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International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering

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29.11.2017 | Original Research Open Access

A mathematical model for simultaneous optimization of renewable electricity price and construction of new wind power plants (case study: Kermanshah)

This study aimed to provide a mathematical model for the determination of optimal wind power price in the case of construction of new off-grid-connected wind power plants in different areas. The proposed model is based on nine features including …

29.11.2017 | Original Research Open Access

Assessment of the thermal enhancement methods in parabolic trough collectors

Parabolic trough collector is an emerging solar technology for achieving the sustainability. Numerous studies have been focused on their performance evaluation and many techniques have been suggested for improving their thermal efficiency. The …

14.11.2017 | Original Research Open Access

Oxy-combustion of liquid fuel in an ion transport membrane reactor

The present work aims at investigating oxy-fuel combustion of liquid fuels in a concentric parallel tube oxygen transport reactor (OTR) using BSCF ion transport membrane (ITM) for oxygen separation. A computational model was developed and …

26.10.2017 | Original Research Open Access

Evaluation and optimization of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) with algorithms NSGA-II, MOPSO, and MOEA for eight coolant fluids

In this study, a simple organic cycle for eight subcritical coolant fluids has been studied thermodynamically and economically. For all the coolants, the present cycle was optimized for the best thermal and exergy efficiencies and the best cost of …

08.09.2017 | Original Research Open Access

Experimental investigation of the influences of different liquid types on acoustic emission energy levels during the bubble formation process

Bubble formation phenomena in a two-phase gas/liquid system occur in many industries that involve boiling; such as desalination stations, nuclear reactors, chemical plants, and fluid piping transportation and processes. Bubble formation phenomena …

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The International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering (IJEEE) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen, covering all areas of energy and environment related fields that apply to the science and engineering communities.

IJEEE aims to promote rapid communication and dialogue among researchers, scientists, and engineers working in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. The journal provides a focus for activities concerning the development, assessment and management of energy and environmental engineering related programs. It is hoped that this journal will prove to be an important factor in raising the standards of discussion, analyses, and evaluations relating to energy and environment programs.

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