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13.06.2019 | Research Article

Selection of Observation Position and Orientation in Visual Servoing with Eye-in-vehicle Configuration for Manipulator

In this paper, we propose a method to select the observation position in visual servoing with an eye-in-vehicle configuration for the manipulator. In traditional visual servoing, the images taken by the camera may have various problems, including …

06.06.2019 | Research Article

Large-scale Data Collection and Analysis via a Gamified Intelligent Crowdsourcing Platform

In this contribution, we present iHEARu-PLAY, an online, multi-player platform for crowdsourced database collection and labelling, including the voice analysis application (VoiLA), a free web-based speech classification tool designed to educate …

21.05.2019 | Research Article

Robust Disturbance Rejection Based Control with Extended-state Resonant Observer for Sway Reduction in Uncertain Tower-cranes

In this paper, the problem of load transportation and robust mitigation of payload oscillations in uncertain tower-cranes is addressed. This problem is tackled through a control scheme based on the philosophy of active-disturbance-rejection. Here …

15.05.2019 | Research Article

Zero-shot Fine-grained Classification by Deep Feature Learning with Semantics

Fine-grained image classification, which aims to distinguish images with subtle distinctions, is a challenging task for two main reasons: lack of sufficient training data for every class and difficulty in learning discriminative features for …

07.05.2019 | Research Article

An Advanced Analysis System for Identifying Alcoholic Brain State Through EEG Signals

This paper addresses an advanced analysis system for the identification of alcoholic brain states from electroencephalogram (EEG) data in an automatic way. This study introduces an optimum allocation based sampling (OAS) scheme to discover the …

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The International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC) provides a forum for research contributions in automation and computing technology. Research papers feature a strong focus on new trends, theoretical and experimental research and development, emerging technology, and industrial standards.

With its extensive scope, IJAC addresses such topics as artificial intelligence, automatic control, bioinformatics, computer science, information technology, modeling and simulation, networks and communications, optimization and decision-making, pattern recognition, robotics, signal processing, and systems engineering.

In addition to original research articles, IJAC publishes insightful review and tutorial papers. Special issues explore current and emerging topics of interest.

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