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International Journal of Social Robotics

International Journal of Social Robotics OnlineFirst articles


A Reinforcement Learning Based Cognitive Empathy Framework for Social Robots

Robots that express human’s social norms, like empathy, are perceived as more friendly, understanding, and caring. However, appropriate human-like empathic behaviors cannot be defined in advance, instead, they must be learned through daily …


Human-Inspired Robotic Eye-Hand Coordination Enables New Communication Channels Between Humans and Robots

This paper concerns human-inspired robotic eye-hand coordination algorithms using custom built robotic eyes that were interfaced with a Baxter robot. Eye movement was programmed anthropomorphically based on previously reported research on human …


Character Synthesis of Ballet Archetypes on Robots Using Laban Movement Analysis: Comparison Between a Humanoid and an Aerial Robot Platform with Lay and Expert Observation

Imitation of human movement by robots is an important area of research to create expressive systems that are able to interact with humans in social settings. One lens through which imitation may be investigated is that of character archetypes …


Role Assignment Analysis of an Assistive Robotic Platform in a High School Mathematics Class, Through a Gamification and Usability Evaluation

This project implements an assistive robotic platform in a mathematics high school class to support the professor’s teaching process while analyzing its performance by using a gamification approach and the Octalysis framework. The results obtained …


Empathetic Speech Synthesis and Testing for Healthcare Robots

One of the major factors that affect the acceptance of robots in Human-Robot Interaction applications is the type of voice with which they interact with humans. The robot’s voice can be used to express empathy, which is an affective response of …

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This journal is a periodic publication which consolidates high impact contributions from researchers and developers in the field of social robotics, offering readers a holistic view of this emerging industry. Its purpose is manifold. On the one hand, it serves as a unified publication and guide from which students, engineers and researchers new to the field will be able to obtain a quick introduction and overview of the latest developments in all aspects of Social Robotics. On the other hand, it is a unified platform for established researchers to publish relevant work and where healthy discussions and information /result sharing can take place, to further spur the advancements of social robotics as a field. The potential market includes students (undergraduates and postgraduates), mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers/scientists, robo-ethicists, social scientists, university researchers, commercial companies (e.g. in the toy and entertainment industries), amongst many others.

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