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International Journal of Information Security

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23.08.2017 | Regular Contribution

Access right management by extended password capabilities

With reference to a classic protection system featuring active subjects that reference protected objects, we approach the problem of identifying the objects that each subject can access, and the operations that the subject can carry out on these …

07.08.2017 | Special Issue Paper

Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption supporting access policy update and its extension with preserved attributes

Attribute-based encryption (ABE) allows one-to-many encryption with static access control. In many occasions, the access control policy must be updated, but the original encryptor might be unavailable to re-encrypt the message, which makes it …

04.08.2017 | Speical Issue Paper

Multi-cast key distribution: scalable, dynamic and provably secure construction

In this paper, we propose a two-round dynamic multi-cast key distribution (DMKD) protocol under the star topology with a central authentication server. Users can share a common session key without revealing any information of the session key to …

31.07.2017 | Regular Contribution

Efficient revocable hierarchical identity-based encryption using cryptographic accumulators

Hierarchical identity-based encryption is an important extension from IBE and has found many applications in the network world. Private key revocation is a crucial requirement for any public key system. In this paper, we propose a novel revocation …

05.07.2017 | Regular Contribution

STORK: a real, heterogeneous, large-scale eID management system

Verifying who someone is on the Internet is a prerequisite for online services that process sensitive or valuable information. While this has been solved with national or sectorial electronic identification (eID) schemes, general, cross-border …

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The International Journal of Information Security is an English language periodical on research in information security which offers prompt publication of important technical work, whether theoretical, applicable, or related to implementation.

Coverage includes system security: intrusion detection, secure end systems, secure operating systems, database security, security infrastructures, security evaluation; network security: Internet security, firewalls, mobile security, security agents, protocols, anti-virus and anti-hacker measures; content protection: software protection, tamper resistant software; applications: electronic commerce, government, health, telecommunications, mobility; and foundations: privacy, access control, authentication, identification, applied cryptography, and formal methods in information security.

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