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International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design

International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design OnlineFirst articles


One-step semi-implicit integration of general finite-strain plasticity models

Using the Kröner–Lee elastic and plastic decomposition of the deformation gradient, a differential-algebraic system is obtained (in the so-called semi-explicit form). The system is composed by a smooth nonlinear differential equation and a …


Nanoindentation of a half-space due to a rigid cylindrical roller based on Steigmann–Ogden surface mechanical model

In this article, a semianalytical method of solution is developed for the nanocontact problem of elastic half-space indented by a rigid cylindrical roller. The mechanical formulation is based on the complete version of Steigmann–Ogden surface …


Thermo-rotational buckling and post-buckling analyses of rotating functionally graded microbeams

Buckling and post-buckling responses of rotating clamped–clamped functionally graded microbeams in thermal environment are examined on the basis of the Euler–Bernoulli beam assumption. To enrich the formulation with the size effect the modified …


Uncertain inverse method by the sequential FOSM and its application on uncertainty reconstruction of vehicle–pedestrian collision accident

Uncertainties widely exist in practical engineering problems. In order to effectively evaluate the unknown parameters under the uncertain measured responses, an efficient uncertain inverse method based on the sequential first order and second …

02.07.2020 Open Access

Development and validation of an automated FEM-based design optimization tool for continuum compliant structures

This paper presents a design optimization method for continuum compliant structures. The developed optimization tool enables automated design, analysis and optimization of the compliant structures in a single simulation environment. The associated …

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The International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design features recent advances and original works in mechanics and materials engineering and their impact on the design process. The journal enables mechanical, aeronautical, civil, automotive, biomedical, chemical, and nuclear engineers as well as other researchers and scientists to stay abreast of the latest developments. Moreover, it enables them to exchange ideas concerning the use of mechanics and materials in design.

Among the topics readers will discover are intelligent design, advanced materials in design, design analysis and optimization, experimental mechanics in design, and design case studies. These topics and more are explored in an integrated, highly focused and coherent format.

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