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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 1/2015

Ausgabe 1/2015

Special Issue on IS/IT Success and Failure

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01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Foreword: Information Systems Frontiers

Volume 17, Number 1, 2015
Ram Ramesh, H. Raghav Rao

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Microeconomics and operations research: Their interactions and differences

Kenneth Arrow

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Guest editorial: Grand successes and failures in IT: Private and public sectors

Yogesh K. Dwivedi, David Wastell, Helle Zinner Henriksen, Rahul De’

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Failure of large transformation projects from the viewpoint of complex adaptive systems: Management principles for dealing with project dynamics

Marijn Janssen, Haiko van der Voort, Anne Fleur van Veenstra

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Technology assimilation through conjunctures – a look at IS use in retail

Ravi Anand Rao, Rahul De’

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Repertoires of collaboration for common operating pictures of disasters and extreme events

Deborah Bunker, Linda Levine, Carol Woody

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Knowledge transfer planning and execution in offshore outsourcing: An applied approach

Sabine Madsen, Keld Bødker, Thomas Tøth

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015 Open Access

Designing an information system for updating land records in Bangladesh: Action design ethnographic research (ADER)

Laurence Brooks, M. Shahanoor Alam

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

The formation of technology mental models: the case of voluntary use of technology in organizational setting

Amany Elbanna, Henrik C. J. Linderoth

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Developing and validating a hierarchical model of external responsiveness: A study on RFID technology

Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, Mohammed Quaddus

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Investigating success of an e-government initiative: Validation of an integrated IS success model

Nripendra P. Rana, Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Michael D. Williams, Vishanth Weerakkody

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Research on information systems failures and successes: Status update and future directions

Yogesh K. Dwivedi, David Wastell, Sven Laumer, Helle Zinner Henriksen, Michael D. Myers, Deborah Bunker, Amany Elbanna, M. N. Ravishankar, Shirish C. Srivastava

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Antecedents of cognitive trust and affective distrust and their mediating roles in building customer loyalty

Jung Lee, Jae-Nam Lee, Bernard C. Y. Tan

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Lemon complaints: When online auctions go sour

Judy E. Scott, Dawn G. Gregg, Jae Hoon Choi

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Profiling internet banking users: A knowledge discovery in data mining process model based approach

Gunjan Mansingh, Lila Rao, Kweku-Muata Osei-Bryson, Annette Mills

01.02.2015 | Ausgabe 1/2015

Information systems frontiers: Keyword analysis and classification

Chulhwan Chris Bang

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