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Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering

A NASA Journal

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18.02.2019 | Editorial

Editorial preface

15.02.2019 | Original Article

Applying learning-based methods for recognizing design patterns

Recognizing design patterns in source code helps in improving the aspect of reusability and maintainability that play an essential role during analysis and design phases of software development process. Software patterns provide design-level …

12.02.2019 | S.I. : CSI2017

An adaptive fractal-based image coding with hierarchical classification strategy and its modifications

Fractal-based image coding is one of the efficient methods for grayscale image since the reconstructed images are resolution independent and also has low reconstruction time. This paper discusses the efficiency of hierarchical classification …

05.02.2019 | S.I. : CSI2017

Development and performance analysis of a low-cost MEMS microphone-based hearing aid with three different audio amplifiers

In this paper, MEMS-based capacitive microphone and low-cost amplifier are designed for low-cost power-efficient hearing aid application. The developed microphone along with the associated circuitry is mounted on a common board in the form of …

01.02.2019 | Review Article

A reference architecture for satellite control systems

Software for satellite control systems (SCS) domain performs a relevant role in space systems, being responsible for ensuring the functioning of the satellites, from the orbit launch to the end of their lifetime. Systems in this domain are complex …

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Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering: A NASA Journal addresses issues and innovations in Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, Software Engineering, Software Development and other related areas that are specifically of interest to NASA. The journal includes peer-reviewed world-class technical papers on topics of research, development and practice related to NASA's missions and projects, topics of interest to NASA for future use, and topics describing problem areas for NASA together with potential solutions. Papers that do not address issues related to NASA are of course very welcome, provided that they address topics that NASA might like to consider for the future.

Papers are solicited from NASA and government employees, contractors, NASA-supported academic and industrial partners, and non-NASA-supported academics and industrialists both in the USA and worldwide. The journal includes updates on NASA innovations, articles on NASA initiatives, papers looking at educational activities, and a State-of-the-Art section that gives an overview of specific topic areas in a comprehensive format written by an expert in the field.

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