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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)

International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) OnlineFirst articles

08.02.2021 | Short Original Paper Open Access

Towards innovative road cycle gloves for low vibration transmission

This research activity aims to develop new cycling gloves. A first step was focused on the definition of the functional requirements through user centred design methods. Since vibrations coming to the hand-arm system of a cyclist have a …

03.01.2021 | Short Original Paper

Sustainable strategies: a continuously improving methodology

The paper presents an interactive methodology partially inspired by Japanese Kaizen concept and applicable in several industrial contexts; its implementation starts when different circumstances arise, e.g. an analysis is carried out and some …

07.11.2020 | Short Original Paper Open Access

Interactive freehand sketching as the means for online communication of design intent in conceptual design conducted by Brainwriting

Sketching is becoming an irrelevant activity of engineering studies. The availability of many software that aids designers in all phases of design, not only analytic but synthetic, push technicians, designers to use such tools, giving up the …

27.10.2020 | Short Original Paper Open Access

An experimental-numeric approach to manufacture semiconductor wafer using thick copper front metallization

The presented work investigates about the deformation of semiconductor device induced by electrochemical deposited thick copper films. It enhances thermal and electric performances allowing to use copper interconnections without formations of …

24.10.2020 | Short Original Paper Open Access

A NURBS-based solid modeling to enhance rapid prototyping in the restoration of decorative elements

In this research, we describe a computer-aided approach to improve the reconstruction method of decorum in architectural surfaces and sculpture. The effects of withdrawal caused by catalysis of mold in silicone was evaluated and simulated by a …

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The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) presents interdisciplinary research, technical issues, and original industrial implementations. It examines the development, handling, and design of highly realistic, multi-sensorial virtual prototypes for improving decision-making in product design and manufacturing. Readers discover cutting-edge research in the fields of mechatronics, design and manufacturing sciences, numerical and mechanical engineering, and virtual reality.

IJIDeM explores a variety of techniques, including the description of industrial problems in identifying significant knowledge and variables; advanced modeling of design and manufacturing problems; virtual exploration of solution spaces; building of highly realistic, multi-sensorial simulators; and implementation of user-centered, innovative methods.

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