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International Journal of Computer Vision

International Journal of Computer Vision OnlineFirst articles

08.11.2018 Open Access

From BoW to CNN: Two Decades of Texture Representation for Texture Classification

Texture is a fundamental characteristic of many types of images, and texture representation is one of the essential and challenging problems in computer vision and pattern recognition which has attracted extensive research attention over several …

29.10.2018 Open Access

Learning 3D Shape Completion Under Weak Supervision

We address the problem of 3D shape completion from sparse and noisy point clouds, a fundamental problem in computer vision and robotics. Recent approaches are either data-driven or learning-based: Data-driven approaches rely on a shape model whose …

22.10.2018 Open Access

Learning to Predict 3D Surfaces of Sculptures from Single and Multiple Views

The objective of this work is to reconstruct the 3D surfaces of sculptures from one or more images using a view-dependent representation. To this end, we train a network, SiDeNet, to predict the Silhouette and Depth of the surface given a variable …

19.10.2018 Open Access

A Differential Approach to Shape from Polarisation: A Level-Set Characterisation

Despite the longtime research aimed at retrieving geometrical information of an object from polarimetric imaging, physical limitations in the polarisation phenomena constrain current approaches to provide ambiguous depth estimation. As an …


Locality Preserving Matching

Seeking reliable correspondences between two feature sets is a fundamental and important task in computer vision. This paper attempts to remove mismatches from given putative image feature correspondences. To achieve the goal, an efficient …

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International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV) details the science and engineering of this rapidly growing field. Regular articles present major technical advances of broad general interest. Survey articles offer critical reviews of the state of the art and/or tutorial presentations of pertinent topics.

Coverage includes:

- Mathematical, physical and computational aspects of computer vision: image formation, processing, analysis, and interpretation; machine learning techniques; statistical approaches; sensors.

- Applications: image-based rendering, computer graphics, robotics, photo interpretation, image retrieval, video analysis and annotation, multi-media, and more.

- Connections with human perception: computational and architectural aspects of human vision.

The journal also features book reviews, position papers, editorials by leading scientific figures, as well as additional on-line material, such as still images, video sequences, data sets, and software.

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