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International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

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A Filter Design Based on Human Sentiments Fusion for Estimating Vehicle Arrival Time

Over the past few years, several algorithms have been developed to predict travel time. One of the most important algorithms is Kalman filter, which has been widely used in estimating the state of the traffic. However, Kalman filter usually uses …

15.02.2018 Open Access

Information Sharing to Improve Understanding of Proactive Steering Intervention for Elderly Drivers

In this study, we focus on the effectiveness of information sharing as a practical method for improving elderly drivers’ understanding of a proactive steering intervention system that is triggered several seconds before a driver enters a dangerous …


A Low-Cost GPS-Data-Enhanced Approach for Traffic Network Evaluations

Evaluating traffic networks is crucial for administration of roadway systems, to better address congestion, safety, and air quality issues around the globe. However, challenges in implementation abound, including major investment costs, large and …


Fractal Analysis of the Relation between the Observation Scale and the Prediction Cycle in Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction

Based on the analysis of the field traffic flow time series, we found that there is self-similarity and periodic similarity in the traffic flow of different observation scales, which makes the short-term traffic flow prediction a meaningful work.


Adaptive Learning Algorithms for Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic User Equilibrium

We propose two classes of algorithms for achieving the user equilibrium in simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment with special attention given to the interactions between travel information and route choice behavior. A driver is assumed to …

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Springer Science+Business Media is pleased to announce that it will publish the International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research on behalf of ITS Japan starting 2010. First launched in print by ITS Japan as the International Journal of ITS Research, the journal will now be published in electronic format, available online only.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research aims to provide a global forum for the discussion of effective solutions for intelligent transportation systems, to meet the needs of today’s world. It is the only international platform to foster wide-ranging discussion across disciplines by bringing together a broad-based audience for solutions-oriented information and discussion. The journal serves a multi-disciplinary set of researchers and specialists in fields ranging from transportation, electrical, mechanical, and traffic engineering, as well as in policy planning, economics, and psychology. It reaches across disciplines to find solutions to the difficult issues surrounding the future transportation system and its impact on society.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research is the official publication of ITS Japan.

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