper builds a theoretical model for the insurance system, which is based on the well-accepted theories, historic contribution and the status quo of them in China. It studies the innovation and the breakthrough of contractual governance during the historic development of them.

Wang Yuling

Brief Discussion on the Present Situation and the Countermeasures on the Construction of the Enterprise Tax Accounting in China

Along with the rapid development of social economy, the comprehensive national strength has been rising, in the enterprise daily in the development process, the construction of the enterprise tax accounting, not only for its normal tax offer a convenient, also for enterprise’s development in the future and market competition to the scene. However, in the actual work, because of the influence of various factors, so that in China enterprise tax accounting construction have been seriously affected. In this, the paper in view of China’s present situation of the construction of the enterprise tax accounting and related solutions, do the following discussion.

Liang Zhang

The Empirical Study of Relationship between Quantity of Cultivated Land and Economic Growth in the Central Plains Area

Cultivated land is not only important agricultural production, but also irreplaceable factor of production. This article uses 1978-2008 Henan Statistical Yearbook data, Granger causality tests, error correction model and other analysis methods to study the relationship between the change of quantity of cultivated land and the economic growth in the central plains area. The result shows that one-way causal relationship exists between them.

Ying-chao Li

Research on Rural Microfinance Serving “Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers”

China has about 0.9 billion farmers, and its economic development in countryside is a significant subject concerning the development of our society and economy. At present, the imbalance of rural finance has been the shackle of rural economic development. The article, based on the rural financial services, analyses the development of microfinance and the importance of serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers" from the relationship between microfinance and "agriculture, countryside and farmers", proposing specific countermeasures for microfinance serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers".

Chao Li

Empirical Study of the Impact of Stock Equity Structure Change on Cash Dividend Policies before and after the Share Reform

The study of the level of cash dividend before and after the share reform have shown that, in addition to individual state-owned holding companies, almost all of the companies’ cash dividend yield has significant difference after the share-trading reform. The study of influence factors of the level of cash dividend before and after the share reform have shown that there has been different extent collusion behaviors of shareholders in all central holding listed companies.

Jingsong Tian, Rong Hu, Xiaoqin Wu

Control Systems and Digital Convergence

A New Fuzzy Linear Regression Model for Least Square Estimate

In many research, we have data from fuzzy or language, such as "about 10 ’, and is more than 10 ’, heavy" moderate ", etc. In order to describe the relationship between variables, not run in the same process, tanoak [2] was established on the basis of fuzzy regression model based on the traditional some linear regression model. In addition, in the measurement process, error is random. Cause measurement errors caused by fuzzy random and fuzzy system of two kinds of uncertainty, coexist in a regression analysis. Therefore, Nather [3] and [4], red and Huang Wang as linear estimation theory development of regression model parameters of fuzzy random data. In this paper, we discussed the fuzzy least-square estimation of parameters of fuzzy linear regression model and the some asymptotic character. It is not hard to find, if we use data on crisp, instead of a fuzzy observation, we estimate of classic estimated to reduce.

Xiuli Nong

A Programmable Logic Controller Timer System Based on Parallel Operation

According to the work principle of small PLC, the timer operation instruction, this paper puts forward a parallel algorithm using the FPGA design a small PLC timing system, describes the design principle of the timer system, and the simulation of the system design vivificates timer and its function. The design and manufacture process of users in program execution module programmable logic controller (PLC) in RAM memory unit operation, not the timer, it with only a few execution time programmable logic controller (PLC) of user programs.

Jingkui Li

A New Open Architechture of Automotive Electronic Control System

Considering the shortcomings of close car E/E control system, through the analysis of the open system requirements and characteristics of the car E/E control system, an open system structure of the automotive electronic control system based on quantum framework established/E adopts advanced software technology of embedded system. The electronic control clutch design experiments show that the system can get open role use style of the building and system based on this architecture more than a closed system.

Ning Chen

Influences of Computer Technology on Teaching Art of Book Binding and Layout Design

Computer technology introduces new generation design tools as well as design thinking in book binding and layout design area in recent years. Furthermore, its influence on educational courses will bring significant evolution in this area. With emphasis on impacts of computer technology to ways of teaching and improving of creative thinking capability, this article discusses several aspects in which computer technology promotes the evolution of book binding and layout design courses. Dialectical analysis to drawbacks of computer aided design is also discussed, along with corresponding effective ways to resolved them.

Lili Zhu, Weibin Zhu

Secure Digital Content Management in Library

With the advancement of digital technologies and networks, all kinds of digital contents are stored in library and the registered users can use them in an easy way. However, piracy becomes increasingly rampant as customers can easily duplicate and redistribute the received digital content to a large audience. Therefore, how to insure the digital data of library are appropriately used has become increasingly critical, especially considering the ease of manipulating of digital data. In this paper, we discuss the problem of how to protect the copyrighted library digital data from piracy.

Genjia Xie, Zhongqiu Xu

A Copyright Protection Scheme for Multicast Context

Multicast enables efficient large-scale content distribution by providing an efficient transport mechanism for one-to-many and many-to-many communication. Insuring the copyrighted multimedia content distributed in multicast network is appropriately used has become increasingly critical, since any of the multiple receivers can redistribute the received multimedia content illegally. This paper proposes a copyright protection scheme by combining encryption and digital fingerprinting. Encryption is used to prevent the digital data from unauthorized accessing, and digital fingerprinting with some well known anti-collusion code is used to trace the customers who use their received digital content for unintended purposes. In our scheme, the content provider sends a single encrypted copy to a multicast group, and each member can buy a different decryption key from content provider. By designing a special encryption and decryption scheme, each member can get a differently marked copy after decryption. The difference between each other can be used to trace the traitors.

Youwu Xu


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