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19.07.2022 | Research Article

Exploring the Brain-like Properties of Deep Neural Networks: A Neural Encoding Perspective

Nowadays, deep neural networks (DNNs) have been equipped with powerful representation capabilities. The deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) that draw inspiration from the visual processing mechanism of the primate early visual cortex have …

Open Access 14.07.2022 | Review

Neural Decoding of Visual Information Across Different Neural Recording Modalities and Approaches

Vision plays a peculiar role in intelligence. Visual information, forming a large part of the sensory information, is fed into the human brain to formulate various types of cognition and behaviours that make humans become intelligent agents.

25.04.2022 | Research Article

Effective and Robust Detection of Adversarial Examples via Benford-Fourier Coefficients

Adversarial example has been well known as a serious threat to deep neural networks (DNNs). In this work, we study the detection of adversarial examples based on the assumption that the output and internal responses of one DNN model for both …

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