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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 2/2008

Ausgabe 2/2008

Special Issue on Information Systems (IS) Sourcing, Guest Editors: Rudy Hirschheim, Jens Dibbern and Armin Heinzl

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Foreword to the special issue on IS sourcing

Rudy Hirschheim, Jens Dibbern, Armin Heinzl

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Firm strategic profile and IT outsourcing

Benoit A. Aubert, Guillaume Beaurivage, Anne-Marie Croteau, Suzanne Rivard

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

An integrative model of trust on IT outsourcing: Examining a bilateral perspective

Jae-Nam Lee, Minh Q. Huynh, Rudy Hirschheim

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Understanding the outsourcing learning curve: A longitudinal analysis of a large Australian company

Julie Fisher, Rudy Hirschheim, Robert Jacobs

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Information technology workforce skills: The software and IT services provider perspective

Tim Goles, Stephen Hawk, Kate M. Kaiser

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Strategic dependence on the IT resource and outsourcing: A test of the strategic control model

Detmar Straub, Peter Weill, Kathy S. Schwaig

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

The impact of process standardization on business process outsourcing success

Kim Wüllenweber, Daniel Beimborn, Tim Weitzel, Wolfgang König

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Turnover intentions of Indian IS professionals

Mary C. Lacity, Vidya V. Iyer, Prasad S. Rudramuniyaiah

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

The impact of cultural differences in offshore outsourcing—Case study results from German–Indian application development projects

Jessica K. Winkler, Jens Dibbern, Armin Heinzl

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

A US Client’s learning from outsourcing IT work offshore

Joseph W. Rottman, Mary C. Lacity

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