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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 1/2000

Ausgabe 1/2000

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.01.2000 | Introduction | Ausgabe 1/2000

From E-Business to Electronic Commerce: Integration of Web Technologies with Business Models

Michael J. Shaw

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Building an E-Business from Enterprise Systems

Michael J. Shaw

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Web-based Procurement New Roles for Intermediaries

Stefan Klein, Rolf Alexander Teubner

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

The Dynamics of the Electronic Market: An Evolutionary Game Approach

Sulin Ba, Andrew B. Whinston, Han Zhang

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Web-based Supply Chain Management

Gek Woo Tan, Michael J. Shaw, Bill Fulkerson

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Supplier Affiliated Extended Supply Chain Backbones

Daniel G. Conway

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

IBIZA: E-market Infrastructure for Custom-built Information Products

Ashish Arora, Gregory Cooper, Ramayya Krishnan, Rema Padman

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Software Agents for Environmental Scanning in Electronic Commerce

Shuhua Liu, Efraim Turban, Matthew K.O. Lee

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

The Impact of Intranet Technology on Power in Franchisee/Franchisor Relationships

Michael H. Dickey, Blake Ives

01.01.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

The Rise of Neo-Intermediation: The Transformation of the Brokerage Industry

Dr. Ravi Kalakota, Dr. Benn Konsynski

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