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Acta Mechanica Sinica OnlineFirst articles

12.08.2020 | Research Paper

Improved incremental transfer matrix method for nonlinear rotor-bearing system

Nonlinear rotor-bearing system is one area of interest in rotor dynamics to many researchers, and squeeze film damper (SFD) is one of the main sources of its nonlinearity. SFDs are widely employed to damp the vibrations developed in rotating …

Yiheng Chen, Xiaoting Rui, Zhiyong Zhang, Adeel Shehzad

11.08.2020 | Research Article

Predicted aerodynamic damping of slender single beam structures in across-wind vibrations

Slender single beam structures such as antennas, poles, towers, tall buildings are vulnerable to winds and are susceptible to large dynamic vibrations and galloping instability. The aerodynamic damping of these structures is generated due to …

Cung Huy Nguyen, Dinh Tung Nguyen

28.07.2020 | Research Paper

Localized space–time method of fundamental solutions for three-dimensional transient diffusion problem

The design of numerical algorithms that can resolve the transient diffusion problem with high accuracy and efficiency has been a hot topic in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics. The well-known numerical techniques include the finite …

L. Qiu, J. Lin, Q.-H. Qin, W. Chen

25.07.2020 | Research Paper

Multi-scale mechanotransduction of the poroelastic signals from osteon to osteocyte in bone tissue

Bone tissue is a multi-level system [ 1 ]. Bone structure (cm/mm) can be regarded as the macroscopic level, which is mainly composed of osteon groups, periosteum and bone marrow. The second mesoscopic level of single osteon composed of lamella …

Xiaogang Wu, Chaoxin Li, Kuijun Chen, Yuqin Sun, Weilun Yu, Meizhen Zhang, Yanqin Wang, Yixian Qin, Weiyi Chen

25.07.2020 | Research Paper

Numerical implementation and evaluation of resolvent-based estimation for space–time energy spectra in turbulent channel flows

Space–time energy spectra are used to describe turbulent flows in a wavenumber–frequency space to provide a precise assessment of the characteristic length and time scales of turbulent motions. Therefore, the space–time energy spectra are …

Bowen Yang, Guodong Jin, Ting Wu, Zixuan Yang, Guowei He

23.07.2020 | Research Paper

Modeling of interphases in multiple heterogeneities reinforced composites using Voronoi cell finite elements

The interface of composite materials has an important impact on their mechanical properties, and thus, has attracted considerable research interest. In early research, many scholars treated the strong bond between phases as a perfect interface.

Rui Zhang, Ting Wang, Ran Guo

22.07.2020 | Research Paper

Forced vibration of smart laminated viscoelastic plates by RPT finite element approach

There is no pure elastic material in nature and most of the materials have viscoelastic properties to some extent. The time-dependent behavior and damping effect are two interesting characteristics of viscoelastic materials. The superior …

Jafar Rouzegar, Maryam Davoudi

18.07.2020 | Research Paper

Revisited dynamic modeling and eigenvalue analysis of the cable-stayed beam

As one structure component, stay cables can provide economic design and esthetic appearance for cable-stayed bridges. However, they are often prone to exhibit large amplitude vibration under environmental excitations [ 1 ]. Therefore, it is of …

Lianhua Wang, Xiaoyu Zhang, Kai He, Jian Peng

15.07.2020 | Research Paper

Double diffusive convection in the finger regime for different Prandtl and Schmidt numbers

Double diffusive convection (DDC) refers to the buoyancy-driven convection flow where the fluid density depends on two scalar components with very different molecular diffusivities. DDC occurs in many natural environments and engineering …

Yantao Yang

08.07.2020 | Research Paper

Cluster oscillation and bifurcation of fractional-order Duffing system with two time scales

Fractional-order calculus is the extension of integer-order one, which has been put forward more than 300 years ago. Because it can explain the memory and nonlocality of the system in time and space, fractional-order calculus becomes one of the …

Yanli Wang, Xianghong Li, Yongjun Shen

06.07.2020 | Research Paper

Further numerical investigation on concrete dynamic behaviors with considering stress non-equilibrium in SHPB test based on the waveform features

Being as the important anti-impact protective material, concrete is widely used in the civil and protective engineering, i.e. bridges, buildings, protective structures, etc. In general, these structures should have the capability of resisting the …

T. H. Lv, X. W. Chen, Y. J. Deng, G. Chen

06.07.2020 | Research Paper

Loading–unloading judgement for advanced plastic UH model

The unified hardening (UH) model proposed by Yao et al. (Geotechnique 2009) is the constitutive model which can consider the influence of the complex stress path and stress history on the deformation and strength of clays reasonably. Firstly, the …

X. Feng, Y. P. Yao, R. N. Li, Z. Wan, X. Dai

01.07.2020 | Research Paper

Harmonic balance-based approach for optimal time delay to control unstable periodic orbits of chaotic systems

Due to the promising potential applications in physics, chemical reactor, control theory, biological networks, artificial neural networks and telecommunications technology, chaos suppression has become a fast-developing interdisciplinary research …

Y. M. Chen, Q. X. Liu, J. K. Liu

17.06.2020 | Research Paper

On dissipative gradient effect in higher-order strain gradient plasticity: the modelling of surface passivation

A number of experiments at small scales have revealed that metallic materials display significant size effects related to plastic deformation involving plastic strain gradients [ 1 – 10 ]. It is well known that conventional (local) plasticity …

Fenfei Hua, Dabiao Liu

17.06.2020 | Research Paper

Mechanical properties and enhancement mechanisms of titanium-graphene nanocomposites

As the first two-dimensional (2D) atomic crystal, graphene shows extremely excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical properties [ 1 – 6 ]. In order to exert the excellent performance of graphene, finite-sized graphene has been considered as an …

Wanhong Tang, Jie Zhang, Jianyang Wu, Jinyou Shao, Peng Ding, Guozhen Hou, Xiaoming Chen

12.06.2020 | Research Paper

New method for controlling minimum length scales of real and void phase materials in topology optimization

Minimum length scale control on real and void material phases in topology optimization is an important topic of research with direct implications on numerical stability and solution manufacturability. And it also is a challenge area of research …

Xuanpei Rong, Jianhua Rong, Shengning Zhao, Fangyi Li, Jijun Yi, Luo Peng

11.06.2020 | Research Paper

Reliability of quasi integrable and non-resonant Hamiltonian systems under fractional Gaussian noise excitation

Different from well known Gaussian white noise, fractional Gaussian noise (fGn) has long range (or long-memory), strongly spatial and/or temporal memory, which makes fGn a proper mathematical model of some real noises. FGn has attracted …

Q. F. Lü, W. Q. Zhu, M. L. Deng

11.06.2020 | Research Paper

Energy variation in diffusive void nucleation induced by electromigration

With the miniaturization and multi-functional electronic devices, the damage mechanisms of the latest electronic devices are more complex compared with the traditional ones [ 1 – 3 ]. The diffusion induced damage nucleation has become a serious …

Yuexing Wang, Yao Yao, Zhang Long, Leon Keer

28.04.2020 | Research Paper

Numerical study on the laser ablative Rayleigh–Taylor instability

The laser ablative Rayleigh–Taylor instability plays an important role in the ignition of inertial refinement fusion. An accurate simulation of this process is important to control the growth of flow instability during the implosion. In this …

Zhiyuan Li, Lifeng Wang, Junfeng Wu, Wenhua Ye

24.04.2020 | Research Paper

On approach for obtaining approximate solution to highly nonlinear oscillatory system with singularity

This paper deals with further investigations of recently introduced so-called low-frequency pendulum mechanism, which represents an extended form of classical pendulum. Exact equation of motion, which is in Eksergian’s form, is a singular and …

Zvonko Rakaric, Boris Stojic