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Electoral cycles in MPs’ salaries: evidence from the German states

Members of parliament (MPs) often set their own salaries. Voters dislike self-serving politicians, and politicians are keen to please voters. In line with political business cycle theories, politicians thus may delay giving themselves a salary …


Gender bias in the spending of child benefits: evidence from a natural policy reform

We examine the causal relationship between child benefits and household spending on child and adult goods. In particular, we examine whether it matters if it is the husband or wife who controls this income transfer. We exploit the introduction of …


Central-local government fiscal relations and cyclicality of public spending: evidence from China

In this study, we analyze how fiscal decentralization affects the cyclicality of government spending. We focus on China, which experienced fiscal decentralization during 1979–1993 and then partly centralized its revenue with the 1994 fiscal …


On the optimal lifetime redistribution and social objectives: a multidimensional approach

We characterize optimal redistribution policy when there are differences not only in individuals’ productivities but also in their tastes towards the timing of consumption, i.e. some are patient and others impatient in consumption over the life …


The effect of investment tax incentives: evidence from China’s value-added tax reform

We estimate the impact of investment tax credit on firm fixed investment in a difference-in-differences-in-differences framework, using China’s 2004 value-added tax reform pilot that introduces a permanent 17%-tax credit for fixed investment in …

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International Tax and Public Finance serves as an outlet for first-rate original research on both theoretical and empirical aspects of fiscal policy, broadly interpreted to include expenditure and financing policies. A special emphasis is on open economy or, more generally, interjurisdictional issues: the interaction of policies across jurisdictions and the effects of those policies on economic (and political economy) outcomes. This international/interjurisdictional focus is not, however, an exclusive one: high quality contributions in any area of public finance (e.g., single-country tax reform analysis) will also be welcome.

A feature of International Tax and Public Finance is the inclusion of a special section—Policy Watch—discussing a current policy issue or reviewing some recent developments. Facilitating communication between academic work and policy practice serves many purposes—researchers need to know policy priorities and policy-makers need to absorb the products of academic research. Policy Watch provides a forum within which such discussions can take place.

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Digital Banking braucht Strategie und Kundenorientierung

Das englischsprachige Whitepaper „Successful Digital Banking: Aligning business strategy with technology“ untersucht, wie der Digitalisierungseifer in der Bankenbranche und eine fehlende Strategie das Kundenerlebnis beeinträchtigen – und was die zentralen Erfolgsfaktoren beim Digital Banking sind. Die Studie macht deutlich, mit welchem Eifer die Bankenbranche die Digitalisierung vorantreibt. Allerdings fühlen sich einige Kunden dabei von der Vielfalt neuer Funktionalitäten einfach überfordert. Letztlich sind digitale Strategien immer dann erfolgreich, wenn sie ein positives Kundenerlebnis über alle Touchpoints hinweg im Blick haben.
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