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International Journal of Disaster Risk Science 1/2022
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 12.01.2022 | Article

Challenges Associated with Creeping Disasters in Disaster Risk Science and Practice: Considering Disaster Onset Dynamics
Reidar Staupe-Delgado, Olivier Rubin

Open Access 08.02.2022 | Article

Enhancing Coordination for Effective Management of Oil Spill Pollution in South Africa
Phindile Tiyiselani Zanele Sabela-Rikhotso, Dewald van Niekerk, Livhuwani David Nemakonde

Open Access 11.01.2022 | Article

Attentiveness to Early Warning Drought Information: Implications for Policy Support and Climate Risk Reduction in Ghana
Peter Dok Tindan, Divine Odame Appiah, Alexander Yao Segbefia

Open Access 11.02.2022 | Article

(In)visibilities About the Vulnerabilities of People with Visual Impairments to Disasters and Climate Change: A Case Study in Cuiabá, Brazil
Giselly Gomes, Victor Marchezini, Michèle Sato

Open Access 15.02.2022 | Article

Examining the Factors that Influence the Use of Social Media for Disaster Management by Underserved Communities
Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan, Louis Ngamassi, Shahedur Rahman

Open Access 29.12.2021 | Article

Simulation-Based and Risk-Informed Assessment of the Effectiveness of Tsunami Evacuation Routes Using Agent-Based Modeling: A Case Study of Seaside, Oregon
Zhenqiang Wang, Gaofeng Jia

Open Access 10.02.2022 | Article

Development of a Method for Assessing Country-Based Flood Risk at the Global Scale
Yoshiyuki Imamura

Open Access 15.02.2022 | Article

Effects of Risk Perception on Disaster Preparedness Toward Typhoons: An Application of the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior
Sai Leung Ng

Open Access 15.02.2022 | Article

A Probabilistic Approach to the Evaluation of Seismic Resilience in Road Asset Management
Vittorio Nicolosi, Maria Augeri, Mauro D’Apuzzo, Azzurra Evangelisti, Daniela Santilli

Open Access 18.02.2022 | Article

Estimating the Economic Effects of the Early Covid-19 Emergency Response in Cities Using Intracity Travel Intensity Data
Lijiao Yang, Caiyun Wei, Xinyu Jiang, Qian Ye, Hirokazu Tatano

Open Access 17.02.2022 | Article

Optimized Hot Spot and Directional Distribution Analyses Characterize the Spatiotemporal Variation of Large Wildfires in Washington, USA, 1970−2020
Kevin Zerbe, Chris Polit, Stacey McClain, Tim Cook

Open Access 07.01.2022 | Short Article

When It Strikes, Are We Ready? Lessons Identified at the 7th Planetary Defense Conference in Preparing for a Near-Earth Object Impact Scenario
Shirish Ravan, Tom De Groeve, Lara Mani, Einar Bjorgo, Richard Moissl, Jose Miguel Roncero, Katherine Rowan, David Schuld, Leviticus A. Lewis, Romana Kofler

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