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Introducing SWIFT® Evo Wheel Force Transducers


The next evolution for RLDA and laboratory testing


PCB Piezotronics recently introduced the new SWIFT Evo family of wheel force transducers. Based on the renowned MTS SWIFT product line, optimized SWIFT Evo transducers are even more accurate and easy to use while carrying forward the same durability characteristics that auto manufacturers worldwide have come to rely upon. Available in five standard sizes, SWIFT Evo wheel force transducers integrate the best attributes of the industry proven SWIFT product line while leveraging the formidable engineering and global support capabilities of recently combined MTS and PCB.

Like its predecessor, the SWIFT Evo employs a high-stiffness, one-piece design to achieve unparalleled measurement accuracy and long life. Unique among wheel force transducers, this design yields high sensitivity, excellent linear behavior and high overload capacity. High natural frequency provides phase integrity between measured channels across the operating frequency range. An extremely low end-to-end latency of 250 µsec enables tight synchronization with other, sensors and active systems on a test vehicle.

Fatigue-rated SWIFT Evo transducers adhere to SAE J267 and J328 requirements, assuring a long life when maintained. Sealed to IP67 standards, they are virtually weather and contaminant proof.

Key improvements include a reduction in weight of the most popular models (SWIFT Evo 20 & 30) to achieve parity mass with test vehicle wheels. Advances in accuracy include improved cross-talk, linearity, hysteresis and thermal performance. A new Transducer Interface (Evo TI) and intuitive graphical user interface simplify set up, orientation and operation. Support for Transducer Electronic Data Sheets (TEDS) minimizes calibration value errors. SWIFT Evo units are subject to a highly refined, automated multi-axial calibration process. Multi-axial calibration is offered by the MTS Metrology and Calibration Lab, which is A2LA accredited based on adherence to ISO/IEC 17025 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 international standards.

SWIFT Evo users enjoy the support of a strong global team of PCB and MTS experts. This includes 24/7 telephone support, onsite technical assistance, timely repair, trade-in and rental programs.

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