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International Journal of Parallel Programming

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VPPE: A Novel Visual Parallel Programming Environment

Parallel programming continues to be a challenging task despite the many advances in parallel architectures and their wide availability in the cloud. The need both to partition the workload among various processing elements and to specify …


Landslide Multi-attitude Data Measurement of Bedding Rock Slope Model

At present, commonly used measurement methods for landslide model pay much attention to the measurement of global displacement without a detailed description of individual components. However, the multi-attitude data concerning the model of …


Adaptive Thread Scheduling in Chip Multiprocessors

The full potential of chip multiprocessors remains unexploited due to architecture oblivious thread schedulers employed in operating systems. We introduce an adaptive cache-hierarchy-aware scheduler that tries to schedule threads in a way that …

30.04.2019 | Editorial

Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Algorithms and Systems on Big Graph Processing

20.04.2019 | Editorial

Editorial: Special Issue on Side-Channel and Fault Analysis of High-Performance Computing Platforms

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International Journal of Parallel Programming is a forum for the publication of peer-reviewed, high-quality original papers in the computer and information sciences, focusing specifically on programming aspects of parallel computing systems. Such systems are characterized by the coexistence over time of multiple coordinated activities. The journal publishes both original research and survey papers. Fields of interest include: linguistic foundations, conceptual frameworks, high-level languages, evaluation methods, implementation techniques, programming support systems, pragmatic considerations, architectural characteristics, software engineering aspects, advances in parallel algorithms, performance studies, and application studies.

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