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International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design

International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design OnlineFirst articles


Fracture behaviours of brittle ceramics under elliptical ultrasonic vibration: near-to-limit contact analysis of an elastic flat punch

Conform and non-conformal contact problem in the face of piezoelectric motors can be hard to grasp, especially both the friction drive and wear lifespan are considered. Flowing the classical contact issue, an elastic brittle flat punch as the …


Size-dependent nonlocal strain gradient modeling of hexagonal beryllium crystal nanoplates

In this paper, a size dependent numerical model for free vibration and bending analyses of hexagonal beryllium crystal (HBC) nanoplates is presented. Based on the nonlocal strain gradient theory (NSGT), both nonlocal and strain gradient effects …


Thermoelastic attenuation of circular-cross-sectional micro/nanoring including single-phase-lag time

In this work, the thermoelastic dissipation (TED) for circular-cross-sectional micro/nanoring model is studied including the single-phase-lag (SPL) time based on the non-Fourier heat conduction model. The toroidal solid ring is simple to …


Isogeometric level set topology optimization for elastoplastic plane stress problems

This article aims to utilize IsoGeometric analysis (IGA) and Level set method for topology optimization of elastoplastic plane stress problems. The IGA is employed to model geometry of the problem and calculate unknown displacements by satisfying …


Investigation of wrinkling behaviour in the creased thin-film laminates

The use of metal-polymer membrane laminates for gossamer space structures emerge in recent times. Wrinkle formation, fold-line effect, and wrinkle minimization are more dominant in inflatable space structures and solar sail applications. In this …

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The International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design features recent advances and original works in mechanics and materials engineering and their impact on the design process. The journal enables mechanical, aeronautical, civil, automotive, biomedical, chemical, and nuclear engineers as well as other researchers and scientists to stay abreast of the latest developments. Moreover, it enables them to exchange ideas concerning the use of mechanics and materials in design.

Among the topics readers will discover are intelligent design, advanced materials in design, design analysis and optimization, experimental mechanics in design, and design case studies. These topics and more are explored in an integrated, highly focused and coherent format.

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