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Reliable Overlay Networking on ETSI GeoNetworking Standards

A position-based routing vehicular ad hoc network (PBR-VANET) is a specific type of mobile ad hoc network where the vehicles are the nodes and the routing is determined on the basis of node positioning. However, PBR-VANET routing protocols suffer …

10.03.2017 Open Access

Road Surface Segmentation based on Vertically Local Disparity Histogram for Stereo Camera

In this paper, we propose a road surface segmentation technique which is accurate and suitable for hardware implementation. The road surface is segmented by detecting the boundary between road and obstacle, based on the disparity histogram which …


Eco-Driving for Public Transit in Cyber-Physical Systems Using V2I Communication

This paper studies the eco-driving of public transit using the information of the traffic signal and the passengers obtained with V2I infrastructure. An optimal control is formulated to minimize the vehicle exhaust emission and avoid the extra …


Initial Investigation of Elderly Drivers’ Acceptability for Proactive Intervention by Intelligent Vehicle

In this study, we focused on the acceptability of elderly drivers for proactive collision avoidance systems that operate several seconds before drivers enter dangerous situations. To understand the reasons and mechanisms of acceptance and refusal …


Computer Simulation Modeling of Driver Behavior at Roundabouts

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT) has constructed four roundabouts in the State of Connecticut within the past ten years. VISSIM traffic simulation software was utilized to analyze these roundabouts during their design phase.

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Springer Science+Business Media is pleased to announce that it will publish the International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research on behalf of ITS Japan starting 2010. First launched in print by ITS Japan as the International Journal of ITS Research, the journal will now be published in electronic format, available online only.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research aims to provide a global forum for the discussion of effective solutions for intelligent transportation systems, to meet the needs of today’s world. It is the only international platform to foster wide-ranging discussion across disciplines by bringing together a broad-based audience for solutions-oriented information and discussion. The journal serves a multi-disciplinary set of researchers and specialists in fields ranging from transportation, electrical, mechanical, and traffic engineering, as well as in policy planning, economics, and psychology. It reaches across disciplines to find solutions to the difficult issues surrounding the future transportation system and its impact on society.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research is the official publication of ITS Japan.

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