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A dynamic relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and entrepreneurial activity

Policymakers have shown an interest in adopting policies that promote entrepreneurial activity. Yet, one of the major questions that remain unanswered in the entrepreneurship literature is why entrepreneurial activity varies across countries. This …

Farzana Chowdhury, David B. Audretsch

19.05.2021 | Correction

Correction to: Family involvement as influencer on family firm’s growth

A correction to this paper has been published: …

Myriam Cano‑Rubio, Guadalupe Fuentes‑Lombardo, Valeriano Sanchez‑Famoso


More power for international entrepreneurs: the effect of digital readiness of economies on channeling national R&D resources to entrepreneurship

In the economic paradigm of the twenty-first century, the increasing importance of innovation for SMEs and their global expansion motivates research on determinants of innovative entrepreneurship. While the literature suggests that R&D intensity …

M. Mahdi Moeini Gharagozloo, Fatemeh Askarzadeh, Ali Moeini Gharagozloo


Small firm entry to e-marketplace for market expansion and internationalization: A theoretical perspective

Over the past decades, e-marketplaces have been playing significant roles in the global economic development. The mounting trend of the world’s Internet population offers incredible opportunities for the firms, both large and small, to use the …

Md. Imran Hossain, Md Shah Azam, Mohammed Quaddus


Family involvement as influencer on family firm’s growth

This paper analyzes the relationship between family involvement and a firm’s growth. Family businesses present unique features, which make them different from other companies. Therefore, their desire to achieve long-term growth and/or survival …

Myriam Cano-Rubio, Guadalupe Fuentes-Lombardo, Valeriano Sanchez-Famoso


Personal factors, entrepreneurial intention, and entrepreneurial status: A multinational study in three institutional environments

Based on the person-entrepreneurship fit perspective, this study examines the role of personal factors, including broad personality traits (openness, extraversion, emotional stability, and conscientiousness), narrow traits (risk-taking propensity …

Christopher Schlaegel, Robert L. Engle, Nicole Franziska Richter, Pia Christin Taureck

19.03.2021 Open Access

Entrepreneurial intention: An analysis of the role of Student-Led Entrepreneurial Organizations

Although a great deal of attention has been paid to entrepreneurship education, only a few studies have analysed the impact of extra-curricular entrepreneurial activities on students’ entrepreneurial intention. The aim of this study is to fill …

Giuliano Sansone, Elisa Ughetto, Paolo Landoni


International entrepreneurship research agendas evolving: A longitudinal study using the Delphi method

The heterogeneity of research topics in international entrepreneurship (IE) makes the identification of a convergent research agenda difficult. Addressing this, we replicate a 2008 Delphi study, analyzing research directions considered relevant by …

Hamid Etemad, Calin Gurau, Léo-Paul Dana

16.03.2021 | Original Research

Disentangling the drivers of family firms internationalization through the lens of socioemotional wealth

By conducting a case study on eight large family firms, the aim of this article is to identify push and pull factors motivating family firms to internationalize and how they relate to decision-makers’ risk taking. We identified different types of …

Fynn-Willem Lohe, Andrea Calabrò, Mariateresa Torchia


How financing and information drive international corporate entrepreneurs’ innovations

This research combines the literature on social entrepreneurship and international corporate entrepreneurship to determine the relevance financial resources and information provided by different entities have for the innovation processes of …

Noelia Franco-Leal, Rosalia Diaz-Carrion


Entrepreneurial intention among online and face-to-face university students: The influence of structural and cognitive social capital dimensions

This research attempts to understand how the influence of specific dimensions of social capital may or may not have different effects on student entrepreneurial intentions in Spanish university environments (online and face-to-face). Based on …

Noemí Pérez-Macías, José-Luis Fernández-Fernández, Antonio Rúa-Vieites


Exploring the intellectual structure of research on ‘born globals’ and INVs: A literature review using bibliometric methods

The present research paper shows the results of an analysis of the existing literature on one of the topics that has sparked the most interest amongst scholars and researchers in the fields of international management and entrepreneurship: born …

Francisco García-Lillo, Enrique Claver-Cortés, Mercedes Úbeda-García, Bartolomé Marco-Lajara