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International Series of Numerical Mathematics

International Series of Numerical Mathematics
60 Jahrgänge | 1981 - 2019


International Series of Numerical Mathematics is open to all aspects of numerical mathematics. Some of the topics of particular interest include free boundary value problems for differential equations, phase transitions, problems of optimal control and optimization, other nonlinear phenomena in analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, efficient solution methods, bifurcation problems and approximation theory. When possible, the topic of each volume is discussed from three different angles, namely those of mathematical modeling, mathematical analysis, and numerical case studies.

Managing Editors:

Michael Hintermüller (WIAS, Berlin, Germany)

Günter Leugering (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)

Associate Editors:

Zhiming Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)

Ronald H.W. Hoppe (University of Houston, USA)

Nobuyuki Kenmochi (Bukkyo University, Japan)

Victor Starovoitov (Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Novosibirsk, Russia)

Honorary Editor:

Karl-Heinz Hoffmann (Technische Universität München, Germany)

Alle Bücher der Reihe International Series of Numerical Mathematics

2019 | Buch

Nonsmooth Optimization and Its Applications

Since nonsmooth optimization problems arise in a diverse range of real-world applications, the potential impact of efficient methods for solving such problems is undeniable. Even solving difficult smooth problems sometimes requires the use of …

2018 | Buch

Shape Optimization, Homogenization and Optimal Control

DFG-AIMS workshop held at the AIMS Center Senegal, March 13-16, 2017

The contributions in this volume give an insight into current research activities in Shape Optimization, Homogenization and Optimal Control performed in Africa, Germany and internationally. Seeds for collaboration can be found in the first four …

2016 | Buch

Partial Differential Equations: Modeling, Analysis and Numerical Approximation

This book is devoted to the study of partial differential equation problems both from the theoretical and numerical points of view. After presenting modeling aspects, it develops the theoretical analysis of partial differential equation probl

2015 | Buch

Asymptotic methods in mechanics of solids

The construction of solutions of singularly perturbed systems of equations and boundary value problems that are characteristic for the mechanics of thin-walled structures are the main focus of the book. The theoretical results are supplemented by the

2015 | Buch

New Trends in Shape Optimization

This volume reflects “New Trends in Shape Optimization” and is based on a workshop of the same name organized at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in September 2013. During the workshop senior mathematicians and young scientists

2014 | Buch

Trends in PDE Constrained Optimization

Optimization problems subject to constraints governed by partial differential equations (PDEs) are among the most challenging problems in the context of industrial, economical and medical applications. Almost the entire range of problems in this fiel

2013 | Buch

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Applications

This book primarily concerns quasilinear and semilinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations, inequalities, and systems. The exposition leads the reader through the general theory based on abstract (pseudo-) monotone or accretive

2013 | Buch

Evolution Equations Arising in the Modelling of Life Sciences

This book deals with the modeling, analysis and simulation of problems arising in the life sciences, and especially in biological processes. The models and findings presented result from intensive discussions with microbiologists, doctors and medical

2013 | Buch

Control and Optimization with PDE Constraints

Many mathematical models of physical, biological and social systems involve partial differential equations (PDEs). The desire to understand and influence these systems naturally leads to considering problems of control and optimization. This book pre

2012 | Buch

Constrained Optimization and Optimal Control for Partial Differential Equations

This special volume focuses on optimization and control of processes governed by partial differential equations. The contributors are mostly participants of the DFG-priority program 1253: Optimization with PDE-constraints which is active since 2006.

2012 | Buch

Inequalities and Applications 2010

Dedicated to the Memory of Wolfgang Walter

Inequalities arise as an essential component in various mathematical areas. Besides forming a highly important collection of tools, e.g. for proving analytic or stochastic theorems or for deriving error estimates in numerical mathematics, they con

2012 | Buch

Mathematical Optimization of Water Networks

Water supply- and drainage systems and mixed water channel systems are networks whose high dynamic is determined and/or affected by consumer habits on drinking water on the one hand and by climate conditions, in particular rainfall, on the other h

2011 | Buch

Exact and Truncated Difference Schemes for Boundary Value ODEs

The book provides a comprehensive introduction to compact finite difference methods for solving boundary value ODEs with high accuracy. The corresponding theory is based on exact difference schemes (EDS) from which the implementable truncated diff

2009 | Buch

Inequalities and Applications

Conference on Inequalities and Applications, Noszvaj (Hungary), September 2007

Inequalities continue to play an essential role in mathematics. Perhaps, they form the last field comprehended and used by mathematicians in all areas of the discipline. Since the seminal work Inequalities (1934) by Hardy, Littlewood and Pólya, ma

2009 | Buch

Optimal Control of Coupled Systems of Partial Differential Equations

2007 | Buch

Free Boundary Problems

Theory and Applications

2007 | Buch

Control of Coupled Partial Differential Equations

2007 | Buch

Singularly Perturbed Boundary-Value Problems

2005 | Buch

Multiscale Modeling in Epitaxial Growth

Mini-Workshop at Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach January 18–24, 2004

Epitaxy is a very active area of theoretical research since several years. It is experimentally well-explored and technologically relevant for thin film growth. Recently powerful numerical techniques in combination with a deep understanding of the

2005 | Buch

Trends and Applications in Constructive Approximation