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This SpringerBrief provides an overview of contemporary innovative technologies and discusses their impact on our daily lives. Written from a technical perspective, and yet using language and terminology accessible to non-experts, it describes the technologies, the key players in each area, the most popular apps and services (and their pros and cons), as well as relevant usage statistics.

It is targeted at a broad audience, ranging from young gadget enthusiasts to senior citizens trying to get used to new devices and associated apps. By offering a structured overview of some of the most useful technologies current available, putting them in perspective, and suggesting numerous resources for further exploration, the book gives its readers a clear path for learning new topics through apps and web-based resources, making better choices of apps and websites for frequent use, using social networks effectively, protecting their privacy and staying safe online, and enjoying the opportunities brought about by these technological advances without being completely consumed by them.



Chapter 1. Introduction

Mobile apps, smartphones, and social networks have forever changed the way we go about our everyday activities, such as reading the news, getting traffic directions to our next destination, watching TV, taking pictures, or staying in touch with friends and family. This book offers an easy-to-read introduction to selected new technologies and provides many practical tips on how to best use them.
Oge Marques

Chapter 2. The World Wide Web

The Web has become an integral part of our lives and has revolutionized just about everything we do. In this chapter we present a brief historical overview of the evolution of the Web. After introducing important concepts and terminology, we discuss how we have transitioned from being consumers to also becoming producers of Web available content. We postulate that the Web provides a very rich platform for lifelong learning and offer suggestions of sites that can be used for that purpose. The chapter concludes with practical recommendations on browsers, browser extensions, Internet connection speed tests, and staying safe online.
Oge Marques

Chapter 3. Smartphones

The evolution of telephone communication networks and the pervasiveness of cell phones have changed our lives forever. Contemporary smartphones (and associated apps) make all the knowledge in the world available at our fingertips, anywhere, all the time. In this chapter we present an overview of the current state of the art in the smartphone arena, as well as suggestions of useful apps.
Oge Marques

Chapter 4. Social Networks

Social networks are one of the greatest phenomena of the twenty-first century. In this chapter we examine social networking websites (and apps) and their users. After presenting essential statistics from recent studies, we focus on the most popular social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and discuss their history, jargon, usage, and impact. The chapter contains many practical recommendations for using a selected set of social networks most effectively and following the proper etiquette.
Oge Marques

Chapter 5. Image and Video Everywhere!

During the past decade, there have been substantial technological advances in the ways we capture, produce, edit, share, remix, and distribute images and videos. In parallel with more sophisticated gadgets and apps, our habits have also changed, from the way we watch TV to the number of images we produce, consume, and share every day. This chapter focuses on apps, gadgets, websites, and social networks whose primary emphasis is on visual information. We present a selected set of apps and techniques used to capture, produce, edit, share, remix, and distribute images and videos. We also discuss some of the technical challenges behind the tasks of organizing, annotating, and finding relevant images and videos.
Oge Marques

Chapter 6. Conclusion

In this brief chapter I offer suggestions for reflections on how emerging technologies are changing our habits and what the future may hold. This chapter also offers practical tips on how to live in an “always-on, 24/7” world, without losing our minds in the process.
Oge Marques
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