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International Journal of Automation and Computing

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15.04.2021 | Review Open Access

Deep Audio-visual Learning: A Survey

Audio-visual learning, aimed at exploiting the relationship between audio and visual modalities, has drawn considerable attention since deep learning started to be used successfully. Researchers tend to leverage these two modalities to improve the …

13.04.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Fuzzy Tuned PID Controller for Envisioned Agricultural Manipulator

The implementation of image-based phenotyping systems has become an important aspect of crop and plant science research which has shown tremendous growth over the years. Accurate determination of features using images requires stable imaging and …

13.04.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Low-cost Position and Force Measurement System for Payload Transport Using UAVs

In recent years, multiple applications have emerged in the area of payload transport using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This has attracted considerable interest among the scientific community, especially the cases involving one or several …

13.04.2021 | Research Article Open Access

2D and 3D Palmprint and Palm Vein Recognition Based on Neural Architecture Search

Palmprint recognition and palm vein recognition are two emerging biometrics technologies. In the past two decades, many traditional methods have been proposed for palmprint recognition and palm vein recognition and have achieved impressive …

13.04.2021 | Research Article

Design and Analysis of a Novel 2T2R Parallel Mechanism with the Closed-loop Limbs

This paper presents a novel four degrees of freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism with the closed-loop limbs, which includes two translational (2T) DOF and two rotational (2R) DOF. By connecting the proposed parallel mechanism with the guide rail in …

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The International Journal of Automation and Computing (IJAC) provides a forum for research contributions in automation and computing technology. Research papers feature a strong focus on new trends, theoretical and experimental research and development, emerging technology, and industrial standards.

With its extensive scope, IJAC addresses such topics as artificial intelligence, automatic control, bioinformatics, computer science, information technology, modeling and simulation, networks and communications, optimization and decision-making, pattern recognition, robotics, signal processing, and systems engineering.

In addition to original research articles, IJAC publishes insightful review and tutorial papers. Special issues explore current and emerging topics of interest.

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