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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 2/2004

Ausgabe 2/2004

Special Issue: A Review of U.S. Criminal Civil and Evidence Law as it Applies to Computer Technology

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01.06.2004 | Ausgabe 2/2004

Introduction—Cybercrime: A Note on International Issues

Susan W. Brenner, Joseph J. Schwerha IV

01.06.2004 | Ausgabe 2/2004

U.S. Cybercrime Law: Defining Offenses

Susan W. Brenner

01.06.2004 | Ausgabe 2/2004

Cybercrime: Legal Standards Governing the Collection of Digital Evidence

Joseph J. Schwerha IV

01.06.2004 | Ausgabe 2/2004

An Overview of Leading Current Legal Issues Affecting Information Technology Professionals

Jeffrey H. Matsuura

01.06.2004 | Ausgabe 2/2004

Electronic Evidence and the Law

Scott M. Giordano

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