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International Journal of Information Security

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21.11.2017 | Regular Contribution

Design and implementation of Negative Authentication System

Modern society is mostly dependent on online activities like official or social communications, fund transfers and so on. Unauthorized system access is one of the utmost concerns than ever before in cyber systems. For any cyber system, robust …

08.11.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Integrity-verifiable conjunctive keyword searchable encryption in cloud storage

Conjunctive searchable encryption is an efficient way to perform multi-keyword search over encrypted data in cloud storage. However, most existing methods do not take into account the integrity verification of the search result. Moreover, existing …

07.11.2017 | Regular Contribution

Defeating SQL injection attack in authentication security: an experimental study

Whenever web-application executes dynamic SQL statements it may come under SQL injection attack. To evaluate the existing practices of its detection, we consider two different security scenarios for the web-application authentication that …

24.10.2017 | Regular Contribution

OnionDNS: a seizure-resistant top-level domain

The Domain Name System (DNS) provides the critical service of mapping canonical names to IP addresses. Recognizing this, a number of parties have increasingly attempted to perform “domain seizures” on targets by having them delisted from DNS. Such …

23.10.2017 | Regular Contribution

Optimization algorithm for k-anonymization of datasets with low information loss

Anonymization is the modification of data to mask the correspondence between a person and sensitive information in the data. Several anonymization models such as k-anonymity have been intensively studied. Recently, a new model with less …

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The International Journal of Information Security is an English language periodical on research in information security which offers prompt publication of important technical work, whether theoretical, applicable, or related to implementation.

Coverage includes system security: intrusion detection, secure end systems, secure operating systems, database security, security infrastructures, security evaluation; network security: Internet security, firewalls, mobile security, security agents, protocols, anti-virus and anti-hacker measures; content protection: software protection, tamper resistant software; applications: electronic commerce, government, health, telecommunications, mobility; and foundations: privacy, access control, authentication, identification, applied cryptography, and formal methods in information security.

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