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Geotechnical and Geological Engineering OnlineFirst articles

24.01.2023 | Original Paper

Karst-Induced Sinkhole Detection Using a Tomography Imaging Survey, Case of Setifian High Plain, NE Algeria

Sinkhole collapse is one of the major hazards for people and property in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially if the bedrock structure is karstic, covered by unconsolidated material. Our study identifies localized deformation …

verfasst von:
Serhane Brahmi, Chemsedine Fehdi, Riheb Hadji, Smail Brahmi, Amor Hamad, Younes Hamed

23.01.2023 | Original Paper

Evaluation of the Active and Passive Pseudo-dynamic Earth Pressures using Finite Element Limit Analysis and Second-order Cone Programming

This paper presents a numerical model for the evaluation of the active and passive seismic earth pressure coefficients against the retaining structures subjected to pseudo-dynamic loading using the lower bound limit analysis coupled with finite …

verfasst von:
Hessam Fathipour, Amirhossein Safardoost Siahmazgi, Meghdad Payan, Reza Jamshidi Chenari, Mehdi Veiskarami

Open Access 18.01.2023 | Technical Note

Mechanics of an Iron Ore Tailings Exhibiting Transitional Behaviour

Laboratory critical state line (CSL) testing used in engineering practice to analyse the stability and liquefaction susceptibility of tailings explicitly assumes a unique CSL for a particular tailings. However, there is evidence of non-unique CSLs …

verfasst von:
Erwin Mmbando, Andy Fourie, David Reid

Open Access 18.01.2023 | Original Paper

Modelling of the Torsional Simple Shear Test with Randomized Tresca Model Properties in Midas GTS NX

The dynamic properties of soil obtained from the torsional simple shear test (TOSS) are assumed to be uniform throughout the specimen. For some exceptional soils, this may hold true, but for the most majority of soils that we examine, it is …

verfasst von:
Majd Ahmad, Richard Ray

12.01.2023 | Correction

Correction to: A Fully Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling Simulation at Low Temperature in Underground LNG Storage

verfasst von:
Chao Zhang, Pingjia Duan, Henglin Xiao, Yanjian Peng, Na Chen

10.01.2023 | Original Paper

Deformation and Failure Mechanism of Bedding Slopes Induced by Underground Mining: Case Study from Yanwan Village, Guizhou Province, China

The deformation and instability disasters of mining slopes in the Southwest China mountainous area are frequent. Moreover, geological disasters are characterized by large-scale, strong destructiveness and complex failure modes. To research the …

verfasst von:
Changwen Yang, Wenbing Shi, Xiaolong Qian, Xiongwu Peng

10.01.2023 | Original Paper

Experimental Investigation of the Behavior of Soil Reinforced with Used PET Bottles

As a result of the developing industry and growing population a significant increase has happened in the volume of waste plastic bottles, consequently, their disposal has become a major concern. One possible recycling method is to use them in soil …

verfasst von:
Mohammadyar Rahimi, Milad Parvizi Omran, Seyed Naser Moghaddas Tafreshi, Amirhossein Norouzi

10.01.2023 | Original Paper

Seismic Overall Stability of Embankment Slopes Retained by Multi-step Cantilever Retaining Walls Using Pseudo-Static Method

A proposed new type of retaining structure, multi-step cantilever retaining walls, has a wide application prospect because of light weight, quick installation, and good applicability for high fill earthworks. In light of the potential log-spiral …

verfasst von:
Zhaoying Li, Shiguo Xiao

09.01.2023 | Original Paper

Elastic and Consolidation Settlement Analysis of Rigid Footings Relying on the “Characteristic Point”

In the present paper, the problem of finding the location of the so-called “characteristic point” of flexible footings is revisited. As known, the settlement at the characteristic point is equal to the uniform settlement of the respective rigid …

verfasst von:
Lysandros Pantelidis

09.01.2023 | Original Paper

Performance-Based Design for Top-Down System in the Geotechnical Conditions of Qom, Iran

Rapid development in residential areas has increased substructure construction, which has become problematic in large cities. Deep excavation induces ground deformations such as lateral movement and vertical settlement in the soil mass adjacent to …

verfasst von:
E. Ghorbani, M. Khodaparast

06.01.2023 | Original Paper

Study on Supporting Technology of A Mining Roadway in Fault Fracture Zone with High Altitude

Accidents such as roof caving, water permeation, and instability of supporting structures often occur in the roadway in the fault fracture zone of the Beizhan iron mine after excavation because of the coupling effects of high ground stress …

verfasst von:
Zhiyi Zhang, Hao Liu, Hui Chen, Shuaijie Tan, Xiaoyong Tong

06.01.2023 | Original Paper

Gravity Blind Backfilling of Abandoned Underground Mine Voids Using Suitable Mix Proportion of Fill Materials and Method of Filling

This paper aims at to establish a novel approach of gravity blind backfilling method for abandoned mine voids using suitable backfill materials. Gravity blind backfilling is an important aspect for controlled movement of the overlying strata and …

verfasst von:
Rohit Roy, Sayantan Chakraborty, Rohan Bisai, Samir Kumar Pal, Sunita Mishra

05.01.2023 | Original Paper

Innovative Top-Down Construction Method with a Sequential Peripheral Wall

This paper presents an innovative top-down construction method using a sequential peripheral wall (SPW) approach. The top-down method is a safe approach to deep excavation in an urban area. The conventional top-down approach begins with …

verfasst von:
Mahdi Rojhani, Hamed Bayesteh

04.01.2023 | Original Paper

Experimental Study of Similar Simulated Material Proportioning for Small Scale Models

The development of materials formulated for similar simulation testing of small-scale models is the foundation of this work in order to carry out the physical model test investigation of the instability mechanism of the retrieved roadway beneath …

verfasst von:
Yongjian Zhu, Peng Li, Ping Wang, Heng Ren, Chengcheng Mei, Mingxing Wei

03.01.2023 | Original Paper

Effect of Freeze–Thaw Cycles on Consolidation Behavior of Two Plastic Fine Soils

In cold areas, freeze–thaw cycles are important in the design of engineering projects since they affect mechanical properties of fine-grained soils. In freeze–thaw cycles (FTCs), soil engineering properties change as water transforms into ice …

verfasst von:
Mahmoud Ghazavi, Mahya Roustaei, Vahid Safaei, Amir Kalhor

03.01.2023 | Technical Note

Response of Skirted Strip Footing Resting on Layered Granular Soil Using 2-D Plane-Strain Finite Element Modeling

A two-dimensional plane-strain finite element analysis based study is conducted to investigate the overall response of skirted strip footing resting on layered soil media comprising a loose sand layer overlaying a dense sandy stratum. The …

verfasst von:
Rana Acharyya, Arindam Dey

03.01.2023 | Technical Note

Strength Degradation and Fracture Mechanism of Sandstone Under Microwave Irradiation

To study the strength deterioration and fracture mechanism of rock under the microwave irradiation, the experiments on the wave velocity and Brazilian splitting tensile strength of sandstones after different microwave irradiation time were carried …

verfasst von:
Huayan Yao, Jiali Yao

02.01.2023 | Technical Note

Friction to Unconfined Compression Strength Correlation for Evaluating Capacity of Weak Rock Foundation Sockets

Historically, deep foundations in weak rock have been designed as friction elements using frictional resistance (fs), calculated from the unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of rock. Most of the published correlations of fs to UCS were developed …

verfasst von:
Sujatha Manoj, Deepankar Choudhury, Harry Poulos, Marwan Alzaylaie

02.01.2023 | Original Paper

Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Rock-Support Interaction by Considering Imperfect Rock-Lining Interface

Rock-support interaction is the basis and premise of support structure design in tunnel engineering. In the conventional convergence-confinement method, the imperfect rock-lining interface is usually ignored. In this study, we present a mechanical …

verfasst von:
Mingyang Ren, Xuyang Wu, Junkui Pan, Heng Liu, Ningjing Li

31.12.2022 | Original Paper

Effects of Heterogeneity and Nonlinearity on Uplift Characteristics of Shallow Horizontal Anchor Plates

Based on the upper bound theorem of limit analysis and variational principle, the uplift resistance of shallow horizontal anchor plates in heterogeneous soil and three-dimensional failure surface of overlying soil are investigated. The results …

verfasst von:
Lianheng Zhao, Xiaogen Gong, Shihong Hu, Yigao Tan, Zhigang Zhao