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This two-volume set of CCIS 391 and CCIS 392 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Information Computing and Applications, ICICA 2013, held in Singapore, in August 2013. The 126 revised full papers presented in both volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from 665 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on Internet computing and applications; engineering management and applications; Intelligent computing and applications; business intelligence and applications; knowledge management and applications; information management system; computational statistics and applications.



Internet Computing and Applications

Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Ultrasonic Sensor Network

For observation information from multiple sensors to analyze consolidated. To arrive at decisions and the information needed to estimate task processing, a novel fusion method is proposed based on the approach degree and weights. The method calculate mean and variance based on the measured sensor’s data, Using the maximum and minimum approach degree of this fuzzy set, the approach degree of the measured data from various sensors is processed quantitatively, eliminating outlier data by Grubbs method, assigned the weight’s of data measured in the fusion process reasonably, so that the final expression of the data fusion is obtained, thus the data fusion of multi-sensor is realized. The results demonstrate that this method can bring higher fusion precision and more suitable for microcontroller and embedded systems applications.

Huilin Lu

Research on OFDM Technology in 4G

As 3G (third generation mobile communication systems) is at the stage of increasingly large-scale application in China, multimedia communication services is one of the most prominent features in 3G, the technology research of the next generation mobile communication systems (Beyond 3G-after 3G) or (4G- four-generation mobile communication systems) has long been expanded. This paper is mainly researched by how to use OFDM technology as the core technology to effectively improve the transmission rate, increase the capacity of system, and avoid various interferences caused by high speed in the 4G mobile communication system.

Lina Yuan

Network Resource Search System Based on Cluster Architecture

The paper proposes network resource search system applying cluster architecture. Resource search system uses incremental update to control the cluster, which can realize collection and updating maintenance of network resource. The paper focuses on describing operating principle of the system, based on which the paper proposes the design and implementation of the system. Based on hash method of vector space, the system realizes load balance of cluster assignment, dynamically achieves running state of computing nodes by balanced CPU, MEMEORY, I/O and NET, and realizes dynamic monitor and change of task assignment scheduling policy. And the paper improves the efficiency of network resource search system by combing angle cosine vector method and incremental update.

Chen Yandong

Network Sharing Mode in the University Libraries

In the era of knowledge economy, the construction of the Information Commons is an inevitable trend of the further development of university libraries in the new era. The construction of the Information Commons of university libraries has important significance, which not only meets the needs of information on students and teachers, but also improves the educational function of the libraries. Therefore, this paper analyzes the practice of the network sharing mode of university libraries based on a large number of literature documents, and probes into some problems related to the design and implementation, so as to improve the application level and the degree of information sharing in university libraries.

Du Yu

Interaction Multi-station Network Based on Android Platform

This paper put forward to design mobile site applications of multi-station managed client for mobile phones, the other one is that Social + Local + Mobile (SLM) mode is introduced to android mobile management platform to design, and provide mobile users a new experience of social networking sites integration interface.

Jialin Gang, Shi Liu

Driving Program Design of Wireless Sensor Node

The key component of wireless sensor network (WSN) is wireless sensor node. This paper introduces the basic structure of the WSN node, which is composed by CC1100, explains the hardware interface circuit and the characteristics of CC1100, and describes in detail in the process of implementing the CC1100 driver within the embedded operating system of Windows CE, which is based on S3C6410, including CC1100 initialization, receiving and sending interruption, and the interface with the kernel of the operating system kernel etc.

Ju Jinwu, Luo Renjia

Using Behavior of Social Network Sites Based on Acceptance Model

The population of social network sites (SNSs) users in the world is growing rapidly, and the growth rate is beyond imagination. In light of this, this study conducting in-depth interviews to discover the relevant clues and factors that may affect users’ adoption of social network website. The results indicated that attitude has a significant influence on behavioral intention, and intrinsic motivation such as perceived playfulness has a positive influence on the creation of behavior intention. However, perceived usefulness shows no significant influence on behavioral motivation. Moreover, perceived playfulness, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and relationship development all have significant influence on behavior and attitude.

Ya-Kang Chiu, Chien-Wei Huang

Detection and Service Security Mechanism of XML Injection Attacks

The paper studies two classical XML injection attacks, structure-altering XML injection attack and parameter-error XML injection attack. For XML injection attacks, the paper proposes a detection method based on SOAP message verification tree. For the characteristics of parameter-error XML injection attack, the paper proposes a method that detects if there are nodes with the same name under a node of SOAP messages. Simulation results indicate that two detection schemes proposed in the paper is effective.

Zhao Tao

Web Database Based on Data Mining

In the vast data ocean, discovering and using the valuable information has become the key technology. The data mining is the powerful tool to solve this problem. In this paper, the commonly used data mining technology is introduced, and the current popular four Web database technologies are analyzed, and the data mining model that is suitable for comprehensive Web database is put forward finally. To sum up the above, it has certain theoretical research and practical application value.

Wu Yang-bo

Engineering Management and Applications

Training Data of City Tunnel Traffic Situation Awareness

The network of city Tunnel monitoring systems has accumulated a great deal of multi-source heterogeneous monitoring data, which mainly consists of video data, traffic data, environmental data, sensor data and so on. This paper discusses how to use the monitoring data to realize city tunnel traffic situation awareness. First, we need to mine a set of strong associated characteristic groups according to the association rules, and then determine the corresponding traffic awareness for each characteristic group to build our training data set for machine learning methods. Finally we can aware the situation of city tunnel traffic by using machine learning methods. We solve the problem of how to build the training data in the background of complex multi-source data, which is a prerequisite for many machine learning methods.

Lin Li, Weiguo Wu, Luo Zhong

Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Total Distortion Evaluation

The paper design a good performance arbitrary waveform generator with AD’s digital-analog chip AD760 as the core. Thesis mainly research hardware and software design of computer-controlled arbitrary waveform generator for the corresponding. Hardware part of the arbitrary waveform generator take Cygnal’s high-speed micro-controller C8051F310 micro-controller as the controller and AD760 circuit components of the design. We carried out anti-jamming design when hardware design, Including filtering, spare part handling of input pin, grounded, the power handling. The paper also describes a total distortion of periodic arbitrary waveform definition and evaluation process and methods, the energy is calculated using the time domain distortion, and the influence of the measurement system itself is compensated. This method can be used for arbitrary waveform generator arbitrary waveform distortion for accurate measurement and measurement calibration.

Jingyu Sun, Puzhong Ouyang

Synchronous Analysis of Electroencephalogram Based on Nonlinear Independence

The brain has the characteristic of high non linearity. Analyzing the synchronous relation between electroencephalograms of each channel can achieve important information integrated, transmitted and processed in different areas of the brain. The paper uses phase-space reconstruction and nonlinear interdependence to explore the characteristic of general synchronization between two-line channel electroencephalograms. Synchronous analysis method based on nonlinear independence is applied to analyze epilepsy signals. From the analysis, we can see that the brain strengthens synchronously when epilepsy attacks, which not only can make us determine the areas of the brain which play a leading role in epilepsy, but also intuitively displays propagation characteristic of epilepsy.

Bai Yifan

MIDI Music Generator Based on STM32

This paper describes a use of ARM processors STM32F407ZET6’s and MIDI music generator hardware and software design and implementation, STM32F407ZET6 communicate with the host computer through serial ports, and the cpu can access and quickly identify the vocal baseband data, and finally convert it to a MIDI sound chip that can recognize MIDI message, so that the MIDI sound source and vocal fundamental frequency corresponding to the different sounds of electronic tones.

Xinyuan Guo

Operating Policy of Short-Term Power Dispatch for a Wind Farm

This paper investigates diesel units (DU)-battery energy storage systems (BESS) scheme to enable short-term dispatch commitment from a grid-connected wind turbine generating power station.The scheme is supplied by two distributed resources (DR) units, i.e., a synchronous machine and an electronically interfaced BESS. An operating policy to schedule short-term power dispatch for the scheme based on wind power forecast of the next interval,load demand and the charging/discharging characteristics of BESS is proposed. The studies show that an appropriate control strategy which by tracking active currents of BESS can ensure an acceptable level of dispatch security while maximizing wind energy harness.

Cheng-Xiang Sun, Wenxia Pan, Gengtao Guo

Mechanical Virtual Experiment Based on Flash Technology

Virtual experiment teaching platform can effectively solve the problem of insufficient funding experiments. Articles can be developed advanced complexity equipment through the virtual platform, to allow students a deep understanding of the image of the device body movement principle, to acquire knowledge itself; the other hand, the platform is a good solution to student learning in time and space on limitations. This paper analyzes the development of virtual experiment at home and abroad, through the comparison of various learning theories and studies comparing various virtual reality technologies, the characteristics for the mechanical discipline. The paper developed a mechanical virtual experimental teaching platform based on Flash technology, the device will integrated techniques of self-observation, self-disassembly, self-planning connection, 3D simulation, automatic calculation of the corresponding motion analysis in one, with a visual, interactive, scalable, and many other advantages that can be developed .

Limei Wang

Digital Library Based on Cloud Computing

In order to improve the intelligent and personalized services, we implement the intelligent service of digital library by the strong cloud computing and background processing ability. First carry out detailed introduction on the adaptive systematic content and form of digital library under cloud environment, then expose the key modules in detail, finally using the example simulation to verify the performance of this method in digital library intelligent and personalized service.

Fu Jia, Yan Shi, Li Tongwei

Intelligent Computing and Applications

Design of Second Language Acquisition Mobile Learning Resources

The process and characteristics of the instructional design of mobile learning resources are studied in this paper. First we analyzed the characteristics of mobile learning resources, and studied each step in the designing process, considering the characteristics of learners’ mobility. Then we referred to international digital learning resources standards and criteria, considering the characteristics of mobile equipments, learners and second language acquisition. We developed a resources designing model suitable for mobile learning. In the end, we also gave some advices to the resource-designers.

Zhang Peng, Li Jing

Secondary Developments Based on BIM Virtual Technology

The article introduces and summarizes the existing BIM technology and virtual construction technology, starting from the construction status and the actual demand, to analyze the application of BIM in construction engineering; and practice of virtual construction technology is studied through the professional modeling software and software development platform combining, realize visual management construction process; and combined with the two development achieved acquisition of specific information in the BIM model and component collision detection function, and provide powerful technical support for the further construction of buildings.

Siwen Bai

Three-Dimensional Modeling Technology in Virtual Reality

With the rapid development of our country’ economy, related technology of computer has obtained quick development, among which computer hardware and software have a good performance used in every industry and every field. During recent years, computer technology has entered towards the era of 3D, namely entering into the age of using 3D technology of computers. More and more enterprises have completed various scientific research using computer three-dimensional models. Virtual reality, visualization of mechanical calculation and computer animation has already become three major means of 3D computing. In virtual reality, modeling technique is the most critical method. In this paper, we would explain the construction method of virtual reality with the method of 3D modeling method of engineering survey.

Heng Chen

Scene Matching Techniques: Modeling and Analysis

To guide the studies in scene matching, the problem of scene matching is modeled and its influencing factors are analyzed. According to sources, influencing factors are cataloged into three types: 1) changes of scenes; 2) changes of imaging conditions; 3) changes of sensors. For each factor, its mechanism is discussed. After simplification, three important factors, the illumination, projection and multimodal, are considered to be main constraints of current algorithms.

Li Xiang

Networked Intelligent Retrieval System Based on Semantic

This paper makes full use of the advantages of the semantic ontology based on framework of semantic intelligent retrieval system, improved the traditional retrieval system that only query contains keywords,which lack limits between semantic relation conceptions, so as to enhance the relevance and associative retrieval results, improve system reusability,reliability, standardization and retrieval rate.

Meng Zhang, Chanle Wu, Gang Ye

Design and Implementation of Computer Immune System

Designing a novel computer security system based on the basic principles and ideas of Artificial Immune System (AIS) is a new direction in computer security technology research. Based on artificial immune principles, the paper makes deep exploratory research on computer immune technology based on the host. Starting from the system call, the paper makes exploratory research on computer immune response mechanism, which has important practical significance for studying computer security technology.

Zhao Tao

Incremental Updating Algorithm of Weighted Negative Association Rules

Incremental updating algorithm for mining negative association rules is different from positive association rules mining. With the continued increase of the data records in the database, incremental updating association rules technique represent an important class of knowledge that can be discovered from data warehouses. Incremental updating algorithm is important for mining infrequent item sets in dynamic databases. In this paper, we proposed an incremental updating algorithm of weighted negative association rules (WNARI). By comparing weighted itemsets and unweighted case, the number of incremental updating negative association rules on weighted condition is less than the unweighted.

He Jiang, Wenqing Lei

Research of Intelligent Evacuation System

Design a system that combines the professional intelligent evacuation system and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), which can dynamically guide people to leave the fire site in the shortest time through a safe route according to instantaneity situation.

Weijie He, Zhouxiong Wu, Qingrui Liu

Business Intelligence and Applications

System Model of University Finance Based on Quantitative Decision-Making Process and Chain Interaction

This paper analyzes the features of university financial management under the new situation of economy age, on the basis of the new situation, new problems have been introduced, also put forward new measures to solve the problems of university financial management. These measures can meet the basic requirements of knowledge economy age on the financial management. In twenty-first Century, along with the economic globalization and the knowledge-based economy and the rapid development of electronic commerce, financial management theory and method has been greatly changed. Therefore, the practical significance of research on university financial management in the knowledge economy age lies in perfecting the financial management system and guarding against financial risks.

Taohua Zeng, Feng Zhu

Analytical Approximation Solution for Differential Equations with Piecewise Constant Arguments of Alternately Advanced and Retarded Type

In this work, the variational iteration method is used for analytic treatment of differential equations with piecewise constant arguments of alternately advanced and retarded type. In order to prove the precision of the results, some comparisons are also made between the exact solutions and the results of the numerical method and the variational iteration method. The obtained results reveal that the method is very effective and convenient for constructing differential equations with piecewise constant arguments.

Qi Wang, Cui Guo, Ruixiang Zeng

Study on Safety and Reliability of Logistics Network System

This paper proposed the construction of logistics requirements of the safety system in warehousing, transportation, information and transaction 4 features and technical equipment, process specifications, and personnel management 3 level,and the entire system is divided into the prevention, protection and emergency three sub-systems. Finally, according to the supply chain thinking, proposes construction of safety measures based guidelines for safety chain logistics system.

Xiaoying Che

Pharmaceutical Drugs Logistics, Storage, Security with RFID Sensor Networks

This paper analyzes the management of pharmaceutical drugs problem and the characteristics of RFID sensor networks. Then it describes how to use RFID sensor network technology to solve pharmaceutical drugs logistics, storage security, which improves pharmaceutical logistics service, and enhances pharmaceutical drug safety management to reduce accidents.

Yin Qun, Zhang jianbo

Research on Integration of Information Flow and Logistics Based on TPL

In VMI mode, logistics outsourcing to third-party logistics, although vendors can solve logistics capabilities and information issues such as lack of capacity, but also increases the complexity of the operation of the VMI. VMI-based third party logistics operation mode (i.e. VMI & TPL mode), the supply chain information flow and logistics bound to change. For example VMI mode transport, distribution and inventory management changes; information sources, information transmission and information sharing changes. Therefore, for the introduction of third-party logistics VMI works, how to effectively integrate information flow and logistics, third party logistics and VMI achieve the organic integration has become necessary to solve the problem. This article from the system’s perspective on VMI & TPL mode information flow and logistics integration have deeply study and to achieve the desired goals.

Tiangong Zhang

Study on Data Mining in Digital Libraries

Data mining technology is playing an increasingly important role in information utilizing and extracting. Based on the description of the data mining technology, this paper discusses the application of data mining in the digital libraries from three aspects, describes the necessity of data mining technology in digital libraries, and puts forward a mining system model based on data mining technology in digital libraries.

Chen Bin

Poultry Disease Data Mining Platform Based on Strategy Pattern

With the development of the technology of artificial intelligence, statistical analysis and database technology of data mining gradually, many data mining methods are applied to the field of poultry disease research. This paper study the strategy pattern of object oriented software design patterns in data mining application scientific research software platform design and development, and puts forward the design summary of the platform. The paper proposes a data mining study ways of thinking: in order to achieve the disease data encapsulation algorithm package, to achieve a unified interface. Realize different data mining methods in a certain type of disease problems, A certain kind of data mining methods used in different diseases.

Jia Chen

Green Elderly Community and Elderly Apartment Based on Environmental Resource Superiority

At present, the suburb retirement products with environmental resource superiority are gradually popular because of the heavy urban pollution. The paper analyzes the types of environmental resources and distinctive design methods. Combined with white sand source program in Kunming, the paper practices design methods of green elderly community and elderly apartment based on environmental resource.

Fang Cheng

Research on Rule of Project Risk Transfer

Various project risk factors are not isolated from each other. There is a mutual influence among the factors as well as an interaction between the factors and their consequences. Research on the transfer laws between them can get more comprehensive insight in project risks. In this paper, analyzed the interactions between various project risk factors, elaborated 4 kinds of basic project risk transfer structure, discussed horizontal and vertical transfer modes of project risks, built Markov model of project risks transfer, and provided a case to verifying the model.

Li Xiaosong, Lv Bin, Zhan Ming, Han Li

Client Credit Evaluation Index System of Logistics Enterprises Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive and Analytic Hierarchy Process

Much accounts receivable is occurred in the transactions of logistics enterprises, so the judgment of risk is necessary for operation of the logistics enterprises. Client Credit Evaluation Index System of Logistics Enterprises construction is studied in this paper. The evaluation index system of client credit for logistics enterprises is constructed by using the method of fuzzy comprehensive, and the index weight is determined by Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). An application example is studied, and the results are compatible with the facts. It illustratesthe effectiveness of the proposed evaluation index system of client credit.

Yong Luo, Zhiya Chen

Knowledge Management and Applications

Research on Real Time Data Warehouse Architecture

Real time data warehouse is the research hotspots of data warehouse. It expands the application scope of data warehouse and provides real-time decision-making system for business users. This paper describes the concepts of real time data warehouse and proposes a real time data warehouse architecture which is based on real-time cache storage. The architecture consists of three main components: real-time data capture and integration, business event management component and view materialization decision. There are two key technologies: real-time data extraction and materialized view decision-making. This paper describes existing solutions and their shortcomings, then proposes feasible technical solutions: real-time data extraction based on transaction log analysis and materialized view estimation model with time factor.

Rui Jia, Shicheng Xu, Chengbao Peng

Regional Road Network Shortest Path Algorithm in Vehicle Navigation Systems

According to the characteristics of the regional road network, analyze the connectivity among the road sections, and draw to seek the regional road network the shortest path algorithm between two nodes. First, the paper will introduce the research background and significance of the vehicle navigation system, and analyze the research status and development prospects of the issue; secondly, build the regional road network model according to the transportation network map; then further describes Floyd algorithm of the shortest path, and gives the C language code; finally, take actual traffic map in Tangshan city of Hebei province as network model, the paper achieves purpose by the use of Floyd algorithm and provides a scientific and rational calculation basis for system realization.

Ying Li, Aimin Yang, Donghui Li

DM Data Mining Based on Improved Apriori Algorithm

Association rules are the key technology in data mining; it has a very broad applying foreground in many industries. An improved association rules algorithms based on Apriori was proposed in this paper. And it will be used in direct mail data mining. By analyzing the normative database of users’ sets, we can get item set which satisfy the minimal support degree, and form the rule set. We can get more accurate DM data mining results than other methods by testing the post DM database. Experiments indicate the validity of the method.

Yongping Wang, Yanfeng Jin, Ying Li, Keming Geng

Multi-Point Shortest Path in the Complex Road Network Based on Floyd Algorithm

The problem of shortest path about multi-point which is based on Complex network model is a classical algorithm in graph theory; the theory is to find the optimal path among each pair of vertices. Firstly, the paper will introduce the research background and significance of the shortest path problem, and analyze the research status and development prospects of the subject; then, the paper will further described Floyd algorithm of the shortest path problem, and give an example based on this algorithm; Finally, the paper will take main campus map of Hebei united university as a network model, Providing a scientific and rational basis for calculating for the realization of the system by the application of the Floyd algorithm.

Ying Li, Donghui Li, Yaping Yu

Modeling and Simulation of Semi-Active Suspension for Vehicle

In order to shorten the development cycle of semi-active suspension, a batch processing modeling method is studied. 1/4 of the semi-active suspension model is constructed based on AMESim software in this modeling method. Through changing model’s parameters, the simulation results are compared and the system’s performance is analyzed. The compared simulation results showed that this paper’s modeling method is feasible and right, using this method to development semi-active suspension can short development cycle and the semi-active suspension’s performance can be improved.

Zhao Chang Li, Zhang Zhu Lin, Li Ai Juan

Research on Tracking Filters Algorithm in Waveform Selection Application

The problem of target tracking in waveform selection application is considered in this paper. Firstly, we compare the current tracking algorithms and put emphasis on the integral-free ones .Secondly, basic model for waveform selection is constructed and we focus on the common nonlinear problem. By comparing the Unscented Kalman filters, Cubature Kalman filters and Square-root Cubature Kalman filters, an modified SCKF is proposed so as to increase the tracking properties. Two simulations and analysis for tracking is made for testing, and the result shows that modified SCKF performs better in improving estimation accuracy.

Yu Daobin, Wu Yanhong, Zhu Weigang

Accurate Assessment Model for Multi-system GNSS

Traditional methodology and mathematical model neglected the influence of secondary code which is a commonly component in new signal structure onto the assessment of multi-system GNSS compatibility and did not quantificational give the condition under which the model for the signals with long code and high data rate can be simplified. In this paper, through the exploration of Galileo E5 signals, the influence of secondary code onto the spectral separation coefficient (SSC) was discussed. Based on that conception, we modified the existing formula and quantificational presented a threshold of data rate and length of primary and secondary code so that the traditional methodology can be replaced by a simplified model without gigantic calculating time and quantity. The power spectral density (PSD) and SSC of assumed signals which meet the threshold above was respectively calculated. The simulation results prove the correctness of the proposed assessment model.

Zhongliang Deng, Guanyi Wang, Zhongwei Zhan, Hui Dong

Quality and Safety Warning Model of Entropy Edible Forest Products Based on Extension Theory

In order to ensure the safety of our food, so that preventive measures, we must constantly improve our country’s food security early warning system. Food is security early warning multi-level, multi-dimensional and dynamic requirements, using the entropy weight and Extension theory of edible forest products Extension Theory Based on Entropy quality and safety warning model. Food safety data, combined with a forestry enterprise and quantitative evaluation of the status of food security early warning validation the reasonable and applicability of the model.

Peng Zhang, Baoyong Li, Zhongping Luan, Zhongsu Ma

Information Management System

A Prediction Model Based on Time Series Data in Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System has a new kind of complicated time series data which would be the traffic flow, average speed or some other traffic condition information at the same time period. All above data is useful and important for our traffic system which includes the traffic flow prediction, tendency analysis or cluster. With the development in time series analysis model and their applications, it is important to focus on how to find the useful and real-time traffic information from the Intelligent Transportation System. Using this method of building models for the Intelligent Transportation System is the way to solve the traffic prediction problem and make control of the massive traffic network.

Jun Wu, Luo Zhong, Lingli Li, Aiyan Lu

A Model-Driven Interactive System

Model-driven interactive system development mainly solves the user interface development problems of the diverse and heterogeneous client devices in the new computing model such as pervasive computing and cloud computing. This paper analyzed the problems that existed in this development approach, and put forward an architecture pattern ALV+. This pattern was integrated with CAMELOAN reference framework. So a novel model-driven interactive system development approach was designed. This approach divided the user interface into several models: abstract interface, concrete interface, device interface and event description, which made the presentation and transformation of the models simple, and decreased the redundancy among the models. Then a case study was used to verify the effectiveness of the approach, and confirmed that this method could solve the problems of the model-driven approach to some extent.

Hao Wu, Qing-yi Hua

WAP Mobile Teaching System Based on Campus Network

The mobile teaching system of WAP teaching website based on digital wireless campus network, its design is primarily on teaching of WAP site development and construction of hardware environments based on WAP technology. Thesis start from current students e-learning habits, elaborated on WAP Mobile teaching systems concepts and technologies, through the analysis of the mobile learning system software design of the main teaching site WAP model, designed for the digital wireless systems hardware environment of the campus to achieve digital wireless campus network based on WAP Mobile teaching system construction of the teaching website.

Fang Chen, Zhengjie Li

A Robust Fault Detection Approach in Network Control Systems with Short Time Delay

For the complexity of network, networked control systems (NCS) have higher level of demands for safety and reliability than general systems. Therefore, the research on fault detection of networked control system has great theoretical and applied value. The networked control systems can be modeled using the Matlab/Simulink. There a state observer is designed, and then a simulation is conducted in allusion to the network’s time-delay problem. Its influence upon the system’s performance shows good.

Zijian Dong, Yongguang Ma

LBS and Mobile Internet-Based Monitoring System Architecture

With the improvement of phone performance and enhancement of the quality of LBS services, mobile Internet-based surveillance is possible. We propose an LBS and mobile Internet-based position monitoring system architecture, which under the premise of ensuring information security can achieve remote management and monitoring on the host. The architecture is based on the Android platform that can provide a host of real-time location, location reporting and queries, time control, the application of applied statistics and constraints, intercept phone messages and other remote monitoring services. Host establishes the binding relationship with the controller, then you can remotely control terminal for the real-time monitoring. Control client can view the controller via LBS location and the surrounding environment, and adjust as needed monitoring methods. Meanwhile, the architecture provides a Web client query feature, with which the controller receives commands interacting with the server; the remote host can query information through the Web page, so as to achieve uniform treatment and location recording purposes.

Kun Liu, Kun Ma, Wei Liu

Model Design of Digital Instructional System Based on AR Technology

With the rapid development of such disciplines and areas as computer vision, computer graphics, Internet, communication network and the software and hardware of computers, researches on the theory of AR technology and on the commercial application have been undertaken with great achievements in recent years, hence successful application of AR technology to such domains as military affairs, education and entertainment. This thesis shall begin with the model of animation characters, research the feasibility of application of AR technology to instructional system of design of animation model, design the model of digital instructional system of model design based upon AR technology. Through experimental tests and researches, it also analyzes the advantages of that system in teaching practices of model designing, argument relevant key technology in the system and provides experimental results of the working system.

Riji Yu, Cunchen Tang, Shushan Hu

Programming Error Based on Ellipse Variable Programming

To reduce variable programming errors, improve products NC processing precision, based on ellipse, researched the programming approximate error characteristics, when taking






as its argument, found that the approximate error distributions and the maximum approximate errors are clearly different; By the analysis of error characteristics, proposes a theory that selecting appropriate independent variables and using multi-variable segmentation programming to reduce programming errors.

Chen Xiaohong, Ye Jun, Ling Xunfeng

Library Management System Based on Recommendation System

With wide application of management system, information data grows rapidly. On one hand, people have a large number of information resources. On the other hand, the time cost and difficulty of people finding the proper information increases. In recent years, recommendation system attracts the attention of many researchers including management science, informatics and physics. From the application of recommendation system to library management system, the paper analyzes the key technology, makes application research on book recommendation system based on content filtering and collaborative filtering, and proposes collaborative filtering algorithm which is an improved recommendation algorithm. From the perspective of system application and design, the paper designs the structure, function module and user interface of book recommendation system.

Fu Jia, Yan Shi

Enterprise After-Sales Management System Based on J2EE

With the globalization of market and economy, more and more enterprises realize that it is more and more important to improve the competiveness of enterprise and after-sales service system. Traditional after-sales service system only focuses on the business process of the system and ignores a lot of important information in various after-sales service data. Data mining is a Knowledge Discovery in Database. It can help to find out some potential and valuable information and knowledge from daily experiences in favor of decision-making. The paper combines the design thought of data mining and J2EE architecture technology to analyze the application of data mining to after-sales service.

Yang Hongxia, Mu Ping, Sun Yuqing

Computational Statistics and Applications

Bounds for the Norms of Symmetric Toeplitz Matrices in Information Theory

In recent years, there have been several papers on the norms of some special matrices. However, the bounds of symmetric Toeplitz matrix is still not clear, which is an important issue for related research area. In this paper, focusing on the theoretical analysis and mathematical proof, we find out some bounds for a symmetric Toeplitz matrix which is widely used in information theory with the first row (






, ⋯ ,



 − 1

) in the case of












, where






are Pell number and Pell-Lucas number respectively.

Zhaolin Jiang, Ziwu Jiang

New Path Following Algorithm for Convex Programming

To study a path following algorithm for tracing a constraint shifting combined homogony method for convex nonlinear programming. The method is based on the technique of


-cone neighbourhood which ensures the obtained iterative points are in the interior of the constraint shifting feasible set. To establish the global linear convergence of the algorithm the numerical experiments indicate that the algorithm is efficient.

Xiaona Fan, Dianxuan Gong

Improved Randomized Algorithm for Square Root Extraction

Square root extraction plays a key role in cryptosystems based on elliptic curves. Motwani and Raghavan had proposed an algorithm for square root extraction over finite field



, where


is an odd prime. It is a randomized algorithm with expected running time






). Its complexity relies mainly on the loops calling Euclid’s algorithm for polynomials over



. In this paper, we propose an improvement of it. The new algorithm calls a subroutine for computing a Legendre symbol. Since the running time of computing a Legendre symbol is much less than that of Euclid’s algorithm for polynomials over



, the new algorithm is more efficient. It only takes time






). We also compare the new algorithm with those algorithms for square root extraction over finite fields.

Lihua Liu, Zhengjun Cao, Qian Sha

Solutions of Ill-Posed Linear Equations

Linear system of equations is been used more and more widely in social life. Most people use the estimated value for a variety of computing that will cause a lot of errors. Familiar with a variety of ill-posed linear equations solution can make us grasp the algorithm and make the error reduce to the minimum in practice, thereby increasing the accuracy to reduce unnecessary trouble. The




calculation solution equivalent to solve the (








perturbation equations of floating point error analysis results shown. We choose algorithm to make the ||


|| as small as possible. In order to simplify the calculation, the perturbation matrix generally desirable as the simplest rank one type, this paper discusses the problem and gives a feasible algorithm.

Yamian Peng, Jincai Chang, Yan Yan

Soution of Convection-Diffusion Equations

Partial differential equations are an important part of mathematics in science and its numerical solution occupies an important position in the numerical analysis. Partial differential equations are closely related to human life and it has important research value. At present, people have studied its solutions in depths and achieved a lot of valuable results. The current solution is the finite element method and finite different method. The convection-diffusion equation is more closely related to human activities, especially complex physical processes. The behavior of many parameters in flow phenomena follows the convection-diffusion equation, such as momentum and heat. The convection-diffusion equation is also used to describe the diffusion process in environmental science, such as the pollutant transport in the atmosphere, oceans, lakes, rivers or groundwater. The research of the convection-diffusion equation is of great importance. Partial differential equation theory has important applications in the solution of the convection-diffusion equation. This chapter mainly talks about the application of the finite difference method in the solution of the convection-diffusion equation.

Yamian Peng, Chunfeng Liu, Linan Shi

Product Tolerance Engineering Based on the Mathematical Statistics

Flow process of material production often has a problem that the formulation of the range of products tolerance is either too wide or too narrow, which is because the integrated process is not fully considered. With mathematical statistical method, we can do statistical work about the standard deviation of the products when product is in the stable state. Then choose appropriate comprehensive process capability coefficient, and estimate the actual size distribution of the products. Based on this, we can make products tolerance and solve the problem that makes the range of products tolerance too wide or too narrow. So the products not only can meet customer requirements but also bring its potential to the full. Improve the product quality, and also improve the economic benefit of enterprise.

Yucang Chao, Weitan Chao

Small Sample Prediction Based on Grey Support Vector Machine

The concept of grey system is evolving from the concept of “black box”, mainly focusing on objects with clear extension but vague intension. The core part of grey system theory is dynamic modeling, which has organically combined theory and actual situation, so as to solve and instruct actual problem.Support Vector Machine method is determining decision function according to limited sample information and little support vector quality. The counting process is not relevant to space dimensionality, mainly dealing with novel small sample study method of non-linear regression problems. In this paper, through introducing combining grey system theory and support vector machine theory, combining grey prediction model and support vector machine model, the possibility of combining these two has been attained.

Nie Shaohua

Simulation of Liquid Film Flowing Outside the Elliptical Tube

The elliptical tube is set as object of the study. From the angles of hydromechanics and heat transfer science, and with technical characteristics of falling film evaporation and seawater desalination of horizontal tubes, the thesis uses theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and experimental study. It researches liquid film flowing outside the elliptical tube, and also heat and mass transfer of the film. Contrastive analysis with circular tube is also conducted. The thesis shall probe into superiority and feasibility when the elliptical tube is applied to falling film evaporation and seawater desalination of horizontal tubes. It conducts exploratory researches for further development of seawater desalination technology in China.

Chunhua Qi, Houjun Feng, Qingchun Lv, Ke Xu

On the Type of Multiple Taylor Series and Random Taylor Series

It is studied that type of entire functions of multiple Taylor series and multiple random Taylor series. The characterization of type of entire functions of multiple Taylor series and multiple random Taylor series has obtained in terms of their Taylor’s series coefficients.

Wanchun Lu, Youhua Peng

Fuzzy Number Ranking Based on Combination of Deviation Degree and Centroid

This paper first analyses the disadvantage of two methods of ranking fuzzy numbers based on deviation degree and centroid, then introduces the concept of height weight ratio. After then gives a new method of ranking fuzzy numbers, which can make up the disadvantage of the two methods above. Finally, some illustrative examples are given to verify the effectiveness of the new method.

Dan Wang, Guoli Zhang, Hua Zuo

Existence of Almost Periodic Solutions to a Class of Non-autonomous Functional Integro-differential Stochastic Equations

In this paper, a class of non-autonomous functional integro-differential stochastic equations in a real separable Hilbert space is studied. When the operators A(t) satisfy Acquistapace-Terreni conditions, and with some suitable assumptions, the existence and uniqueness of a square-mean almost periodic mild solution to the equations are obtained.

Lijie Li, Yu Feng, Weiquan Pan

A Commuting Pair in Quantum Qroupoids



be a weak Hopf algebra (quantum groupoid) in the sense of [1]. Then in this note we first introduce weak Drinfeld double




) and character algebra




) of


. Next we define a weak




)-module algebra and a




)-module on






), the centralizer of



. Finally we prove that if H is a semisimple weak Hopf algebra over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic 0, then the action of




) on






) and the action of




) on






) form a commuting pair, which generalizes the main result in [11].

Bing-liang Shen


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