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International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering

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10.09.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Effect of thermo-physical properties of cooling mass on hybrid cooling for lithium-ion battery pack using design of experiments

The environmental and sustainability issues related to fossil fuel have made electric vehicles an alternative solution with lithium ion (Li-Ion) as the energy source. The sensitive nature of Li-Ion batteries has led to an active research on their …

23.08.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Stripping and scrubbing of ammonium using common fractionating columns to prove ammonium inhibition during anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion to produce biogas is generally considered as one of the most sustainable technologies for the production of renewable energy. During this microbial process, organically bound nitrogen is released as ammonium that ends up in the …

09.08.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Importance of buildings and their influence in control system: a simulation case study with different building standards from Germany

Buildings play an important role in the energy consumption of a household. There are different types of buildings and different standards, which are for each of them. Hence, the decentralized energy system has different configurations for each …

04.08.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Innovative mini-hydro device for the recharge of electric vehicles in urban areas

The aim of the present study is to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of supplying recharge points for Electric Vehicles converting water pressure in excess into electric energy from a water distribution network. A real water …

17.07.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Optimizing layout of wind farm turbines using genetic algorithms in Tehran province, Iran

Installation layout of wind turbines plays a prominent role in the design of every wind farm. Thus, the wind farm layout optimization problem is proposed to maximize the total power output with the minimum cost. In this research, Kahrizak region …

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The International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering (IJEEE) is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen, covering all areas of energy and environment related fields that apply to the science and engineering communities.

IJEEE aims to promote rapid communication and dialogue among researchers, scientists, and engineers working in the areas of energy and environmental engineering. The journal provides a focus for activities concerning the development, assessment and management of energy and environmental engineering related programs. It is hoped that this journal will prove to be an important factor in raising the standards of discussion, analyses, and evaluations relating to energy and environment programs.

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Systemische Notwendigkeit zur Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen

Die Entwicklung des mitteleuropäischen Energiesystems und insbesondere die Weiterentwicklung der Energieinfrastruktur sind konfrontiert mit einer stetig steigenden Diversität an Herausforderungen, aber auch mit einer zunehmenden Komplexität in den Lösungsoptionen. Vor diesem Hintergrund steht die Weiterentwicklung von Hybridnetzen symbolisch für das ganze sich in einer Umbruchsphase befindliche Energiesystem: denn der Notwendigkeit einer Schaffung und Bildung der Hybridnetze aus systemischer und volkswirtschaftlicher Perspektive steht sozusagen eine Komplexitätsfalle gegenüber, mit der die Branche in der Vergangenheit in dieser Intensität nicht konfrontiert war. Jetzt gratis downloaden!