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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 2/2005

Ausgabe 2/2005

Special Issue: Mobile Computing and Communications: Systems, Models and Applications

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01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Guest Editors’ Introduction

Giri K. Tayi, Ram Ramanathan, S. S. Ravi, Sanjay Goel

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Performance Comparison of Several Non-Linear Equalizers in the Context of Mobile Telecommunications

João-Batista Destro-Filho

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Signaling Performance Trials and Evaluation Results on a GPRS Platform

Nikolas V. Stylianides, George V. Stephanopoulos, George S. Tselikis, Michael Dopher

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Reactive Mobility by Failure: When Fail Means Move

Alejandro Zunino, Marcelo Campo, Cristian Mateos

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

Inter-organizational Emergency Medical Services: Case Study of Rural Wireless Deployment and Management

Thomas A. Horan, Benjamin Schooley

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

An Empirical Study of Use Contexts in the Mobile Internet, Focusing on the Usability of Information Architecture

Hoyoung Kim, Jinwoo Kim, Yeonsoo Lee

01.05.2005 | Ausgabe 2/2005

The Network Investment Economics of the Mobile Wireless Industry

Hemant K. Sabat

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