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Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation

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22.04.2021 | Technical Article

Mechanical Metrics of Virtual Polycrystals (MechMet)

The details of polycrystalline microstructure often influence the early stages of yielding and strain localization under monotonic and cyclic loading, particularly in elastically anisotropic materials. A new software package, MechMet (mechanical …

16.04.2021 | Technical Article

Integrated Computational Design of Three-Phase Mo–Si–B Alloy Turbine Blade for High-Temperature Aerospace Applications

The efficiencies of jet turbine engines are limited in part by the high-temperature properties of Ni-based superalloys utilized within turbine blades. Although Mo–Si–B alloys exhibit promising high-temperature properties, traditional materials …

08.04.2021 | Technical Article

Unsupervised Machine Learning Via Transfer Learning and k-Means Clustering to Classify Materials Image Data

Unsupervised machine learning offers significant opportunities for extracting knowledge from unlabeled datasets and for achieving maximum machine learning performance. This paper demonstrates how to construct, use, and evaluate a high-performance …

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Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation is committed to building a seamless and dynamic materials and manufacturing design framework supporting the accelerated discovery, development, and application of materials and processes. The journal explores innovations from the discovery of materials through their manufacture that support the practice of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). IMMI focuses on presenting new experimental and computational tools, data analysis and management methods, and valuable multiscale datasets, and on the impact the use of an ICME approach has on advancing materials and manufacturing technologies.

As of January 1, 2017, IMMI will convert from an Open Access journal to a subscription journal. IMMI will continue to be published by Springer Nature. All new manuscripts should be submitted via the new editorial submission site

IMMI is a publication of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).

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