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International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering

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20.09.2021 | Original Research

Thermoeconomic analysis of combined steam and organic Rankine cycle with primary mover of Allam cycle

Because of the fossil fuels crisis in recent years, increasing fossil fuel consumption and the oil crisis, energy efficiency is becoming a major concern of the twenty-first century. In this research, the combined cycle of steam Rankine and organic …

17.09.2021 | Original Research

Effect of fuel injection timing on CI engine fuelled with neem biodiesel blends–a comparative study of experimental and numerical simulation

The present work illuminates numerical evaluation of neem biodiesel’s (NBD) potentiality for energizing the modern diesel engines. The blends were prepared of NBD and diesel and were mixed in various volumetric percentages (20%, 50%, and 100%).

16.09.2021 | Original Research

Comparison of wind profile estimation methods for calculating offshore wind potential for the Northeast region of Brazil

Over the years, the need for energy consumption has been increasing in all sectors of society. Consequently, discussions about renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydraulic and wave energy are increasingly being guided in all global …

15.09.2021 | Original Research

Effect of collector roof cum chimney divergence and exhaust fan on solar chimney power plant performance

The present research paper investigates the performance of divergent solar chimney power plant. A numerical model has been developed to predict the performance of divergent solar chimney power plant using ANSYS 15.0. Mesh refinement is performed …

03.09.2021 | Original Research Open Access

Thermoelectric building temperature control: a potential assessment

This study focuses on thermoelectric elements (TEE) as an alternative for room temperature control. TEE are semi-conductor devices that can provide heating and cooling via a heat pump effect without direct noise emissions and no refrigerant use.

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