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International Journal of Disaster Risk Science 5/2021
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

Ausgabe 5/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

Open Access 05.07.2021 | Article

Distributed Simulation Platforms and Data Passing Tools for Natural Hazards Engineering: Reviews, Limitations, and Recommendations
Lichao Xu, Szu-Yun Lin, Andrew W. Hlynka, Hao Lu, Vineet R. Kamat, Carol C. Menassa, Sherif El-Tawil, Atul Prakash, Seymour M. J. Spence, Jason McCormick

Open Access 25.06.2021 | Article

Retracing Realistic Disaster Scenarios from Archival Sources: A Key Tool for Disaster Risk Reduction
Bashir Ahmad, Akhtar Alam, M. Sultan Bhat, Khurshid Ahmad Bhat, Jeelani Inaam ul Haq, Hakim Farooq Ahmad, Junaid Qadir

Open Access 23.09.2021 | Article

Decision Making for Managing Community Flood Risks: Perspectives of United States Floodplain Managers
Jenna Tyler, Abdul-Akeem Sadiq, Douglas S. Noonan, Rebecca M. Entress

Open Access 18.10.2021 | Article

Barriers and Drivers for Mainstreaming Nature-Based Solutions for Flood Risks: The Case of South Korea
Sungju Han, Christian Kuhlicke

Open Access 08.10.2021 | Article

Assessing Capacity and Implementation Status of the Disaster Risk Management Strategy for Health and Community Disaster Resilience in Malawi
Ozius Dewa, Donald Makoka, Olalekan A. Ayo-Yusuf

Open Access 12.10.2021 | Article

When Disaster Risk Management Systems Fail: The Case of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani District, Zimbabwe
Edson Munsaka, Chipo Mudavanhu, Lucy Sakala, Pepukai Manjeru, Diego Matsvange

Open Access 18.10.2021 | Article

Building-Back-Better in Post-Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learnt from Cyclone Idai-Induced Floods in Zimbabwe
Ernest Dube, Gayan Wedawatta, Kanchana Ginige

Open Access 16.06.2021 | Article

Dynamic Assessment of Global Maize Exposure to Extremely High Temperatures
Yuan Gao, Peng Su, Anyu Zhang, Ran Wang, Jing’ai Wang

Open Access 07.10.2021 | Article

Using Climate Factors to Estimate Flood Economic Loss Risk
Xinjia Hu, Ming Wang, Kai Liu, Daoyi Gong, Holger Kantz

Open Access 18.10.2021 | Article

Urban Stormwater Modeling with Local Inertial Approximation Form of Shallow Water Equations: A Comparative Study
Weiqi Wang, Wenjie Chen, Guoru Huang

Open Access 31.08.2021 | Short Article

Tourism Developments Increase Tsunami Disaster Risk in Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia
Vincent Nijman

Open Access 08.09.2021 | Short Article

Risk-Layering for Indirect Effects
Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler, Karina Reiter

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