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International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

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Influence of Haptic Guidance on Arm Admittance of Driversunder Steering Perturbations

Recently, haptic guidance technologies have been proposed to enhance driving safety. This study concentrates on the influence of haptic guidance on driving behaviours estimated using mechanical arm admittance, while facing critical driving …


Information Sharing to Improve Understanding of Proactive Braking Intervention for Elderly Drivers

In this study, we focus on how effective information sharing is as a practical method of improving elderly drivers’ understanding of a proactive braking intervention system that operates several seconds before a driver enters a dangerous …


Modeling the CBTC Railway System of Siemens with ScOLa

Considering their increasing complexity, industrial systems are, in general, specified in a natural language. In railway systems, the design phase results an ambiguous and laborious system specification. The objective of this paper is to present …


Vehicle’s Weight Estimation Using Smartphone’s Acceleration Data to Control Overloading

We propose an overloading control system with a novel method to estimate vehicle weight using the sensor data from a smartphone mounted on the vehicle. The conventional method based on fixed weigh stations has limited coverage, and is expensive to …


Modelling and Analysis of Oversaturated Intersections Using Jointly Hybrid Petri net and Hybrid Automata

The Urban traffic network is a typical example of a complex system called hybrid dynamic system. It is also a multivariable and multi-scale system having the interaction of two dynamics kinds. The difficulties encountered in the study of traffic …

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Springer Science+Business Media is pleased to announce that it will publish the International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research on behalf of ITS Japan starting 2010. First launched in print by ITS Japan as the International Journal of ITS Research, the journal will now be published in electronic format, available online only.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research aims to provide a global forum for the discussion of effective solutions for intelligent transportation systems, to meet the needs of today’s world. It is the only international platform to foster wide-ranging discussion across disciplines by bringing together a broad-based audience for solutions-oriented information and discussion. The journal serves a multi-disciplinary set of researchers and specialists in fields ranging from transportation, electrical, mechanical, and traffic engineering, as well as in policy planning, economics, and psychology. It reaches across disciplines to find solutions to the difficult issues surrounding the future transportation system and its impact on society.

The International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research is the official publication of ITS Japan.

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Industrie 4.0 und die Möglichkeiten des Digitalen Zwillings

Die Welt der industriellen Automatisierung erlebt gerade einen bedeutenden Umbruch – hin zur Industrie 4.0. Der Ansatz, Dinge zu bauen und danach irgendwie hinzubiegen, hat viel zu lange die Entwicklung neuer Projekte bestimmt. Stattdessen brauchen die Hersteller einen systemorientierten Ansatz, der sich bereits in Entwicklungsprozessen multidisziplinärer Systeme bewährt hat. Jetzt gratis downloaden!


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