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Interceram - International Ceramic Review 3/2020
Interceram - International Ceramic Review

Ausgabe 3/2020


Inhaltsverzeichnis (16 Artikel)

01.07.2020 | Editorial

Embracing New Ideas

01.07.2020 | Industries


01.07.2020 | Correction

Correction to: Physicochemical and Magnetic Properties of Nickel-Substituted Zinc Manganite Nanoparticles

01.07.2020 | Correction

Correction to: Metal Ceramic Substrates for Highly Reliable Power Modules - Not Only in Electric Vehicles

01.07.2020 | Industries

Springer Professional

01.07.2020 | Ceramics Forum

Roadmap for Battery Research in Europe

01.07.2020 | Ceramics Forum

Large Zeolite Manufacturer in China Optimizes Production

01.07.2020 | Ceramics Forum

Greetings from the Silver City

01.07.2020 | Ceramics Forum

Developing a New Battery to Boost Europe's Electric Mobility

01.07.2020 | Expert Forum

First Steps in Additive Manufacturing: What is Possible?

01.07.2020 | Applications and Engineering

Decarbonization of the Heavy Clay Industry
Fritz Mödinger

01.07.2020 | Research and Development

Slurry-Based Fabrication of Spherical Structures with Zirconium Dioxide and TRIP Steel
M. Oppelt, C.G. Aneziris

01.07.2020 | Research and Development

A Simple and Economical Route for the Synthesis of Alumina-Supported Metallic Nickel Nanoparticles
N.M. Deraz

01.07.2020 | Research and Development

Rare-Earth Oxide-Doped Magnesium Aluminate Spinel - an Overview
B. Baruah, R. Sarkar

01.07.2020 | Research and Development

Porogenesis in the Alumina-Brucite-Magnesia-Spinel System
Rafael Salomão, Isadora Medeiros de Morais Dias, Leandro Fernandes

01.07.2020 | Service

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