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Open Access 25.11.2022 | Article

Economic Ripple Effects of Individual Disasters and Disaster Clusters

Disaster clusters refer to major disasters that cluster in space and time without any linkage, resulting in large direct damage and economic ripple effects (EREs). However, the cumulative EREs caused by a disaster cluster may not be equal to the …

Open Access 16.11.2022 | Article

Disaster Risk Governance as Assemblage: The Chilean Framework of the 1985 San Antonio Earthquake

The purpose of this article is to analyze disaster risk governance through assemblage theory, identifying how—during the altered political context of a military regime with a centralized disaster risk management as in the case of Chile in 1985—new …

Open Access 10.11.2022 | Article

Factors Affecting Behaviors that Precede Evacuation at the Onset of a Heavy Rainstorm in Japan

There exist certain behaviors that people tend to do in disaster situations before evacuation. Such behaviors include warning confirmation behavior (for example, seeking information) and family-oriented behavior (for example, contacting one’s …

Open Access 07.11.2022 | Article

Toward Interoperable Multi-hazard Modeling: A Disaster Management System for Disaster Model Service Chain

A natural hazard-related disaster event often causes a series of secondary disasters, forming a disaster chain. Modeling the evolution of disaster chains in multi-hazard scenarios is crucial for risk governance and urban resilience. However …

Open Access 24.10.2022 | Article

Heat Health Risk and Adaptability Assessments at the Subdistrict Scale in Metropolitan Beijing

Against the background of global climate change, the increasing heat health risk from the combined effect of changes in high temperature, exposure, vulnerability, and other factors has become a growing concern. Yet the low number of temperature …

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IJDRS promotes International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change – Integrated Risk Governance Project research. This includes revealing the dynamic processes of disaster risk; using case studies and comparative analyses to establish risk governance models targeting disasters which might exceed capacities; refining modeling tools; and fostering integrated disaster risk science that meets the challenges of sustainable development.

The journal is a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, which aims to improve international, national and regional capacities for disaster risk analysis, management, and governance.

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