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International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

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15.05.2018 | Article Open Access

Improved Bayesian Network-Based Risk Model and Its Application in Disaster Risk Assessment

The application of Bayesian network (BN) theory in risk assessment is an emerging trend. But in cases where data are incomplete and variables are mutually related, its application is restricted. To overcome these problems, an improved BN …

30.04.2018 | Article Open Access

Spatiotemporal Pattern of Social Vulnerability in Italy

Evaluation of social vulnerability (SV) against natural hazards remains a big challenge for disaster risk reduction. Spatiotemporal analysis of SV is important for successful implementation of prevision and prevention measures for risk mitigation.

24.04.2018 | Article Open Access

Influences of Risk Perception and Sense of Place on Landslide Disaster Preparedness in Southwestern China

The effects of risk perception and sense of place on disaster preparedness have been widely reported. However, most studies have only demonstrated weak relationships and it is unknown whether these are applicable to China. This study investigated …

18.04.2018 | Article Open Access

Life-Cycle and Seismic Fragility Assessment of Code-Conforming Reinforced Concrete and Steel Structures in Bucharest, Romania

In this article, the fragility of reinforced concrete and steel structures in Bucharest, a city of high seismic hazard, designed using the recent building codes in Romania, is assessed. A total of 24 reinforced concrete and steel structures with …

27.03.2018 | Article Open Access

Why People Live in Flood-Prone Areas in Akuressa, Sri Lanka

To investigate why people live in areas at high risk of floods, a qualitative case study was carried out in the areas around Akuressa, in southwest Sri Lanka. Data collection consisted mainly of semistructured interviews with local residents and …

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International Journal of Disaster Risk Science (IJDRS) is a fully sponsored, peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It addresses theoretical and methodological issues in all areas of disaster risk science: emergency response technology and risk management; risk governance policies and regulations. Coverage includes case studies and research comparing responses to major disasters worldwide.

IJDRS promotes International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change – Integrated Risk Governance Project research. This includes revealing the dynamic processes of disaster risk; using case studies and comparative analyses to establish risk governance models targeting disasters which might exceed capacities; refining modeling tools; and fostering integrated disaster risk science that meets the challenges of sustainable development.

The journal is a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, which aims to improve international, national and regional capacities for disaster risk analysis, management, and governance.

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