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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM)


International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) OnlineFirst articles

12.08.2022 | Original Paper

Gene expression programming for parametric optimization of an electrochemical machining process

Due to its capability to generate intricate shape profiles on various electrically conductive difficult-to-machine work materials, electrochemical machining (ECM) process has found immense applications in aerospace, automotive, die making …

11.08.2022 | Original Article

A comparative study on multi-objective pareto optimization of WEDM process using nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms

Due to its ability to generate complex and intricate shape features on different hard-to-cut materials with minimum dimensional deviation and higher surface finish, wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) process has already become …

11.08.2022 | Original Paper

Prediction performance analysis of neural network models for an electrical discharge turning process

In many of the modern-day manufacturing industries, electrical discharge machining (EDM) now appears as an effective non-traditional material removal process for generating intricate shape geometries on various hard-to-cut work materials to meet …

11.08.2022 | Original Paper

A model approach for in-process tool condition monitoring in CNC turning using machine vision

Tool wear monitoring and real-time predicting tool life during the machining process is becoming a crucial element in modern manufacturing to properly determine the ideal point to replace tool, remains a challenge currently. In this paper, the …

10.08.2022 | Technical Paper

Development of a simplified automated guided electric vehicle for testing and teaching automotive systems and navigation algorithms

Electro-mobility is getting an increasing attention and progress around the world. To develop and teach artificial intelligence and automotive engineering focused on autonomous vehicles in an undergraduate level, functional and simple autonomous …

Über diese Zeitschrift

The International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) presents interdisciplinary research, technical issues, and original industrial implementations. It examines the development, handling, and design of highly realistic, multi-sensorial virtual prototypes for improving decision-making in product design and manufacturing. Readers discover cutting-edge research in the fields of mechatronics, design and manufacturing sciences, numerical and mechanical engineering, and virtual reality.

IJIDeM explores a variety of techniques, including the description of industrial problems in identifying significant knowledge and variables; advanced modeling of design and manufacturing problems; virtual exploration of solution spaces; building of highly realistic, multi-sensorial simulators; and implementation of user-centered, innovative methods.

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