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Information Systems Frontiers

Information Systems Frontiers 3/2002

Ausgabe 3/2002

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 8 Artikel )

01.09.2002 | Editorial Introduction | Ausgabe 3/2002

Co-Design of Business and IT Systems—Introduction by Guest Editors

Kecheng Liu, Lily Sun, Keith Bennett

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Language/Action Meets Organisational Semiotics: Situating Conversations with Norms

Aldo de Moor

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Navigating the Gap Between Action and a Serving Information System

Donna Champion, Frank Stowell

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Electronic Markets for Architects—The Architecture of Electronic Markets

Mareike Schoop

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Developing a Theory to Explain the Insights Gained Concerning Information Systems and Business Process Behaviour: The ASSESS-IT Project

Julie Eatock, Ray J. Paul, Alan Serrano

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Linking Business Processes and Information Systems Provision in a Dynamic Environment

I. Beeson, S. Green, J. Sa, A. Sully

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

Domain Modelling and the Co-Design of Business Rules in the Telecommunication Business Area

Monique Snoeck, Cindy Michiels

01.09.2002 | Ausgabe 3/2002

REVERE: Support for Requirements Synthesis from Documents

Pete Sawyer, Paul Rayson, Roger Garside

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