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Über dieses Buch

This book is your easy-to-digest and concise guide to regular expressions in JavaScript, this book teaches you the very basics and can be used in the browser or on the server. Explore and understand how to use regular expressions in all JavaScript environments.
Presented in four key concept sections, Introducing Regular Expressions shows how to create and use regular expressions to accelerate your JavaScript development.
What You'll LearnWhat regular expressions are and why you should use them Use useful expressions (including examples)Reference features and functionsUse regular expressions in all JavaScript environments
Who This Book Is For
Developers of web applications who want to explore the capabilities of JavaScript based apps on both, client and server. It’s suitable for beginners that have a basic understanding of JavaScript already.



Chapter 1. Introducing Regular Expressions

To get a head start on introducing regular expressions, I’ll start with an example. It’s one that you’ve experienced hundreds of times. When you enter customer data online, many web forms ask you for an email address. To avoid an incorrectly typed address, an immediate validation makes sense. One way would be to split the string in parts (before and after the @ character), analyzing the positions of the dots and the number of characters after the last dot (that’s the top-level domain).
Jörg Krause

Chapter 2. Recognizing Patterns

In this chapter, I’m going to show basic techniques using simple examples. This is probably not enough for daily use, but it’s a good basis for your own experiments.
Jörg Krause

Chapter 3. The JavaScript Functions

JavaScript provides an object named RegExp. You can create an instance by using new or the literal //.
Jörg Krause

Chapter 4. Examples of Patterns

You have to do some tasks again and again in your life as a developer. This chapter contains several useful examples.
Jörg Krause


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