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Über dieses Buch

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information Computing and Applications, ICICA 2010, held in Qinhuangdao, China, in October 2011.

The 97 papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. They are organized in topical sections on computational economics and finance, computational statistics, mobile computing and applications, social networking and computing, intelligent computing and applications, internet and Web computing, paralelle and distributed computing, and system simulation and computing.



Computational Economics and Finance

Implementation of Visualization Analysis Software for Evaluating the Changes of Permafrost on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

To understand heat transfer process and climatic response process in the Qinghai-Tibet highway subgrade, lots of long-term ground temperature observation systems have been deployed to obtain the periodic temperature values. Contour maps were used to analysis these data for study permafrost changes. This paper is to fully utilize the powerful drawing software Surfer through the embedded programming of Visual Basic 6.0. A visualization and analysis software of permafrost change process has been quickly realized by this hybrid programming method. Compared with the original method, it saves time of developing application program to draw contour maps, but also ensure accuracy and efficiency. It also helps researchers to find characteristics and regular patterns of permafrost change process in Qinghai-Tibet highway easily.

Jiuyuan Huo, Yaonan Zhang

Statistical Analysis of Number of Applicants for Entrance Examination for MA Degree in China Based on Grey Prediction Model

As the number of college students and graduate students increasing, taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools has become more and more popular for college students’ choice. The increasing number of taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools has the vital significance to our economic construction and education development. By application of grey system theory and its methods, based on the change in the number of taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools in recent years in China, this article constructed grey model GM(1,1) and grey metabolic prediction model, compared two models, and took some relative optimum processing. At last, using grey metabolic prediction model to forecast the number of students who take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools in next five years, provided a reference for the relevant departments.

Gang Li, Xing Wang, Yala Tong

A Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Evaluating and Selecting Human Resource Management Information Systems Projects

This paper presents a case-based reasoning (CBR) approach for evaluating and selecting human resource management information systems (IS) projects in an organization. The concept on case-based distance is introduced for measuring the degree of similarity between each case in the case base and the new case. To avoid the inconsistency of the decision maker’s subjective assessment, an induction technique is applied to help assign the importance of the criteria in the similarity measure. A human resource management IS project evaluation and selection problem is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach.

Santoso Wibowo

Data Mining for Seasonal Influences in Broiler Breeding Based on Observational Study

For the modern poultry breeding companies, it is worthwhile to extract valuable knowledge from the massive historical data to help future production and management. However, data analysis and mining of poultry raising dataset is a challenge due to the complexity and uncertainty bring by the influence of environmental and physiological factors. In this paper, data mining based on observational study is proposed for the research of seasonal influences in broiler breeding. Systematic observational study with the statistical analysis and data mining technology is adopted including macro analysis, exploratory data analysis, and modeling and prediction. Case study using the broiler growth dataset of the most famous poultry raising company in China shows the effectiveness of our approach.

Peijie Huang, Piyuan Lin, Shangwei Yan, Meiyan Xiao

Application of Eco-service Value Theory to Environmental Impact Assessment of Land Use Planning

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the environmental impact of the implementation of General Plan for Land Use in Taiyuan (2006-2020). The research is carried out based on the eco-service value theory. Firstly, area change of each land use ecosystem before and after the implementation of the Plan is comparatively analyzed; and then on the basis of former researches, the unit eco-service value of each land use ecosystem is modified combining with the local situation of Taiyuan; finally, the total eco-service values both in 2005 and 2020 are calculated and sensitivity analysis is made to test the accuracy of the eco-service value coefficient and confirm the estimated results. The studies indicate that the eco-service value of Taiyuan will increase by 17.08%, mainly due to the significant area growth of garden plot and woodland, which have relatively high eco-service value. Thus it can be concluded that General Plan for Land Use in Taiyuan (2006-2020) is practicable, and it will contribute to the local sustainable development.

Ai-Qing Sun, Ke-Ning Wu, Duan-Hai Cao

Numerical Analysis of Western Hills Highway Tunnel Excavation and Support

This paper applied the finite element analysis software MIDAS/ GTS, taking use of ground structure method analysis stability in the process of tunnel excavation and support the western hills. The results showed that the different sections during the excavation the maximum principal stress within the rock focused on steel feet, it is timely lock pin bolt when steel erection, taking use of small catheters grouting and other methods reinforcement of the rock arch foot when necessary. From the perspective of lining deformation, the maximum deformation at the end of the foot and the location of the vault subsidence, so we should pay attention to the monitoring of settlement of vault, the gradual excavation of core soil, ensure the construction and structural safety, and should be based on engineering facilities in time to control the chamber deformation.

Deq-qing Gan, Hong-jian Lu, Xiao-na Lu, Zhong-jian Yang

Study on the Positioning of Forestry Insect Pest Based on DEM and Digital Monitoring Technique

Forests are extremely important natural resources of terrestrial ecosystem. However, forestry pests and diseases always cause prodigious loss. To protect forestry resources effectively and find diseases and pests as soon as possible, advanced digital PTZ (Pan/Tile/Zoom) and video camera were adopted. According to the azimuth angle and pitch angle returned from the digital PTZ in real time, with the classical Bresenham algorithm extended to three-dimensional space, a radial in this direction was obtained. And then, combining the geographic spatial information supplied by DEM (Digital Elevation Model), the forestry diseases and pests could be positioned through searching along this direction. This method can position the area of forestry disasters effectively and rapidly, which is beneficial to realize the sustainable development of forest resources.

Feifei Zhao, Yanyou Qiao

Assessment of Soil Erosion in Water Source Area of the Danjiangkou Reservoir Using USLE and GIS

The study is aimed at the evaluation of soil erosion in water source area of the Danjiangkou Reservoir in Henan province, China, using the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) and geographical information system (GIS). The R-factor (rainfall erosivity) was determined by interploation using meteorological data from five stations. The K-factor (soil erodibility) was obtained by using soil survey data. The LS-factors (slope length and steepness) were determined from the digital elevation model (DEM) of the study area, while the C-factor (crop and management) was determined from remote sensing imageries. The P-factor (conservation practice) was estimated from field experiments. The spatial distribution maps of the soil erosion were estimated in study area from 1991 to 2007. The results showed that soil erosion decreased from 44.8 t · hm

− 2


− 1

in 1991 to 16.9 t hm

− 2

· a

− 1

in 2007. The total soil loss fell by 9 350 000 t in 2000 and by 13 580 000 in 2007 compared to it in 1991. Soil nutrients loss decreased, such as organic matter loss decreased to 108 397 t· a

− 1

in 2007 from 226 918 t·a

− 1

in 1991, total nitrogen and total phosphorus decreased by 7236 t·a

− 1

and 5640 t·a

− 1

from 1991 to 2007.

Xuan Song, Liping Du, Changlin Kou, Yongli Ma

Influence of Robe River Limonite on the Sinter Quality

To study the influence of robe river limonite on the Sinter quality, do some sintering cup experiments which added different proportions of robe river limonite. Through the sintering cup experiments obtained the variation regular of Sinter performance. Results show that: When the addition of robe river limonite reached 10%, the drum strength and sintering velocity and low temperature reduction degradation and beginning soften temperature of agglomerate reached maximum. The appropriate proportion was identified as 10%.

Lili Wang, Haibin Ke, Hao Zhang, Hongyan Zhang, Jiangyan Zheng

The Design and Realization of Power System Load Forecasting Software

Based on CC-2000 system with good openness, portability and scalability, we explain the structure and overall design of the load forecasting software, discuss how to apply meteorological information to load forecasting software steps and used instructions of weather software in detail, and finally point out the limitations of meteorological correction and make relevant recommendations.

Yan Yan, Baoxiang Liu, Hongcan Yan, Rong Zhang

The System Framework of Jinan Digital Municipality

This paper elaborated the current situation of facility management and existent question of Jinan city urban municipal services, and surrounded “safety, service, supervision” three subjects of municipal services , proposed the construction object of “Digital Municipality” and discussed “Digital Municipality” design thought, system framework and design content based on hierarchical architecture.

Yong-li Zhou, Shu-jie Ma, Wen Tan

Computational Statistics

The Research of Weighted-Average Fusion Method in Inland Traffic Flow Detection

Inland waterway traffic flow statistical data is an important foundation for water transportation planning, construction, management, maintenance and safety monitoring. Proposing a multi-sensor data fusion algorithm based on the weighted average estimation method is used to deal with the vessel traffic flow data, and the optimal weight ratio is inducted. Data fusion method is on the basis of weighted average estimation theory, using distributing map of detection technology to test the consistency of data, checking the data to exclude abnormal ones and record missing data, fusing effective data to improve data accuracy. With MATLAB simulation, this example show that the weighed average estimate data fusion method is simple, with high reliability, can effectively improve the robustness of the system measurements, it can get accurate test results. For inland river ships traffic flow testing various sensing device for the collected data format is not the same, weighted average estimate data fusion method is suitable for the situation.

Zhong-zhen Yan, Xin-ping Yan, Lei Xie, Zheyue Wang

Distance-Related Invariants of Fasciagraphs and Rotagraphs

The Szeged index, edge Szeged index and



index of graphs are new topological indices presented very recently. In this paper, a definition approach to the computation of distance-related invariants of fasciagraphs and rotagraphs is presented. Using those formulas, the Szeged index, edge Szeged index and



index of several graphs are computed.

Fuqin Zhan, Youfu Qiao, Huiying Zhang

Application of the Maximum Real Roots of Matching Polynomial

To discuss the matching uniqueness of the simple undirected graph


. To find the necessary and sufficient conditions for the matching uniqueness of








). Use the maximum real roots, and the properties of matching polynomials to compute. For


 ≥ 5,




) and its complement are matching uniqueness if and only if


 ≠ 5,8 and 15.

Youfu Qiao, Fuqin Zhan

Applying Backtracking Heuristics for Constrained Two-Dimensional Guillotine Cutting Problems

The Backtracking Heuristic (BH) methodology consists in to construct blocks of items by combination beetween heristics, that solve mathematical programming models, and backtrack search algorithm to figure out the best heuristics and their best ordering. BH has been re- cently introduced in the literature in order to solve three-dimensional Knapsack Loadin Problems, showing promising results. In the present Work we apply the same methodology to solve constrained two-dimensional Guillotine cutting problems. In order to assess the potentials of this novel ersion also for cutting problems, we conducted computational experiments on a set of difficult and well known benchmark instances.

Luiz Jonatã, Piresde Araújo, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro

Improvement and Application of TF * IDF Algorithm

The traditional TF-IDF probability model is a relatively simple formula. For a few words which are commonly used and not stop words in a paper,it is lack of better differentiate and is not suitable for many specific cases, such as news advertising service module, about extraction of key words of the article, according to the deficiencies and the demand of news advertising service module, on the basis of the original algorithm, presents a new probability model——MTF-IDF, it greatly improves the accuracy of news information data retrieval.

Ji-Rui Li, Yan-Fang Mao, Kai Yang

Theory and Algorithm Based on the General Similar Relationship between the Approximate Reduction

On fundamental aspect of variable precision rough approximate reduction is an important mechanism for knowledge discovery. This paper mainly deals with attribute reductions of an inconsistent decision information system based on a dependence space. Through the concept of inclusion degree, a generalized decision distribution function is first constructed. A decision distribution relation is then defined. On the basis of this decision distribution relation, a dependence analogy relation representation of VPRS data space is proposed, and an equivalence congruence based on the attribute sets is also obtained. Applying the congruence on a dependence space, new approaches to find a distribution consistent set are formulated. The theorems for judging distribution consistent sets are also established by using these congruences and the decision distribution relation.

Baoxiang Liu, Hui Guo

Effective Software Fault Localization by Statistically Testing the Program Behavior Model

Existing Statistical fault localization approaches locate bugs by testing statistical behavior of each predicate and propose fault relevant predicates as nearest points to faults. In this paper, we present a novel statistical approach employing a weighted graph, elicited from run-time information of a program. The predicates are considered as nodes; an edge is denoting a run-time path between two predicates and its label is the number of simultaneous occurrence of connected predicates in the run. Firstly, a typical graph, representing failed run is contrasted with whole graphs of passed runs to find the two most similar graphs of the passed runs and failed runs and discriminative edges are chosen as suspicious edges. In next phase, we statistically test the distribution of the suspicious edges to find the most fault relevant edges; to this end, we apply a normality test on the suspicious edges and based on the test result, we use a parametric or non-parametric hypothesis testing to discover the most fault relevant edges. We conduct the experimental study based on Siemens test suite and the results show the proposing approach is remarkable.

Azam Peyvandi-Pour, Saeed Parsa

Duplicate Form of Gould-Hsu Inversions and Binomial Identities

It is well known that inversion techniques have an important role in the development of combinatorial identities. In 1973, Gould and Hsu [6] offered a pair of surprising inverse series relations. Then it was utilized by Chu [3, 4] to study systematically hypergeometric series identities. By applying the duplicate form of Gould-Hsu inversions to a terminating




 −series identity form Saalscütz’s theorem, we shall establish a family of binomial identities implying numerous interesting hypergeometric series identities.

Chuanan Wei, Dianxuan Gong, Jianbo Li

Schur-Convexity on Generalized Information Entropy and Its Applications

The information entropy has general applications in different subjects, such as information theory, linear algebra, signal processing, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, probability and statistical. Then the study of inequality on the information entropy has important signification in theory. Schur-convexity and Schur-geometric convexity and Schur-harmonic convexity entropy are studied for the generalized information based on the well-known Schur’s condition. As applications, some inequalities of the entropy are established by use of majorization.

Bo-yan Xi, Shu-hong Wang, Tian-yu Zhang

Reduced 4th-Order Eigenvalue Problem

The technique of the so-called nonlinearization of Lax pairs has been developed and applied to various soliton hierarchies, and this method also was generalized to discuss the nonlinearization of Lax pairs and adjoint Lax pairs of soliton hierarchies. In this paper, by use of the nonlinearization method, the reduced 4th-order eigenvalue problem is discussed and a Lax representation was deduced for the system. By means of Euler-Lagrange equations and Legendre transformations, a reasonable Jacobi-Ostrogradsky coordinate system has been found, and the Bargmann system have been given. Then, the infinite-dimensional motion system described by Lagrange mechaics is changed into the Hamilton cannonical coordinate system.

Shu-hong Wang, Bao-cai Zhang, Zhu-quan Gu

Numerical Analysis of Interface Crack Propagation in Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with FRP by Extended Isoparametric Finite Element Method

Extended isoparametric finite method (XIFEM) consists in enriching the basis of the classical finite element method and taking into account the discontinuity of the displacement field across the crack by a discontinuous function along the crack line. It simulates the discontinuous character resulted from discontinuity such as crack or joint and by some trigonometric basis functions around the crack tip to embody singularity at the end of discontinuity. With the improved XIFEM, the tracking of crack propagation in reinforced concrete beams strengthened with FRP is simulated and the failure model is analyzed. Compared with the traditional finite element method, the XIFEM allows crack surface to be in any position of finite element mesh without dense mesh near the crack tips and without re-meshing, therefore crack growth is traced and modeled effectively. The results show the effectiveness and superiority of the improved XIFEM.

Hong Wang, Hong Yuan, Shuai Yang

An Algorithm of Improving the Consistence of the Positive Reciprocal Matrix Based on Relative Error

By analyzing the inconsistent relationship between the small triangular matrix and positive reciprocal matrix, a convenient correction method based on the relative error is brought up. This method can fully retain the effective information of original positive reciprocal matrix. It helps people to solve practical problems effectively and enriches the theories and methods of decision analysis.

Qiuhong Fan, Baoxiang Liu, Yuhuan Zhang, Ruiying Zhou

The Generalized Mann Iterative Process with Errors for Strongly Pseudocontractive Mappings in Arbitrary Banach Spaces



be a real Banach space and


be a nonempty closed convex subset of


. Suppose that






is a uniformly continuous and strongly pseudocontractive mapping with bounded range. It is proved that the generalized Mann iterative process with errors converges strongly to the unique fixed point of


. It is also to establish the convergence theorems of the new iterative methods for strongly pseudocontractive and strongly accretive operators in Banach spaces. The related results deal with the approximation of the solutions of nonlinear equation for strongly accretive operators.

Cheng Wang, Hai-E Zhang, Zhi-Ming Wang

Parallel Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method to Solve Differential Equations

Through research for the method of serial classic fourth-order Runge-Kutta and based on the method, we construct Parallel fourth-order Runge-Kutta method in this paper, and used in the calculation of differential equation, then under the dual-core parallel, research the Parallel computing speedup and so on. By compared the results of traditional numerical algorithms and parallel numerical algorithms, the results show parallel numerical algorithms have high accuracy and computational efficiency in the dual-core environment.

Chunfeng Liu, Haiming Wu, Li Feng, Aimin Yang

Mobile Computing and Applications

The Two-Phases-Service M/M/1/N Queuing System with the Server Breakdown and Multiple Vacations

An two-phases-service M/M/1/N queuing system with the server breakdown and multiple vacations was considered. Firstly, equations of steady-state probability were derived by applying the Markov process theory. Then, we obtained matrix form solution of steady-state probability by using blocked matrix method. Finally, some performance measures of the system such as the expected number of customers in the system and the expected number of customers in the queue were also presented.

Zeng Hui, Guan Wei

Improving Data Availability in Chord p2p System

In this paper we investigate the information availability in the direct union of 2 copies of chord which is the improved version of popular P2P Chord system. We present precise asymptotic formula describing the resistance to the loss of documents stored in them.

After unexpected departures of


nodes from the system no information disappears with high probability probability and


unexpected departures lead to loss some data with high probability.

Our modification of Chord is very soft and requires only a small interference in the programming code of the original Chord protocol.

Rafał Kapelko

No Regret Learning for Sensor Relocation in Mobile Sensor Networks

Sensor relocation is a critical issue because it affects the coverage quality and capability of a mobile sensor network. In this paper, the problem of sensor relocation is formulated as a repeated multi-player game. At each step of repeated interactions, each node uses a distributed no-regret algorithm to optimize its own coverage while minimizing the locomotion energy consumption. We prove that if all nodes adhere to this algorithm to play the game, collective behavior converges to a pure Nash equilibrium. Simulation results show that a good coverage performance can be obtained when a pure Nash equilibrium is achieved.

Jin Li, Chi Zhang, Wei Yi Liu, Kun Yue

Research on Decentralized Message Broadcasting for Multi-emergent Events

Many emergency information systems are built on decentralized architectures for time efficiency. Due to lack of centralized information analyzing, message loop and identity confusion affect their performance. An approach called Decentralized Message Broadcasting Process is introduced to address the issue. In the approach, messages are specified to carry information about source event and node path it has been passed through. Distributed nodes are involved initiatively to organize message exchange. In the decentralized message broadcasting, time efficiency and message filtering is achieved. Upon the approach, a platform is built for CEA’ SPON to support decentralized emergency information processing applications.

Haoming Guo, Feng Liang, Yunzhen Liu

Research in Intrusion Detection System Based on Mobile Agent

According to the problems of traditional intrusion detection system, there was a design of intrusion detection system based on mobile agent. The internal function of mobile agent was divided. Moreover, the communication manner and interactive process were applied in the paper. It is can be seen from the result that the system could reduce the network load and shorten the waiting time of network. Then, the dynamic adaption of the system could be implemented while false alarm rate and false negative rate would be reduced.

Zhisong Hou, Zhou Yu, Wei Zheng, Xiangang Zuo

Research on Network Information Search System Based on Mobile Agent

According to the disadvantages of traditional network information search system, there is a new network information search system designed which is based on mobile agent. The architecture of the system is provided; the function of mobile agent and the search process of search agent are discussed in this paper. It is can be seen from the result that the system could reduce the network load and the dynamic adaption of route planning could be implemented. As a result, search efficiency and reliability of search executing in unstable network are improved.

Zhisong Hou, Zhou Yu, Wei Zheng, Xiangang Zuo

Research on Portable Frequency Hopping Wireless Data Transmission System

To remedy the complexity and sophistication of the Bluetooth equipments, a low-cost, high reliability, low power consumption and user friendly point to point wireless frequency hopping communication system was established. The system applies wireless communications chips nRF24L01 chips, DS/FH-SS techniques and adaptive frequency hopping technology, and enjoys the merits of excellent anti-jamming performance, good confidentiality, strong anti-interference, good mobility, and high accessibility. In addition, the system realized a low power consumption of around 70mW, which promises a good application to modern handheld wireless devices.

Ai-ju Chen, Yuan-juan Huang

Research on Improving Throughput of Wireless MIMO Network

To improve the throughput of wireless MIMO network, this paper proposed two new methods. One is called interference aligment, the other is called interference separation based on transmission time delay. These two methods based on transmiter and receiver precoding design are all of linear complexity. By adoptting these proposed methods, the wireless MIMO network can transmitt more packets or support more users simultaneously. Simulation result show that these proposed methods are not affected by channel matrix correlation.

Yongli An, Yang Xiao, Pei Wu, Xuefei Gao

An Efficient and Lightweight User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

As wireless sensor networks(WSNs) are susceptible to attacks and sensor nodes have limited resources, it is necessary to design a secure and lightweight user authentication protocol for WSNs. Over the past few years, a few user authentication schemes for WSNs were proposed, in which the concept of timestamps were employed without exception. Analysis shows that it brings new security flaws. An efficient and lightweight user authentication scheme for WSNs is proposed in this paper. In proposed scheme, we employ one-way hash function with a secret key. With the help of smart card, mutual authentication is performed using a challenge-response handshake between user and gateway node in both directions, and it avoids the problem of time synchronization between smart card and the gateway node. An analysis of the scheme is presented and it shows its resilience against classical types of attacks, and it adds less computational overhead than other schemes.

Xiancun Zhou, Yan Xiong

Performance Analysis of Location Based Service Using TPEG&MBMS in 3G Mobile Networks

Location-based services (LBS) provide content that is dynamically customized according to the user’s location. These services are commonly delivered to mobile devices. This paper proposed a novel LBS application based on the TPEG over Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service and explained the implement of that using the stream delivery method and download delivery method. For download service, Results of performance tests for FLUTE Protocol (File Delivery under unidirectional Transport) and FEC (Forward error correction) are also presented.

Lu Lou, Xin Xu, Zhili Chen, Juan Cao

Social Networking and Computing

On the Dividend Problem in a Risk Model with Delayed Claims

In this paper, a discrete time risk model with dividend payments is considered, in which the occurrences of the claims may be delayed. A system of differential equations with certain boundary conditions for the expected present value of dividend payments prior to ruin is derived and solved. Moreover, the closed form expressions are given when the claim size distributions belong to the rational family. The qualitative properties of ruin probabilities for this risk model are also obtained. Numerical results are provided to illustrate the applicability of the main result.

Wei Zou, Jie-hua Xie

Discrete Construction of Power Network Voronoi Diagram

Power Network Voronoi diagrams are difficult to construct when the position relation of road segments are complicated. In traditional algorithm, The distance between objects must be calculated by selecting the minimum distance to their shared borders and doubling this value. When road segments cross or coincide with each other, production process will be extremely complex because we have to consider separately these parts. In this paper, we use discrete construction of network Voronoi diagrams. The algorithm can get over all kinds of shortcomings that we have just mentioned. So it is more useful and effective than the traditional ones. We also construct model according the algorithm. And the application example shows that the algorithm is both simple and useful, and it is of high potential value in practice.

Yili Tan, Ye Zhao, Yourong Wang

Research on Mathematical Model of Equipment Capability Planning Based on Resource Constraint

In order to increase the utilization of equipments of the enterprise, taking flexible production planning for Mass Customization as the research background, the improved method of capacity planning is proposed and a mathematical model of equipment capability planning based on resource constraint is established, which aims at maximized flexibility to make the production cycle required in completing the tasks as little as possible. At the same time, the two methods of how to use the equipment idle time fully in the operation are also studied. And the methods which contain based on delivery and Sort-Insert for scheduling idle time are proposed.

Xin Wang, Chongchong Ji

Generalized Lax-Friedrichs Schemes for Linear Advection Equation with Damping

To analyze local oscillations existing in the generalized Lax-Friedrichs(LxF) schemes for computing of the linear advection equation with damping, we observed local oscillations in numerical solutions for the discretization of some special initial data under stable conditions. Then we raised three propositions about how to control those oscillations via some numerical examples. In order to further explain this, we first investigated the discretization of initial data that trigger the chequerboard mode, the highest frequency mode. Then we proceeded to use the discrete Fourier analysis and the modified equation analysis to distinguish the dissipative and dispersive effects of numerical schemes for low frequency and high frequency modes, respectively. We find that the relative phase errors are at least offset by the numerical dissipation of the same order, otherwise the oscillation could be caused. The LxF scheme is conditionally stable and once adding the damping into linear advection equation, the damping has resulted in a slight reduction of the modes’ height; We also can find even large damping, the oscillation becomes weaker as time goes by, that is to say the chequerboard mode decay.

Yun Wu, Hai-xin Jiang, Wei Tong

Extension Limb Action Recognition Based on Acceleration Median

An extension limb action recognition method based on acceleration median (EULAR-AM) is proposed in this paper. Stretch arm has the feature that the arm’s acceleration increases firstly, and then decreases. So the EULAR-AM chooses the acceleration median of the arm outstretching process and the direction of acceleration at the initial moment of arm outstretching as its recognition characteristic values. It can reduce the affection of outstretching speed to the characteristic value of limb action, and can achieve the goal that the different outstretching speed actions having same direction could be described by the same characters. Then combining the extension recognition method, the EULAR-AM recognized the limb action. The experiment results show that the recognition accuracy rate of the EULAR-AM is 93.2 %.

Yonghua Wang, Lei Qi, Fei Yuan, Jian Yang

Research on Secure Multi-party Computational Geometry

With rapid growth of the internet, a plenty of collaboration opportunities exist when organizations and individuals share information or cooperate to compute in a distributed system. The cooperation may occur between mutually untrusted parties or competitors. This problem is referred to Secure Multi-party Computation (SMC) problem. Secure multi-party computational geometry (SMCG) is a new field of SMC. Due to the widely potential applications, the research of SMCG becomes more and more attractive. In this paper, research frameworks of SMCG are demonstrated. From an applied viewpoint, some basic and key techniques for building secure protocols to solve SMCG problems are described. At the same time, future research orientations of the SMCG are proposed in the end.

Tao Geng, Shoushan Luo, Yang Xin, Xiaofeng Du, Yixian Yang

Grid Transaction-Level Concurrency Control Protocol

In this paper, the grid transaction-level (GTL) concurrency control protocol is proposed. According to the operating characteristics of the grid services, the grid transaction-level concurrency control protocol re-defines four types of transaction operations: read operation, write operation ,append operation, look operation. When the speculative shadows of transactions are created , the more redundancy resources in the grid, the higher the priority of transaction, the shorter the deadline of transaction, the more the number of speculative shadows that the transaction can establish; less and vice versa. If there is a new read - write conflict between the two services and a speculation shadow has to meet the needs of serialization order, it don’t need create a new speculative shadow. Finally, the theory proof shows that the grid transaction-level concurrency control protocol ensures the serialization of transactions.

Jun Chen, Yan-Pei Liu, Hong-Yu Feng

Wavelet Theory and Application Summarizing

The wavelet analysis is the development based on Fourier transform. And it is a breakthrough of the Fourier analysis. The paper reviews the development history of wavelet analysis. Then it discusses the similarities and differences of Fourier transform and wavelet theory. As a new transform domain signal processing methods, wavelet transform is particularly good at dealing with non-stationary signal analysis. As wavelets are a mathematical tool, they can be used to extract information from many different kinds of data, including - but certainly not limited to - audio signals and images. In the end the paper summarizes and discusses applications of wavelet in various domains in detail.

Hong-yu Feng, Jian-ping Wang, Yan-cui Li, Jun Chen

Research and Application on the Regular Hexagon Covering Honeycomb Model

To ensure all the users can communicate at the same time, to solve the repeater coordination and the number of repeaters when the region, users and number of PLs are fixed, and to consider the two situations of users evenly distributed and random distributed, we build the regular hexagon honeycomb model based on the evenly distribution and the genetic algorithm model based on the random distribution in this paper. And then we separately get the repeater coordination and provide the improved Honeycomb model suitable for the signal transmission in the mountainous area; solve the problem of the number of the repeaters in the fixed area where a special mountain locates.

Aimin Yang, Jianping Zheng, Guanchen Zhou

Intelligent Computing and Applications

Prediction for Water Surface Evaporation Based on PCA and RBF Neural Network

In order to build prediction model of the water surface evaporation so as to easily plan and manage water resources, authors presented a method with the principal component analysis(PCA) and radial basis function(RBF) neural network model for predicting the water surface evaporation. Firstly, the PCA was used to eliminate the correlation of the initial input layer data so that the problem of efficiency caused by too many input parameters and by too large network scale in neural network modeling could be solved. And then, the prediction model of water surface evaporation was built through taking the results of PCA as inputs of the RBF neural network. The research result showed that the model proposed had a better prediction accuracy that the average prediction accuracy reached 95.3%, and enhanced 5.5% and 5.0% compared with the conventional BP network and RBF network respectively, which met the requirements of actual water resources planning and provided a theoretical reference for other region of water surface evaporation forecasting.

Wei Cao, Sheng-jiang Zhang, Zhen-lin Lu, Zi-la Jia

Decimal-Integer-Coded Genetic Algorithm for Trimmed Estimator of the Multiple Linear Errors in Variables Model

The multiple linear errors-in-variables model is frequently used in science and engineering for model fitting tasks. When sample data is contaminated by outliers, the orthogonal least squares estimator isn’t robust. To obtain robust estimators, orthogonal least trimmed absolute deviation (OLTAD) estimator based on the subset of


cases(out of


) is proposed. However, the OLTAD estimator is NP-hard to compute. So, an new decimal-decimal-integer-coded genetic algorithm(DICGA) for OLTAD estimator is presented. We show that the OLTAD estimator has the high breakdown point and appropriate properties. Computational experiments of the OLTAD estimator of multiple linear EIV model on synthetic data is provided and the results indicate that the DICGA performs well in identifying groups of high leverage outliers in reasonable computational time and can obtain smaller objective function fitness.

Fuchang Wang, Huirong Cao, Xiaoshi Qian

Prediction of Wastewater Treatment Plants Performance Based on NW Multilayer Feedforward Small-World Artificial Neural Networks

In order to provide a tool for predicting wastewater treatment performance and form a basis for controlling the operation of the process, a reliable model is essential for any wastewater treatment plant. This would minimize the operation costs and assess the stability of environmental balance. For the multi-variable, uncertainty, non-linear characteristics of the wastewater treatment system, a NW multilayer feedforward small-world artificial neural network prediction model is established standing on the actual operation data in the wastewater treatment system. The model overcomes several disadvantages of the conventional BP neural network. Namely: slow convergence, low accuracy and difficulty in finding the global optimum. The results of model calculation show that the predicted value can better match measured value, played an effect of simulating and predicting and be able to optimize the operation status. The establishment of the predicting model provides a simple and practical way for the operation and management in wastewater treatment plant, and has good research and engineering practical value.

Ruicheng Zhang, Xulei Hu

Hybrid Swarm-Based Optimization Algorithm of GA & VNS for Nurse Scheduling Problem

This paper presents a hybrid swarm-based optimization algorithm that combines genetic algorithm (GA) and variable neighborhood search (VNS) to deal with highly-constrained nurse scheduling problems in modern hospital environments. The problem is first divided into several sub-problems by the average principle. Then a genetic algorithm is used to solve the sub-problems including a subset of constraints. Better feasible solutions are built by a hybrid genetic algorithm; they are taken as the initial solution of the variable neighborhood search procedure. The proposed algorithm can be applied to other resource allocation problems with a large number of constraints. The experiment results show that our method can produce feasible solutions.

Zebin Zhang, Zhifeng Hao, Han Huang

Evolutionary Computation of Multi-Band Antenna Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition

Design of multi-band antenna involves multiple characteristics such as return loss in multiple operation bands. To apply MOEA/D (multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition) to antenna structure optimization, it was introduced into this field for the first time. MOEA/D framework was demonstrated at first. Then it was in conjunction with electromagnetic solver, HFSS (high frequency structure simulator) to optimize and design tri-band bow-tie antenna to serve as an example. The evolutionary results showed that MOEA/D worked efficiently and generated multiple candidate structures at one single iteration, and that MOEA/D had lower computational overhead than NSGA-II (non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm II) for this problem. Therefore, MOEA/D shows great potential for antenna structure optimization and design.

Dawei Ding, Hongjin Wang, Gang Wang

The Study of Improved Grid Resource Scheduling Algorithm

With the computer technology and network technology development, great meet people’s work and life needs, but a single computer can not meet the needs of computing or storage, grid resource scheduling strategy can achieve resource sharing, This paper introduces artificial school of fish algorithm to grid resource scheduling in order to further use the element of heuristic optimization method to find a more suitable high-performance grid computing environment, resource scheduling strategy. Through uses AFSA algorithm solving this kind of scheduling of resources question, seeks the new key to the situation for the scheduling of resources question, by enhances the scheduling of resources effectively the efficiency. And carried on the simulation experiment after the improvement algorithm in the Gridsim grid simulation software, and has carried on the contrast with other algorithms, finally indicated this article proposed the algorithm has the better search ability and the convergence rate.

Qingshui Li, Yuling Zhai, Shanshan Han, Binbin Mo

An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Network Nodes Clustering

Nodes clustering is a useful way to construct an effective network infrastructure for large-scale distributed network applications. In this paper, network nodes are clustered by the K-medoids clustering algorithm according to their coordinates. The coordinates of network nodes are gained by Vivaldi which is a simple and lightweight network coordinates system. But K-medoids algorithm is sensitive to the initial cluster centers and easy to get stuck at the local optimal solutions. In order to improve the performance of K-medoids algorithm, KCIGA(K-medoids clustering based on improved genetic algorithm) is presented in this paper. The improved genetic algorithm that uses self-adaptive genetic operator, dynamically adjusting the crossover rate and mutation rate, can avoid premature and slow convergence phenomenon in SGA(standard genetic algorithm). Experimental results show KCIGA has good reliability and expansibility, and it is effective for clustering network nodes.

Yong Li, Zhenwei Yu

Learning Form Experience: A Bayesian Network Based Reinforcement Learning Approach

Agent completely depends on trail-and-error to learn the optimal policy is the major reason to make reinforcement learning being slow and time consuming. Excepting for trail-and-error, human can also take advantage of prior learned experience to plan and accelerate subsequent learning. We propose an approach to model agent’s learning experience by Bayesian Network, which can be used to shape agent for bias exploration towards the most promising regions of state space and thereby reduces exploration and accelerate learning. The experiment results on Grid-World problem show our approach can significantly improve agent’s performance and shorten learning time. More importantly, our approach makes agent can take advantage of its learning experience to plan and accelerate learning.

Zhao Jin, Jian Jin, Jiong Song

The Simulation System of Cytokine Network Based IMMUNE-B

Introduces two kinds of cytokine network model that already exist, and describes some of problems in the two models. This paper presents a new model system: IMMUNE-B, This model is created using B method. B method is one of the most popular international practical formal method currently, people use it to write software system specification, system design and description, It has many advantages. And the model uses computer program to simulate the process of cytokine network of the immune system. The simulation results are basically consistent with the prediction, it illustrate the model have it’s real research value. It provides a new way for research of the cytokine network.

Xianbao Cheng, Bao Chen

Fuzzy H-inf Control of Flexible Joint Robot

In this paper, a fuzzy H-inf control approach for flexible joint robot is proposed. First, the Takagi and Sugeno(T-S) fuzzy model is applied to approximate the flexible joint robot. Next, a fuzzy controller is developed based on parallel distributed compensation principle(PDC), and H-inf performance is introduced to restrain the influence of the bounded external disturbance. The sufficient conditions for the stability of the flexible joint robot control system are proposed by using Lyapunov function combined with the decay speed and linear matrix inequality(LMI). Finally, the simulation example is given to demonstrate the performance and robust of the proposed approach.

Feng Wang, Xiaoping Liu

The Application of Different RBF Neural Network in Approximation

The value algorithms of classical function approximation theory have a common drawback: the compute-intensive, poor adaptability, high model and data demanding and the limitation in practical applications. Neural network can calculate the complex relationship between input and output, therefore, neural network has a strong function approximation capability. This paper describes the application of RBFNN in function approximation and interpolation of scattered data. RBF neural network uses Gaussian function as transfer function widespreadly. Using it to train data set, it needs to determine the extension of radial basis function constant SPEAD. SPEAD setting is too small, there will be an over eligibility for function approximation, while SPREAD is too large, there will be no eligibility for function approximation. This paper examines the usage of different radial functions as transferinf functions to design the neural network, and analyzes their numerical applications. Simulations show that, for the same data set, Gaussian radial basis function may not be the best.

Jincai Chang, Long Zhao, Qianli Yang

Travel Demand Prediction in Tangshan City of China Based on Rough Set

Travel demand prediction plays a scientific guidance role in tourism industry planning and future development. In this paper, the rough set theory is applied to analyze and predict the tourism of Tangshan City in the future based on the sample data of the quantity of tourists of Tangshan City from 2001 to 2010 and the growth range of quantity of tourists was obtained. The result shows that the tourism market of Tangshan City has both a huge development potential and a bright development prospect.

Juan Li, Li Feng, Guanchen Zhou

Internet and Web Computing

WSPOM: An Ontology Model for Web Service Planning

With the growth of web services’ quantity and complexity, the problem that whether the existing web services could satisfy the requirements of business has become more complex. Based on the OWL, WSPOM (Web Service Planning Ontology Model) is proposed, WSPOM consists of General Ontology, Task Ontology and Web Service Ontology. First, the General Ontology is built up to describe the state of the world and the changes each Operation could make to the world. The changes are described in graph difference vector. Then one satisfactory relation all over the ontology model is proposed. Based on the satisfactory relation, whether the web service could satisfy the business demand will be validated, then the Web Service Grounding would be generated in WSDL or code stub. Then one framework is developed based on WSPOM, the result shows that the framework proposed could resolve the problem efficiently.

Liming Liu, Hongming Cai

A Requirement Group Based Web Service Scheduling Model

The growth of concurrent requests from increasing applications based on web service aggravates the load of web service, and may result in low performance or even breakdown of the invoked web service. However, some requests are similar or related, and can be integrated into a slightly complex one, which can be resolved by the service provider in a unified way. Based on this fact, a requirement group-based web service scheduling model (RGBWSSM) is proposed. It concentrates on the integration of similar or related requests and the capability matching between the integrated request and web services, both based on OWL-S. Moreover, a case study is implemented and the results show that this model is effective and useful in reducing web service load in the environment of high concurrent service requests.

Xinyong Wu, Lihong Jiang, Fenglin Bu, Hongming Cai

An Approach to Enhance Safe Large Data Exchange for Web Services

As a stateless distributed component, web service could not transfer large data simply and safely under confine of network communication. This problem affects service centric system’s performance for data concentrated applications. To address the issue, LDT4WS is introduced to enhance web service to transfer large data. In LDT4WS, large data is converted into binary and divided into smaller packs by sender. Receiver creates context for packs’ relationship by which packs could be organized orderly and integrated. In data transferring, the network failure would be checked and only the failed packs would be transferred. Upon LDT4WS, a data exchange platform is built for CAE’s SPON. In the system, large data are transferred safely by web service.

Chen Wang, Qingjie Liu, Haoming Guo, YunZhen Liu

Collect Environmental Field Data through Hybrid Network Technologies

Although manual field data collection in the environmental research are simple, it is extremely difficult for geoscientists to get environmental data in areas of high altitude and harsh climate frequently. To assist scientists to transmit data and control equipments remotely, moreover minimizing human workload and time delays, we presented a data collection model by harnessing hybrid network technologies for acquiring field data in this paper. This model integrates multiple modern network technologies to achieve the remote control of equipments and data transfer between the field station and data center in research institute. Several different network technologies are deployed and tested at Mafengou catchment of Heihe River Basin and Cryosphere Research Station on Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. These experiments demonstrate a noticeable improvement in efficiency and precision has been achieved.

Jiuyuan Huo, Yaonan Zhang

A New Model of Web Service Composition Framework

With the rapid development of web service as well as its enlargement in the quantity, a single web service can no longer satisfy the needs of customers. It has been a hot research topic that how to combine the multiple web services together to form a composite service for meeting the customers’ increasing needs. To the problems existed in the current web service frames, particularly the insufficiencies at web service composition, this paper implemented the algorithm through its own designed agent middleware Proxy, and combined Proxy with the current web service frame, finally designed a new frame model of web service composition. Applying heuristic service composition system can better complete logical service composition of business and quality optimization of web service.

Zhang Yanwang

Multi-receiver Identity-Based Signcryption Scheme in the Standard Model

Signcryption is a novel cryptographic primitive that simultaneously provides the authentication and encryption in a single logic step. To adapt multi-receiver setting, motivated by Waters’ identity based encryption scheme, the first multi-receiver identity-based signcryption scheme in the standard model was proposed. Then we prove its semantic security under the assumption of Decisional Bilinear Diffie-Hellman and its unforgeability under the hardness of Computational Diffie-Hellman Problem.

Yang Ming, Xiangmo Zhao, Yumin Wang

Hypergraph Based Network Model and Architechture for Deep Space Exploration

Deep space communication plays a key role in deep space exploration, it has some special requirments in deep space environment, in this paper, we focus on the network model and architecture for deep space exploration. Because the multiple access technique was widely used in deep space exploration communication, a scenario of deep space exploration come up in this paper, then a network model was proposed which based on hyperpraph theory to address the problem of connectivity, frequency spectrum resource scarcity, mutual interference etc., and how to construct a hyperedge was described in detail. Taking into account the specificity of deep space, combined with the concept of DTN, a novel network architecture was proposed which applies to the deep space exploration.

Xiaobo Wang, Junde Song, Xianwei Zhou

Cost-Benefit Analysis for Adaptive Web Service Substitution with Compensation

Nowadays, plenty of enterprises are willing to outsource their internal business processes as services and make them accessible via the Web. Toward some business process, Web service based application require more transactional support beyond traditional transactions, In this situation, direct substitution may violate the atomicity character of transaction. This will lead to the inconsistency of transaction Web service. Moreover, executed data were stored in the memory and could not be released which consequently result in the serious results such as “missing” of data. However, most of previous works on service replacement algorithms leak the cost analysis with compensation. In this paper, we extend the substitution framework by supporting compensation. A correlation analysis and behavior matching can be executed to obtain the range of cascading compensation and decide the range of substitution. Further more, we analyze the single node substitution cost and path substitution cost in details. After that, this paper presents a cost-benefit function which considers customer’s preference and selects the optimal substitution strategy by regulating parameters at will.

Ying Yin, Xizhe Zhang, Bin Zhang

Study of WSNs Trust Valuation Based on Node Behavior

In WSNs, security system based on password system from within the network attacks and to identify malicious nodes there is no effective treatment methods, trust-based security mechanisms have come into being, This paper discusses in detail the specific steps of trust node, proposed the node behavior evaluation mechanism based on the node trust, The paper has used ANP and the F-ANP method successively for the node behavior’s trust appraisal, and has carried on the contrast, finally obtains F-ANP more superior performance.

Qi Zhu

Optimal Design of Weigh for Networks Based on Rough Sets

When the traditional rough neural network is structured, The selection of initial weights are random values between (0,1).This article address this issue, proposed an application of rough set theory attribute importance, replaced with the attribute importance method of initial weights. Finally, with instance validation, compared to the traditional rough neural network,This method is not only to accelerate the network convergence rate, but also enhances the adaptability of BP neural network.

Baoxiang Liu, Shasha Hao

Campus Type Network Virtual Community System

Along with the development of network technology, people can get unlimited number of network resources. To effectively use and manage these resources, many kinds of so-called “virtual community” internet platform appear. This paper introduces a campus type network virtual community system, mainly discusses the design and the most important part of its realization. With the platform of application system based on web, using the at present the most popular Java programming language, the structure is build on the J2EE platform.

Gong Dianxuan, Wei Chuanan, Wang Ling, Peng Yamian

The Establishment and Research of a Neural Network-Based Evaluation Model for Chinese Universities’ Online PE Courses

Purpose: Applying principles of BP neural networks to the evaluation of the teaching quality of online PE courses at Chinese universities, proposes a neural network-based model for evaluating the online PE teaching quality. Method: To integrate the theory concerning online PE course development with the practice of Hunan Normal University’s online PE courses teaching to make a empirical analysis. Result: It also brings forward a step size algorithm that can be implemented within the MATLAB environment. Conclusion: The application of artificial neural networks to online PE teaching quality evaluation not only avoids the elements of subjectivity from experts in the evaluation, but also brings about satisfactory results. Thus, this approach has wide applicability.

Yunzhi Peng

Verification Tool of Software Requirement for Network Software

A model checking tool OWLSVerifyTool is proposed, designed and developed to verify Web service composition model of software requirement in this paper. It can convert OWL-S documents into Petri nets document described in PNML, then analysis and verify it with Petri nets with engine in dynamic context. Compositing the DL reasoning engine Pellet and F-logic-based reasoning engine Flora-2, it can play their respective advantages to reason and verify static model in static context of software requirement. The automated validation tool can effectively verify software requirement meta-model based on Web service described with OWL-S.

Tao He, Liping Li, Huazhong Li

Synchronization Dynamics of Complex Network Models with Impulsive Control

In this paper, synchronization dynamics of complex network models with impulsive control is investigated. Based on impulsive control theory on dynamical systems, Two sufficient impulsive consensus protocol for such networks is proposed. The theoretical results are applied to chaos synchronization of a small-world networks model composing of the representative Duffing oscillators, the Numerical simulation also demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control techniques.

Yanhui Gao

Parallel and Distributed Computing

Design and Test of Nodes for Field Information Acquisition Based on WUSN

The wireless sensor network technology was researched. Some wireless underground sensor network nodes and a sink node based on embedded technology and RF technology were designed innovatively. WUSN node consists of sensor, the processor, wireless communication module and power module, including processor using MSP430 microcontroller, RF modules adopting nRF905 communication module which having 433/868/915 MHz 3 ISM channel, the sink node is made up RF transceiver module, the core control circuit, information processing, data storage, LCD module and power supply. The nodes which acquired soil parameters information were regularly distributed in the monitoring area. The sink node collected the information of nodes that were sent in way of a single jumping or multiple hops and implemented fusion, analysis, processing, storage and display of information. For 50% sands, 35%silt, and 15% clay, a bulk density of 1.5 g/cm3 and a specific density of 2.6 / cm3, test for different soil moisture (5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%) in three different frequencies, result shows that radio signal path loss is the minimum in the low frequency and low moisture. Moreover, the changes of node deployed depth (0.2 m, 0.4 m, 0.6 m,0.8 m, 1m, 1.2 m, 1.4 m, 1.6m, 1.8 m and 2m) affected signal attenuation under 433MHz, it is concluded that the best WUSN node buried depth for effective transmission.

Xiaoqing Yu, Pute Wu, Zenglin Zhang

Application of Model Driven Architecture to Development Real-Time System Based on Aspect-Oriented

A way to specify Aspect-based software architectures for real-time systems is introduced. Component models are specified taking the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach, and employing UML notations. First, the principle of the developing process based on the Aspect-Oriented approach and the new concepts of UML-specified component architectures are addressed. Then, the conceptual framework architecture for the design of embedded real-time systems is presented, in which platform-independent component models are built. AOP is a new software development paradigm, which could attain a higher level of separation of concerns in both functional and non-functional matters by introducing aspect, for the implementation of crosscutting concerns. Different aspects can be designed separately, and woven into systems. This article introduces the technology of MDA, aspect-oriented, real-time systems. The paper takes the Aspect-oriented to the MDA modeling by the UML extension mechanisms, and presents a method, which is Aspect-Oriented MDA. In this article, UML profile is utilized to construct the meta-modal specifications respectively for common Aspect-Oriented and AspectJ. So the core business logic and the crosscutting aspects can be modeled as separate, modular Aspect-Oriented PIM’s and PSM’s.

Wei Qiu, Li-Chen Zhang

Application Integration Patterns Based on Open Resource-Based Integrated Process Platform

The push toward more interactive and flexible applications, motivated by huge demand in terms of cost saving, shorter development cycle, faster adjustment, and more reliable execution, has generated the need for integrating the different applications and attract more business people involved in. New approaches and tools for enterprise lightweight collaboration and composition, such as Mashup and Web service, bring various fresh and significant elements into present system architecture. In this work, we firstly indentify and classify the integration architecture framework systematically. Subsequently, five typical patterns for enterprise integration are identified, characterized, and evaluated with focus on the practical applicable scenarios. Within the current research project ORIPS, a resource-based platform that allows for different options to realize resources reorganization and application integration, verifies the correctness and feasibility of integration framework and patterns, and creates promising solution in rapid system development.

Yan Zheng, Hongming Cai, Lihong Jiang

Towards a Verbal Decision Analysis on the Selecting Practices of Framework SCRUM

Considering that agile methodologies, in focus Framework SCRUM, are always more popular for Development Software Companies, and noticing that the mentioned companies cannot always apply every characteristics of the framework, this paper presents an application of methodologies from the Verbal Decision Analysis (VDA) framework to generate a rank of the SCRUM characteristics to be applied in a company. The paper consists on an application of a questionnaire for a group of experienced ScrumMasters and considers the elicitation of preferences of a decision maker for creating the final rank of alternative. The methodology from VDA framework selected to be applied for ranking the alternatives was ZAPROS-LM. The final rank of alternatives indicates a list of SCRUM practices, from the more preferable to less preferable one, according to the decision maker responses.

Thais Cristina Sampaio Machado, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Marcony Leal de Lima Marcelo, Henrique Farias Landim

Development of Portable Electrocardiogram Signal Generator

To meet the rising popular demand on the treatment of diseases and health security, a portable medical electrocardiogram (ECG) signal generator is developed. With the integrated circuit design, microcomputer control technology, the communication technology and the corresponding software technology, the design utilizes Samsung’s ARM chip S3C2410 as the whole system master chip, including micro controller, Ethernet communication interface, serial communication interface, USB communication interface, power supply circuit, DA conversion circuit and signal processing circuit. It not only realizes the functions of normal ECG signal generator, but also filters out actual human signal in ECG data. It can also compare different manufacturers of ECG products’ performance through standard of database of ECG data.

Ai-ju Chen, Yuan-juan Huang

Research on Random Collision Detection Algorithm Based on Improved PSO

In order to improve the real-time of collision detection algorithm, this paper introduces particle swarm optimization (PSO), PSO simple and easy to operate, and search capability and convergence speed have a greater advantage. To reduce the random collision detection algorithm missed some of the interfering elements and to improve the accuracy of collision detection, using the OBB bounding box surrounding the basic geometric elements instead of the basic geometric elements characterized as a random sampling point collision detection method. The complex three-dimensional models of the collision problem are transformed into simple two-dimensional discrete space optimization problems, and improve the algorithm in real time.

Ting-dong Hu

Active Disturbance Rejection Decoupling Control Method for Gas Mixing Butterfly Valve Group

This paper proposed an active disturbance rejection control (ADRC)method for gas mixing butterfly valve group. According to the serious decoupling, uncertainty, many disturbances and nonlinear etc of the gas mixing butterfly valve group, the model of the plant is established, proposed the ADRC based on static decoupling and ESO dynamic decoupling in order to eliminate the coupling between the loops. Simulation results show that the designed controller not only has good decoupling pedormance, but also ensures good robustness and adaptability under modeling uncertainty and external disturbance.

Zhikun Chen, Ruicheng Zhang, Xu Wu

An LED Assembly Angle Detection System

In view of the present problem of the LED display brightness not uniformity, the text puts forward a kind of LED light assembly angle automatic detection system. First, make use of stepping motor drive the LED display module rotation. In the process of LED rotation, use CCD camera get each image of LED display module with Angles of each step; And then by using the template matching principle pinpoint positions of leds in LED display module. Finally, detect the brightness of the led, and according to the step motor’s stepping Angles to calculate the deflection Angles of leds.

Li Chunming, Shi Xinna, Xu Yunfeng, Wu Shaoguang

Research on Simplified Decoding Algorithm of RA Code 

RA code, using BP iterative decoding algorithm for decoding in AWGN channel, is linear time encoding and decoding algorithm and its performance is closer to the Shannon limit. In order to improve decoding speed and reduce decoding complexity, this paper studies the simplified decoding algorithm of RA code, puts forward the minimal sum algorithm of RA code, and proposes the poly-line decoding algorithm based on BP algorithm. The simulation results show that error code rate of the system reduces and its performance closes to channel capacity with increasing message length. When the number of iterations increases, the error code rate drops with better system performance.

Yanchun Shen, Yinpu Zhang, Jinhu Zhang

Comparative Study on the Field of Time-Frequency Measurement and Control Based on LabVIEW

LabVIEW(Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) is a graphical programming language development environment, it is widely used in industry, academia and research laboratories. It is seen as a standard data acquisition and instrument control software. This paper studied on high-precision frequency measurement methods based on a series of new principles and new methods, and then proposed two algorithms based on measuring the frequency of LabVIEW. Combined with modern measurement theory, the three-point method and energy rectangular balance, this algorithm improved signal processing capabilities LabVIEW. The experiment verified the correctness and feasibility of two methods, which can both effectively reduce the frequency measurement error and noise; and can be used in different fields.

Hao Chen, Ying Liu, Yan Shan

Protocol to Compute Polygon Intersection in STC Model

Intersection and union of convex polygons are basic issues in computational geometry, they can settle lots of matters such as economy and military affairs. To solve the problem that traditional method of making the polygons public could not satisfy the requirements of personal privacy, the protocol to compute intersection and union of convex polygons in secure two-party computation(STC) model was investigated. Along with the scan line algorithm and secret comparison protocol, the protocol completes the calculation without leaking so much information. The security and complexity analysis of the protocol are also given.

Yifei Yao, Miaomiao Tian, Shurong Ning, Wei Yang

Adaptive Pole-Assignment Speed Control of Ultrasonic Motor

The obviously time-varying nonlinearity of ultrasonic motor makes the good performance of speed control difficult to be obtained. Aiming at the nonlinear problem of ultrasonic motor’s speed control, a kind of adaptive pole assignment speed control strategy is proposed in this paper. The parameters of motor system are identified online, and then the controller is designed online according to the identified parameters of motor. Novel method for determining initial value of parameters of online identification algorithm is investigated, that realized efficient self-tuning control using a small amount of data. The proposed strategy is robust and relatively simple, and the excellent performance of the proposed control scheme is examined through experimental results.

Lv Fangfang, Shi Jingzhuo, Zhang Yu

Research on Algorithm of Image Processing of Butt Weld

In accordance with the characteristics of the butt weld image, this article designs the image processing to extract the size of the weld with according to the butt weld .Firstly, the algorithm of gray closing and mathematical morphology in the method is taken to smooth the interferences of surface scratches and glistens effectively. Secondly, the processed image is detected the image edge with Canny operator, and using the researching method to extract the image character, record the edge coordinate of welding line and achieve the image model to model transformation. Finally, the date information of slope gaps is obtained by the least-squares algorithm to do the edge fit to derive the linear equation. The method in this paper can denoise and protect images has good practicality for its relatively high measurement precision, which are of great value towards the engineering practice.

Li Jun, Huo Ping, Li Xiangyang, Shi Ying

System Simulation and Computing

Simulation of Microburst Escape with Probabilistic Pilot Model

Simulation of large aircraft approach and landing in microburst wind shear was studied for flight safety research. A real-time flight dynamics model with wind shear effects was built based on Boeing747 modeling data. A parameterized three-dimensional microburst model was formulated by vortex ring and Rankine vortex principle. Further more, a parameterized human pilot model was developed to simulate pilots’ control behavior during microburst encountering. A pilot-aircraft-microburst environment model was constructed for further study. Since pilots would have variable control behavior, a group of pilot was modeled by treating the characteristic parameters as random variables. To study the safety of pitch guidance strategy recommended by FAA, the Monte Carlo Simulation was adopted to obtain a numerical approximation of the probability density function of the minimum altitude. The results indicate that the 3-D microburst model can generate wind vectors with high fidelity. The dynamics model with wind shear effects is reasonable and valid. Credible and valuable conclusions of escape strategy and safety can be acquired by Monte Carlo simulation.

Zhenxing Gao, Hongbin Gu

A Method for Space Tracking and Positioning of Surgical Instruments in Virtual Surgery Simulation

As the unique interface for users to communicate with virtual environment, space tracking and positioning apparatus of surgical instruments is an indispensable part of virtual surgery simulation system. A method based on stereoscopic vision is proposed to construct a suit of space tracking and positioning apparatus of surgical instruments. It is able to capture spatial movements of simulated surgical instrument in real time, and provide corresponding six degree of freedom information with the absolute error of less than 1 mm. In order to verify its feasibility, this method is integrated into soft tissue deformation simulation in virtual surgery, and the experimental results show that the developed apparatus is highly accurate, easily operated, and inexpensive.

Zhaoliang Duan, Zhiyong Yuan, Weixin Si, Xiangyun Liao, Jianhui Zhao

The Design of Antenna Control System Used in Flight Inspection System

Antenna control system (ACS)[1] is a very critical sub-system of the flight inspection system(FIS)[2][3], which controls the RF routes switching in the front of the FIS system. In this paper, an ACS system used in FIS system is introduced. The ACS system use the ACS controller, which is designed based on freescale 16-bit microcontroller MC9S12XDP512, to receive the control command the host computer through RS232 serial interface, and then it controls the microwave switches installed in the switch matrix to finally switch the RF routes. Functions like logic interlocks, operation protection are also performed by the ACS controller on different flight inspection operations to make sure no damage would occur in the inspection operations.

Zhang Yachao, Zhang Jun, Shi Xiaofeng

Modeling and Application of Battlefield Synthetic Natural Environment Based on Ontology

The battlefield synthetic natural environment (BSNE) modeling and simulation (M&S) is one of the directions in research on military M&S. Current researches of M&S for the BSNE are analyzed firstly. Ontology is applied to modeling the BSNE in this paper, and definitions of concepts, relationships, and attributes of the BSNE ontology are given. A processing for the BSNE semantic abstraction is presented, which makes the BSNE ontology compose with two main parts: a Spatial Ontology and a Semantic Ontology. A meta-model of the BSNE Spatial Ontology is built and the relationships between the BSNE Spatial Ontology and the Semantic Ontology are discussed. A prototype system for developing and applying the BSNE ontology is setup finally.

Bo Wang, Limin Zhang, Yan Li

Research for Influence of Different Leg Postures of Human Body in Walking on Plantar Pressure

This article uses Footscan plantar pressure analysis measuring system to study plantar pressure distribution. After comparing various index parameters of plantar mechanics characteristics of human body’s lower limbs in different walking postures, the result indicates that: different walking movements of lower limbs have certain influence on plantar pressure distribution, which results in sharp differences of regional mechanics characteristics.

Yi Gao

Overall Design and Quality Control of Equipment Based on Virtual Prototyping

The overall design scheme of equipment largely determines the equipment’s quality level. The application of Virtual Prototype (VP) technology into the overall design process can find equipment’s objection early, and to optimize equipment design, reduce design risk and improve equipment quality. This paper discusses the technical aspects of equipment quality control problems, analyze the feasibility of the use of the virtual prototype in equipment overall design, and established a relatively virtual prototype framework for equipment overall design.

Qingjun Meng, Chengming He

Simulation System of Air Transport Route Planning

Air transport is enjoying a rapid development in the modern society due to its advantages on convenience, comfort and speed. However, these advantages are followed by increasingly complex problems: there is higher demand on scientific and timeliness when considering significant designing and decision making in construction and production of air transport. The research on the problem of air transport become possible by virtue of the rapid development of computer simulation, which makes the development of air transportation simulation system become a urgent need nowadays. The most important issue of air transportation simulation is to solve the problem of air transport route planning, which paves roads for the further simulation of the whole process of air transport. Under investigation in this paper is a method in constructing a simulation system for air transport route planning. Though this method, complex tasks of air transport are simplified. Furthermore, domestic air transport system is simulated and its feasibility is verified.

Ming Tong, Hu Liu, MingHu Wu

A Corpus Callosum Segmentation Based on Adaptive Active Contour Model

Corpus callosum is very important for interhemispheric communication. A new corpus callosum segmentation scheme based on MR image is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the live-wire algorithm is adopted to compute the initial contour of ACM, which have small user interaction time and higher flexibility. Secondly, based on an improve GAC model, this scheme takes Neumann boundary condition as the termination condition of the curve evolution. Through test and comparison, the scheme’s high performance for the CC segmentation shows much promise for further clinical applications.

Jia Tong, Yu Xiao Sheng, Wei Ying, Wu Cheng Dong

3D Simulation System for Subway Construction Site

With the development of computer technology, VRT has been commenced to apply to system simulation field, and extensively used in the aspects including entertainment, medical treatment, education and training, engineering and construction etc. The paper introduces the VRT and some related platform software, discuss the train of thought and process for system exploitation, and especially go into the details of the related technology application. On the grounds of VRPplatform the system integrates the VRT and multimedia technology and ultimately accomplishes the full 3D visualization simulation for subway construction process and HCI, allowing the visual and comprehensive display of simulation menu of subway construction site and complete construction process via computer screen, which is inconvenient for outsiders to observe.

Zheng Zheng, Jing Ji

HLA Based Collaborative Simulation of Civil Aircraft Ground Services

Civil airport ground service is one of the important factors in airport adaptability evaluation. Through the civil aircraft ground service process analysis and HLA (High Level Architecture) distributed collaborative simulation technology applications, HLA simulation framework was established and airport ground service visualization collaborative simulation program was developed. By multiple terminals collaborative simulation, program intuitively displays aircraft ground service process for airport adaptability evaluation.

Wu Bo, Liu Hu, Zhang Yibo, Sun Yijie

Solving Singular Perturbation Problems by B-Spline and Artificial Viscosity Method

In this paper, we propose a B-spline collocation method using artificial viscosity for solving singularly perturbed two-point boundary-value problems (BVPs). The artificial viscosity has been introduced to capture the exponential features of the exact solution on a uniform mesh and the scheme comprises a B-spline collocation method, which leads to a tri-diagonal linear system. The design of artificial viscosity parameter is confirmed to be a crucial ingredient for simulating the solution of the problem. A relevant numerical example is also illustrated to demonstrate the accuracy of the method and to verify computationally the theoretical aspects. The result shows that the B-spline method is feasible and efficient and is found to be in good agreement with the exact solution.

Jincai Chang, Qianli Yang, Long Zhao

Computer Simulation and Calculation for Luminance Uniformity of Straight Line Radiation Sources

In order to avoid the macroscopically inhomogeneous characteristics of large area films which prepared by Photo-assisted MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition), processed by RIP (Rapid isothermal processing) technique, etc., the calculation of luminance uniformity is necessary. This thesis gives a basic calculation method about the radiation intensity of illumination caused by halogen-tungsten lamp like line radiation sources. A concept of average radiation intensity (ARI) of illumination was proposed to give quantification when radiation intensity is Rapidly Changed. The distribution of radiation sources influence on ARII is discussed. The numerical solution carried out by computer simulation directly confirms that the layout of radiation sources in this paper enhances the luminance uniformity. Consequently, the macroscopically inhomogeneous of the film is improved.

Jia Chen, Jia-wei Tan, Qing-huai Liu, Fan-rong Zhang

The Infeasible Combined Homotopy Method for a Class of Programming Problems

In this paper, a class of nonconvex programming problems with inequality constraint functions was studied, under the conditions that the boundary is regular and the feasible set is connected and bounded. At first, the infeasible constraint functions were constructed. Then, the infeasible combined homotopy equation was constructed to solve this problem. At last the existence of a smooth homotopy path from any initial point to the solution of the problem was established and the convergence of the method is proved.

Jia-wei Tani, Jia Chen, Qing-huai Liu

Generating Query Plans for Distributed Query Processing Using Genetic Algorithm

Query Processing is a key determinant in the overall performance of distributed databases. It requires processing of data at their respective sites and transmission of the same between them. These together constitute a distributed query processing strategy (DQP). DQP aims to arrive at an efficient query processing strategy for a given query. This strategy involves generation of efficient query plans for a distributed query. In case of distributed relational queries, the number of possible query plans grows exponentially with an increase in the number of relations accessed by the query. This number increases further when the relations, accessed by the query, have replicas at different sites. Such a large search space renders it infeasible to find optimal query plans. This paper presents a query plan generation algorithm that attempts to generate optimal query plans, for a given query, using genetic algorithm. The query plans so generated involve fewer sites, thus leading to efficient query processing. Further, experimental results show that the proposed algorithm converges quickly towards optimal query plans for an observed crossover and mutation probability.

T. V. Vijay Kumar, Shina Panicker


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