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International Journal of Social Robotics

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13.07.2019 Open Access

ZORA Robot Based Interventions to Achieve Therapeutic and Educational Goals in Children with Severe Physical Disabilities

This study aimed (1) to examine the contribution of robot ZORA in achieving therapeutic and educational goals in rehabilitation and special education for children with severe physical disabilities, and (2) to discover the roles professionals …

12.07.2019 | S.I.: Embodied Interactive Robots

Modeling and Evaluating Emotion, Contextual Head Movement and Voices for a Social Robot Storyteller

Storytelling bears great potential as prospective application for social robots. Through their embodiment and potential for multi-modal behavior, they can enhance current storytelling media, for example books or audio books. We combined …

12.07.2019 Open Access

A Preliminary Study of Interactive Navigation Framework with Situation-Adaptive Multimodal Inducement: Pass-By Scenario

Human-aware navigation is an essential requirement for autonomous robots in human-coexisting environments. The goal of conventional navigation is to find a path for a robot to pass through safely and efficiently without colliding with human. Note …

10.07.2019 Open Access

Robotic Versus Human Coaches for Active Aging: An Automated Social Presence Perspective

This empirical study compares elderly people’s social perception of human versus robotic coaches in the context of an active and healthy aging program. In evaluating hedonic and utilitarian value perceptions of exergames (i.e., video games …

08.07.2019 | S.I.: Embodied Interactive Robots Open Access

Developing Kaspar: A Humanoid Robot for Children with Autism

In the late 1990s using robotic technology to assist children with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASD) emerged as a potentially useful area of research. Since then the field of assistive robotics for children with ASD has grown considerably with …

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This journal is a periodic publication which consolidates high impact contributions from researchers and developers in the field of social robotics, offering readers a holistic view of this emerging industry. Its purpose is manifold. On the one hand, it serves as a unified publication and guide from which students, engineers and researchers new to the field will be able to obtain a quick introduction and overview of the latest developments in all aspects of Social Robotics. On the other hand, it is a unified platform for established researchers to publish relevant work and where healthy discussions and information /result sharing can take place, to further spur the advancements of social robotics as a field. The potential market includes students (undergraduates and postgraduates), mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers/scientists, robo-ethicists, social scientists, university researchers, commercial companies (e.g. in the toy and entertainment industries), amongst many others.

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