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International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design

International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design OnlineFirst articles


Transient response of porous inhomogeneous nanobeams due to various impulsive loads based on nonlocal strain gradient elasticity

Transient vibration responses of a porosity-dependent functionally graded nanobeam under different impulsive loadings have been investigated in the context of non-local strain gradient theory. Three impulse loads of rectangular-type, linear-type …


High temperature electromechanical response of multilayer piezoelectric laminates under AC electric fields for fuel injector applications

This paper examines theoretically and experimentally the dynamic electromechanical response of multilayer piezoelectric laminates for fuel injectors at high temperatures. A phenomenological model of depolarization at high temperatures was used …


Reliability assessment of display delamination considering adhesive properties based on statistical model calibration and validation

In this study, the delamination status of a display in response to a pad-drop impact is investigated using a computer simulation. Furthermore, reliability of display delamination and stress is assessed, considering the uncertainty factors such as …


Structural shape optimization with meshless method and swarm-intelligence based optimization

This paper presents a distinctive numerical approach for shape optimization by coupling meshless method with stochastic swarm intelligence based optimization technique for two dimensional linear elastic problems. Element free Galerkin method has …


Influence of interfacial bonding conditions on the anti-penetration performance of ceramic/metal composite targets

This study analyzes the influence of bonded and unbonded interface conditions on the anti-penetration performance of a ceramic/metal composite target and determines the associated mechanism. The 3D finite element and 3D smoothed particle …

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The International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design features recent advances and original works in mechanics and materials engineering and their impact on the design process. The journal enables mechanical, aeronautical, civil, automotive, biomedical, chemical, and nuclear engineers as well as other researchers and scientists to stay abreast of the latest developments. Moreover, it enables them to exchange ideas concerning the use of mechanics and materials in design.

Among the topics readers will discover are intelligent design, advanced materials in design, design analysis and optimization, experimental mechanics in design, and design case studies. These topics and more are explored in an integrated, highly focused and coherent format.

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