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International Journal of Speech Technology

International Journal of Speech Technology OnlineFirst articles


Early reflection detection using autocorrelation to improve robustness of speaker verification in reverberant conditions

A speech signal captured by a distant microphone is generally smeared by reverberation, which severely degrades automatic speaker recognition performance. To improve system performance, an effective and robust method is proposed to extract …


A review of supervised learning algorithms for single channel speech enhancement

Reducing interfering noise in a noisy speech recording has been a difficult task in many applications related to the voice. From hands-free communication to human–machine interaction, a speech signal of the interest captured by a microphone is …


Evaluation of PNN pattern-layer activation function approximations in different training setups

The processing of inputs in the first two layers of the probabilistic neural network (PNN) is highly parallel which makes it quite appropriate for hardware implementations with FPGA. One of the main inconveniences however remains the …


A novel voice conversion approach using cascaded powerful cepstrum predictors with excitation and phase extracted from the target training space encoded as a KD-tree

Voice conversion is an important problem in audio signal processing. The goal of voice conversion is to transform the speech signal of a source speaker such that it sounds as if it had been uttered by a target speaker. Our contribution in this …


Discriminating Parkinson diseased and healthy people using modified MFCC filter bank approach

In this paper a modified Mel scaled filter bank-based approach to discriminate people suffering from Parkinson disease (PD) in their early stages from healthy people using speech samples is proposed. Parkinson’s disease not only affects the …

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The International Journal of Speech Technology focuses on speech technology and its applications. It promotes research into all aspects of speech input and output, including theory, experiment, testing, base technology, and applications.

This is the only journal presenting papers on the base technology and theory as well as the full spectrum of applications. It fully encompasses the three major technologies: text-to-speech synthesis, automatic speech recognition, and stored (digitized) speech.

A partial list of topics includes applications employing digitized speech, synthesized speech, or automatic speech recognition; technological issues of speech input or output; international and local language implementations of speech synthesis and recognition; new algorithms; interface description techniques, tools, and languages; testing of intelligibility, naturalness, and accuracy; and computational issues in speech technology.

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