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13.02.2017 Open Access

Architectural design education: in varietate unitas

A fascinating and rich landscape of personal views and approaches can be seen in architectural design and in architectural design education. This variation may be confusing for students. This paper focuses on the question: is the framework of …


Examining correlations between preparation experiences of US technology and engineering educators and their teaching of science content and practices

The purpose of this research was to investigate the extent of the relationship between select technology and science preparation experiences of United States (US) technology and engineering (T&E) teachers and their teaching of science content and …


Dancing robots: integrating art, music, and robotics in Singapore’s early childhood centers

In recent years, Singapore has increased its national emphasis on technology and engineering in early childhood education. Their newest initiative, the Playmaker Programme, has focused on teaching robotics and coding in preschool settings.


Australian enrolment trends in technology and engineering: putting the T and E back into school STEM

There has been much political and educational focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Australian schools in recent years and while there has been significant research examining science and mathematics enrolments in …


Can visual ambiguity facilitate design ideation?

Two experiments are present to examine the hypothesis that the ambiguity inherent within concept sketches can assist reasoning between different modes of representation, and engage translation from descriptions to depictions. The unstructured …

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The International Journal of Technology and Design Education encourages research and scholarly writing covering all aspects of technology and design education. The journal features critical, review, and comparative studies. In addition, readers will find contributions that draw upon other fields such as historical, philosophical, sociological, or psychological studies that address issues of concern to technology and design education.

The Editorial Board views the teaching of technology and design as an emergent rather than an established practice, with many open issues requiring research. Among these issues are the preparation of technology teachers, the assessment of technological competence, and the relationship of technology to other curriculum elements, notably science. There are also significant policy questions that need to be addressed relating to the practice and rationale of curriculum change.

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